Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 270

Chapter 270 – Miracle and Cotton Candy



At night, on top of my bed in my room.

Althea is lying beside me.


Unlike usually, both Althea and I are wearing clothes.

But although we’re wearing clothes, Althea’s eyes as she looked up to me was sparkling, looking no less seductive than she usually is.




ーーkeru. That was probably what Althea was about to say. But the instant she spoke, I cut her off with a kiss.

I cut off Althea’s words with a kiss because she seemed like she’s about to tell me something.

We’ve been doing that for a while……ever since Althea spoke out the word “Diatheke”.


She tries to say my name but I would stop her with a kiss.

She would try to chat about something but I would stop her with a kiss.


I would kiss her for no reason. I would kiss Althea as soon as she says something.

I just continued to kiss her, not letting her speak out a word.


『You’re spoiling, no, you’re indulging her』


Eleanor said that while rolling her eyes, but I didn’t refute nor agreed with her.

After all, if I say anything, Althea would read my lips as she is staring at me.


That’s why I only continued to kiss her without saying anything.

“The advice from the great sage is enough”, I did not tell her that through words, but by kissing her throughout the night.


『That’s a lie』




『You’re just spoiling her because you thought she’s lovely and sweet』


There’s that tooーーabout 80% of the reason is that.

That’s true, but you didn’t need to say that right now. I reached out my hand to flick Eleanor who wouldn’t read the air.



The next day, in the town of Ainon.

I warped within the town, then walked to the church.


『You’re getting better at using it』

「You’re talking about the aura?」


I’m holding a woman’s underwear.

It’s a silk underwear made in the town of sericulture Ainon.

I’m holding that with my hand and was even spinning it around, but no one ever noticed.


It’s because I’ve camouflaged it with my aura.

By the way, what I’m doing right now is not hiding it with my camouflage aura.


I’m camouflaging it to make it look like a simple cloak from the side.


From the side, people would only see me spinning a cloak tied in a loop using my finger.

They aren’t looking at me strangely, and since they can see the cloak, they would just avoid it.


「I had an idea from Althea’s lip reading. I thought that if I can change how my lips move, I might be able to trick those who can read lips」

『That is quite skilful』

「I don’t know if it would be useful though」

『If you don’t find anything to use it for, then I suggest you should use it to change the appearance of your women’s clothes. Just like what Hikari was doing』

「Now that you mentioned it, it’s really the same with what Hikari was doing huh. Well, it’s the same powers used by a Demon Sword. Of course it’s the same』

『I’ll tell you this, Hikari is better than you right now. After all, she can freely change the appearance of one hundred drake soldiers as she wishes』

「As expected from Hikari」


Eleanor might have thought she was taunting me, but unlike her who has a rivalry against Hikari as a Demon Sword, I would only be happy with Hikari’s growth.

Even if she tells me she’s better than me, that would only make me happy.


Just like that, I walked in the town with Eleanor, and finally arrived at the church.

I entered and found Caroline inside. While the other believers were offering their prayers to the God Solon, Caroline was chatting with a different woman.


It was a sharp and cold beauty. Her beautiful hair was tied with two knots and you could see a strong will from her eyes.

Rica Calamba.

Ainon is a town near the border of the Calamba Kingdom. But the Queen of that kingdom was there, looking very incognito without bringing any of her servants along with her.

She seems to be talking about something with Caroline, so I sat on a chair on the opposite side of the church, and heightened my hearing without calling to them.


「Then that means, it is only recently that you are able to hear god’s words again」

「Un. Thanks to God, I can now understand everyone’s voices」

「Is that so. By the way, what did god tell you? Is there something, like an “oracle”?」

「Hmm〜……I don’t know. He only told me to speak more with people」

「Right…… Hey, when did you start hearing god’s voice? How frequently do you hear it? Is there a certain timing when you with hear it?」


Rica asked her quickly.

She seems to be very interested in god’s voice that Caroline started to hear again, so she’s questioning her.

It’s only recently that Caroline got the skill “Backwards Compatibility”, so it’s only recently that she’s able to talk to ordinary people, so Caroline looked like she’s confused, unable to give a satisfying reply.


