Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 306

Chapter 306 – A Disposable Position, An Indisposable Position



In Mercouri’s royal capital.

After warping to the palace, I caught one maid that passed by just in time and asked.


「Do you know where Iris is?」

「Princess must be in her office. I believe that the meeting has just ended」



I nodded and the maid left after bowing.

I walked towards Iris’s office.


『This is quite ridiculous』


『Your attitude right now. You just asked a servant of the palace, asked her where their princess is. You didn’t even call their princess with an honorary word』

「I’ve met that maid several times. She’s a maid that knows me and Iris」

『Hmm, I see. If only you’d use that good memory with men』

「I’m trying to, even though I’m like this」

『Kukuku, I am quite curious on how you remember men when you were still in your previous world』


I walked along the corridors of the palace while chatting with the teasing Eleanor.

After a while, we arrived at Iris’s office. I saw plenty of officials and public servants come out.


Those guys glanced at me, then continued on their own businesses.


『And so? What about that?』

「What do you mean?」

『Do you know any of them?』


『Fortis was there though』

「Who’s that?」

『Kukuku, well, it’s a man』


I know that, but it’s just annoying, so I didn’t refute.

Since Eleanor spoke like that, it’s probably someone I’ve met somewhere. But it’s only tiring remembering men, there’s nothing good coming from it, so I just let it go.


More importantly, almost everyone left Iris’s office, and I can only feel one presence from inside, so I entered.





Iris ran up to me with a smile as if a flower has bloomed.

One of Teresia’s Twin Flowers, Iris Teresia Mercouri.

She has a brighter and more impulsive personality compared to her sister Helene, and she’s a cute woman.


「What’s the matter, Kakeru? Do you need something from me?」

「Yeah, I came to see you」

「A-Are you speaking of……uhm, you know……」


Iris said while looking up at me and fidgeting.

“That would be for later,” I thought and took out an envelope.


「I came to give this to you」

「Eh? Ah! Okay」


Iris looked like it was not what she expected. She pouted her lips and sulked.

But, as soon as she received the envelope, her expression changed.


She returned to one of Teresia’s Twin Flowers from being a lovely girl.


「This seal……Kakeru, did you meet her?」

「Yeah. Dunamis Savum. I got it from her directly」


I flicked Eleanor who laughed “Kukuku” the instant I said that name and asked Iris.


「You knew her huh?」

「Yeah, after all, it’s not something that could be left alone」

「I see」


That’s true.

Dunamis calls herself the Emperor of Mercouri.


Usually, that would be a revolt.

For someone to call their self Emperor within the kingdom of the same name, it would be either a rebel or a criminal.


It is something serious, so Iris is informed as a member of the royalty.


「I shall take a look……mu!」


Iris opened the envelope and read the contents written inside.

Her expression turned even more sour.


「What was written?」


Although I was already orally told what was written, I still asked.


「It’s a written……thing, that the roads leading to Reiusu ought to be repaired……muu!」

「It’s written as an imperial edict huh」


Iris nodded with a solemn air.

As a princess, as someone who possesses the legitimate governing power, it seems to be a word that is hard to hear from her mouth.


「However, this too huh……」

「Do you know where it is?」

「I am informed. They are places that were postponed because of several reasons」

「I see?」

「However……muu! If this is true, then it is not something that must be postponed. Instead, it must be done with a high priority. It’s different from the report that I was given」


Iris held the letter tightly and stared at it with a fixed gaze.

It looks like she’s hesitating.



「What are we going to do?」

「You should send people to recheck the situation.  Then decide after that」

「Is it alright for Mercouri to do that? It would look as if we are following her imperial command」

「Honestly, it’s not that good. However, if these roads really need urgent repair, it is not the time for being concerned about that」


「Perhaps it might cause a slight inconvenience for Elder Sister, but it is something solvable by bowing my head」


Her elder sisterーーHelene huh.

The inconvenience for Helene that she’s saying is probably when the other party attempts a rebellion or a revolutionary action, creating an inconvenience for Helene who is in charge of the army.

Iris decided to abide by Dunamis’s “imperial command” after becoming that determined.


「I understand the gist of it. There’s no need for you to push yourself」


「There’s a certain noble of Mercouri living in that town. If that guy got seduced by a woman, got eager by himself, and arbitrarily repaired the roads leading to the town he’s living in, there won’t be any problem」



Iris got surprised and looked straight at me.




Iris said her gratitude with watery eyes.


「Thank you……I do not know how to return the favor……」

「You should just compensate with your body」

「Ah……! Un! Ahh……!」


Iris’s expression changed rapidly.

“What’s the matter,” I thought and stared at her while tilting my head.


「P-Please wait until the sun sets. I still have some work toーーah!」


I held Iris’s chin and kissed her.


I got even more attracted to her, seeing that she doesn’t forget what she needs to do even at this moment. I was almost unable to hold myself.

So I kissed her to endure it.


「I’ll be waiting for you」

「ーー! Un!」


Iris nodded with a smile that seemed as if a flower bloomed and quickly rushed out of the room.


That night, I thoroughly made love with Iris the whole night.







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    • There was a chapter like that, but I can’t remember the exact number sorry.
      I do remember that it is a chapter in which he went on an adventure with Io (I think is her name, the adventurer magician) so the title might be adventure-something


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