Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Light Novel Bonus Story

Light Novel Volume 2 – Bonus Story – Teresia’s Twin Flowers



It’s been a while since I have been with Aneue.

Inside the carriage that is coated with magic where the vibrations from the road cannot be felt, I am sitting facing Aneue.

Helene Teresia Mercouri.

My most beloved sister, she is very graceful, noble, and so beautiful that she even makes me, who is the same sex and her sister, mesmerized.


「What happened, Iris, staring at me like that」

「N-No. It is just, Aneue’s dress appearance is so beautiful」

「Thank you. Iris is also very pretty you know」


I was praised by Aneue. I’m happy, but it’s embarrassing.

To remove my embarrassment, I called out the man who is outside.





The replying voice, a serious military man’s voice.

It is the loyal knight of Aneue, Fortis.

I asked him.


「How much would it take until Reiusu?」

「About four and a half days」

「We are late for a bit. Hurry」


Aneue’s mouth opened. Her beautiful eyebrows narrowed.

It contrasts with her appearance of sitting with her back straightened while sitting, and her expressions looked like it was very grave.


「Ha! However, more than this, it would exceed the limits of the magic」

「I do not mind. Rather than that, make sure that we’ve made it before the messengers of the four countries leave」



Fortis answered. Soon after, the carriage shook a little.

The shaking exceeded the magic’s limits, so the carriage should be advancing at a fast speed.

Right now, we are heading for Yuuki Kakeru’s mansion that is in Reiusu.

Answering to the Great Sage Althea’s request, we are on the way to give him a noble title.

And that, Aneue made it hurry.


Honestly, I think that there is no need to do that much.

When I was thinking of that, my eyes met with Aneue’s who were looking towards me.




It felt as if she had read inside my mind, and my heart thumped.


「W-What is it」

「Your dress is in disarranged」

「D-Dress, is it?」


I got in a hurry, and confirmed my own look.

Right now, I am not in my usual armor attire. It is the same gorgeous, decorated dress look as Aneue was.

I made my trusted court lady maid make me wear it. I cannot see how it is disarranged though.


「Do not move」


Aneue reached out her hands, she fixed my hem. It looks like the manner it folds had overlapped for a little.


「It is fine with this」

「Thank you very much」


After I had said thanks, Aneue made a sweet, pleasant smile, and returned her hands.

Even those gestures, it was elegant, graceful, and refined.

I was mesmerized by her again.

Even though we are wearing the same type of dress, I could think that it matches her far more than it does than with me.

And that Aneue, she looked intently at me.


「What is it, Aneue」

「As I have thought, this one looks better with Iris. More than the usual armor attire」

「That isーー」

「You should just wear clothes like this as usual. Iris does not go out to battlefields that much after all」


I couldn’t say anything back.

That is right, as Aneue had said, I usually do not go into battlefields.

I had never gone even once. I had only readied my appearance and my feelings so that I would be able to go to one anytime, but for good or for bad, I had never encountered such chance.


Teresia’s Twin Flowers.


The two princesses that participates in the Mercouri’s state affairs, Aneue and I’s nickname.

Aneue is trained for military affairs. If she strokes the black fan that could be called as her trade mark, it is said that the war situation changes drastically. She would be called as a god of war, in how I look at it.

I admired that Aneue, and always wore an armor attire for state affairs.


I raised my hair, clad myself in armor, and fluttered capes.

The imitation of Aneue’s spirit, it was how my feelings of wanting to be of help of Aneue in the battlefield someday showed.

Of course, I had never told Aneue about that.

I answered “calmly”.


「You are saying that, but state affairs are a pandemonium is no way inferior to a battlefield. It is a place where evil spirits who are sharpened by their old age wanders. A small girl such as me, I would not be able to resist them if I would not at least wear such attires」

「Is that so?」

「Yes it is」

「I see……」


Aneue nodded silently, it looks like she was convinced by it.

The excuse that I had thought about for years, that has about 30% of my true feelings.

I would be very troubled if she didn’t get convinced by it.

It was true that Aneue got convinced by it.