Rica asked her a round of questions, and after understanding that she can’t get the answer she wanted, she stopped.

She left the church after giving a donation.





I chased after Rica and called out to her.




Rica stopped and turned to me.

She didn’t look surprised at all. She looked at me with a smile.


「You were here huh」

「Yeah. Did you need something from her?」

「I just wanted to ask something. She doesn’t seem to remember me, so it was easy to talk to her」

「She didn’t remember you?」


I tilted my head, then glanced at the church.

Caroline should’ve met her since I’ve brought her to Rica……


Rica answered, seeming like she understood my doubt.


「We couldn’t talk when we met before, so she probably couldn’t remember me」

「I see……」


I was convinced and walked beside Rica.

The town of sericulture Ainon.

I walked beside Calamba’s Queen within the territory of the Calamba Kingdom. However, no one noticed Rica, so the town looked as lively as it usually is.


「You look pretty in those clothes」

「Thanks. I’m incognito, so it would be better if I wore more ordinary clothes, but……」



I asked Rica who stopped halfway.

She looked at me with a faint blush, but she didn’t answer.


We stopped in front of a certain store.

There are several showcases in front of the store and you can find silkworms in it.

It looks like they’re letting customers feed the silkworms. A traveler-looking parent and child were feeding the silkworms with the leaves prepared by the store.

The silkworm would eat those leaves and immediately spit out thread.


「The thread is made like this huh」

「You didn’t know?」

「Yeah. It’s different from the silkworms I know」

「Is that so」


I took one leaf and spun that leaf on top of my finger. I would also envelop it with my aura hiding it from everyone else.

While doing that, I talked to Rica.


「Why did you come to meet Caroline?」

「I’ve known the Child of God Caroline for a while now. I just heard rumors that that Child of God can now understand people」

「You knew that I was involved right?」

「Yes. That’s why I thought of ignoring it. But from what I’ve heard, I thought she might hear the real god’s voice」



That might be true.

The skill “Backwards Compatibility” is something like matching the frequency.

If one can understand it like that, then it’s not strange to come up with something like what Rica thought.


「That’s why I came to ask her about it. For the sake of this town, I thought that it would be better if she would make many more miracles」

「As expected of a Queen」

「And if this goes on, she would soon be among the upper echelons of the Solon Church. She is from this town, so it is not bad to get along with her right now. The stability of the religion in the territory is very important」

「As expected from you」


I said the same thing once again.


「Rather than that, is Kakeru trying to do something using her?」


Rica’s eyes released a strange light.

I know that gaze of hers.


The master of the Rose Garden, the Queen’s harem.

She made a harem and gave that harem to me.

She would make that gaze a lot when we’re talking about that.


I’m completely sure that she would tell me she’ll cooperate if I tell her I’ve taken a liking on Caroline.


「No, it isn’t like that this time. The reason I got close to her isーー」


But when I was thinking of asking about “Diatheke”.

My eyes were caught by something else. My consciousness, my interest was completely taken by that.


The leaf that I was fiddling and spinning around was eaten by a silkworm.

The silkworm that ate that spat out black thread.


I stared at that and Rica noticed me doing so.


「Huh? It’s spitting out black thread……I’ve never seen it spat something like this before」

「It’s like a cotton candy……mu!」

「What’s the matter, Kakeru?」


The instant I spoke out cotton candy, I got a eureka.


The black thread that the silkworm spat out. That thread that Rica has never seen before, it was carrying the aura of a Demon Sword.

I made it eat an ordinary leaf mixed with the Demon Sword aura and it spat out a thread of a different color.

Adding to the fact that the silkworms were different to what I know, they looked to me like a machine spitting out a colorful cotton candy.

And that gave me a eureka.




「I’ll give you a miracle」

「What kind?」


Normally, people would get confused at this point, asking back “miracle, really?”.


『Your long relationship with her is not for show』


Just like what Eleanor cheerfully said.

Because of our long relationship, Rica guessed a gist of what I’m going to do. Her eyes started to show excitement.






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