「Well then, I continue to make opportunities from now on, and take you to Kakeru-sama’s place okay」



Why does it become like that, I was dumbfounded.


「There are many beautiful people around Kakeru-sama, so Iris should also do her best to make herself pretty to not lose against them」

「H-However, I do not think that such things match me」

「That is not true at all. Iris had inherited Okaa-sama’s blood very well. If you fix yourself, you will be beautiful that no one will leave you pass by」

「That is……」


I was so embarrassed.

Aneue is always praising me like that. She thinks of me.

She thinks of me who is very rough regarding that.

I was stared at by Aneue.

With a serious, kind eyes.


「A-At that time, will Aneue choose a dress for me」

「Of course. If Iris were going to dress beautifully, I would cooperate whatever」

「Thank you very much」


Aneue smiled kindly and sweetly.

Our conversation was cut there.

The air that Aneue clad changed.

Aneue was as usual, having a straightened back, and stared straight ahead.

Excited, strong eyes, as if it pierced through the wall of the carriage.

It was eyes that she couldn’t help but wait.


It changed to a face that she wanted to fly immediately to that man, Yuuki Kakeru, even now.

There was a thorn in my chest.

As if to get repulsed by the unknown air that spread inside the carriage, I opened my mouth.


「There is one thing, that I want to ask?」

「What is it?」

「Is that man really that good?」

「About Kakeru-sama?」



After I nodded, Aneue’s expression clearly changed.

From the awe-inspiring Teresia’s Twin Flower, to that of a town girl in love.


「He is the greatest person for every kind of direction, Kakeru-sama is」

「Every kind」


I was not an answer at all, she was too blind for him.


「He is strong, gallant, but kind. When he was thinking of my side, he was always serious」


They were reasons that I probably heard somewhere before.


「Ah! That is not all. Listen, Iris. Kakeru-sama, right now, he is wearing my fan you know. And after that」


She boasted her love affairs to me.

She completely, boasted her love affairs to me.

I know this face. It is the same face of my other elder sister who was born from another mother, it is Kali Ricoris Mercouri’s face.

It is the same face of that elder sister who contributes to men as if it was state affairs. That is, a face I couldn’t imagine that Aneue would make up until now.


I have gratitude for Yuuki Kakeru, I felt very grateful for the idea that is used for the royal emblem.

However! I can’t forgive him making Aneue such a face!

Like this……isn’t she just a woman obsessed in love.

I need to do something…….

When I was thinking of that, the shaking of the carriage stopped.


「Your highness, we have reached the mansion」


I heard Fortis’s voice from outside.

In an instant.


「Let’s go」


Aneue’s expressions changed.

It was likeーー「Transform」.

She straightened her back, and have an awe-inspiring face that looked straight ahead.

The obsession for love disappeared. She became beautiful.


Her gracefulness alleviated, and let out an aura full of elegance.

I felt like it was the most beautiful Aneue I had ever seen.

What in the world……is this.

Aneue looked at me, and said.


「To complete our work. I need to not give an embarrassment for Kakeru-sama right」


Aneue’s that, was for Yuuki Kakeru.

Helene Teresia Mercouri.

The other half of the twin flowers who is being called as the goddess of battlefields.

I don’t want to think of this, butーーI felt as if Aneue was「pulled up」.


Compared to before, she was shining far more.

The one who did that, was……Yuuki Kakeru.

I got interested in him. I gained more interest in him. I thought that I wanted to know more about him.

But, before that.


「Let’s go」


Aneue stared at me. I nodded in reply.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.

Because I am not used to a dress appearance, I did my best to imitate Aneue’s movements.

To not give Aneue an embarrassment.

We went down of the carriage, entered the mansion with our subordinates.


「My name is Helene Teresia Mercouri」

「It is Iris Teresia Mercouri」


The messengers of the four countries started murmuring with each others, and while Aneue was opening her mouth.

I, stared at him, Yuuki Kakeru, trying to know more of him.












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  1. What will Iris do? Will she look at Kakeru in a different light?
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