Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 241

Chapter 241 – The Golden Lottery



After resting for a night, I took Eleanor and Hikari with me to the lottery place.

And there, as usual, Eleanor is in her human form.


「It’s also been a while coming here. Although only a day or two have passed」

「Umu, it feels like it has been five months since we came here」


Eleanor said while standing with an air of composure.

This girl……she’s somewhat……


「Hoee〜……Okaa-san, you look a bit more grown up〜?」


It looks like Hikari also felt the same thing.

Eleanor stood with natural calmness.

Although her looks didn’t change at all, whether it is the air around her or the impression she gives, it was a little bit different.


「Of course. After all, I am not a virgin anymore」

「Is that so〜?」

「Umu. Right?」


Eleanor looked at me with a grin.

In the past, I made love with Eleanor, with Eleanor of the past.

And that Eleanorーーshe passed her powers to this Eleanor.

Later on, I heard that she also received her memories at that time.


In other words, this Eleanor “remembers” that time.


「I see……that’s why Okaa-san looks so pretty」


「Okaa-san’s amazing〜!」



「Uhm……although this will be the nth time I’m saying this, please don’t bring your strange family bonding scene here」


While Hikari hugged Eleanor and Eleanor stroked her daughter’s head with a smile, the lottery staff appeared with a meaningful stare as always.


「Yo, it’s been a while」

「It hasn’t been that long though? Rather than that, please stop that」

「Is it really that strange? Is it wrong for a daughter to admire her mother’s beauty?」

「I’m not talking about that」


The staff pouted her lips.


「Would a mother normally tell her daughter that she’s not a virgin anymore? I mean, that’s a premise that is too normal it’s impossible to even think of it. Did she give a virgin birth or came out from her armpit or something……」

「It is not strange at all if Hikari becomes a messiah though」

「The way you’re doting on your daughter is even better than that……」


The staff released a deep sigh, then after regaining her self, she looked at me.


「Welcome, would you like to draw the lottery today?」

「Yeah. Can I use this?」


I took out the golden lottery ticket.

It’s the golden lottery ticket that I picked up in the past era. It’s the golden lottery ticket that I picked up after meeting Tanya, Olivia, Althea, and Eleanor, the women who are connected from the past to the present.


The staff who saw that said.


「It will be a limited lottery」

「Limited huh, what kind of lottery is it?」

「It’s called First Draw Lottery」

「First Draw Lottery?」

「In short, it’s that lottery you drew before you teleported to this world. You can draw from that lottery once again」

「Isn’t that, the one with the 777x multiplier or tentacles」

「Yes, you can draw from there. This time, you can use it to another person as you’d like. Of course, you can also use it to yourself. Ah! I’ll say this to be sure. This time, you can only draw once」


After the staff said that, Eleanor showed interest.


「A lottery where that ability of yours might appear huh」

「Seems like it」

「Is there anything else?」

「Let me remember……」


I recalled about that time.

At that time, I was allowed to draw as much as I want.


There was the one that would turn you into a fire-breathing man.

There’s also Sage, and Berserker as well. Other than that, ability multipliers like 2x, 3x, and 10x.


「Within those you mentioned, the tentacles sounds the most interesting」

「If so, I’ll give it to you if we draw it」

「No need. I can create tentacles myself. It is a basic ability of a Demon Sword」


When Eleanor said that, Hikari looked surprised with widened eyes.


「Really? Can Hikari grow tentacles too?」

「Of course. You are my daughter after all. Although you would need a bit of training」

「Hikari will learn! It’s the etiquette of the Demon Swords after all〜」

「Umu. I’ll teach you next time」

「Hikari’s tentacles huh. It must be cute」


I imagined it for a moment.

The lovely Hikari creating tentacles.

I don’t know if she will do it in her Demon Sword form or in her human formーーit might be with bothーーbut there’s no doubt it will be cute.


「Please, stop that strange family bonding scene……what in the world are you saying……what cute tentacles from your daughter……」


The staff started muttering about something while she prepared the lottery machine.

If I’m correct, it should be the one I drew from in my previous world.


But, this thing huh〜.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel that precious anymore.


No, I mean, it’s true that the prizes are strong. Each of them could be called as cheat skills.

But, I have drawn many times and chose all abilities 777x in the end. I don’t think that it’s that precious after doing all that.


「Don’t think too much」


Did she saw through me? Eleanor smiled with a grin.


「Just draw as usual, and give it to one of your women. Although it might be a useless thing for you, but it should not be for those women, right?」

「……that’s true」


It’s exactly as Eleanor said.

I stopped worrying about it and approached the lottery machine.


I placed my hand on the handle and lightly turned it.




*KaranKaranKaran*, the handbell rang.


「Congratulations! It’s『Puppet Master』」


It doesn’t sound like I need it, but it’s an interesting ability.







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26 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 241

  1. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now about his multiplier x777 ability but isn’t it better if he use his 1-hour ticket where he can give his ability to other people and the ability that he will choose will be x777 to give to one of his woman temporarily then while his body isn’t in a power up state, he should train his body in strength, swordsmanship and other things until the limit so when his multiplier ability came back to him his total strength will be stronger. I mean even in just an hour he can do many things.


    • That is too logical for this type of story.

      Lets try to apply even more logic. Why wont he learn more or use magic? Why doesnt he learn to use his aura more effectively?

      The majority of the readers would say it would be too easy for him and it wouldnt be interesting for him anymore. He also wants to train his girls, but why wont he strengthen hinself so he can make a safe training environment at any given place and time?


      • I bet he even forgot he has copy plus (the copy target stat & add to himself)

        which also combo with Give Ability.

        I think he really use it once and never again.

        This world should be Level & stat Base (Like how IO keep Level up)

        His x777 stat shouldn’t stuck at [1(x777)] forever (or may be its hit the world [LV] Cap a long time ago)


  2. Y, I have to admit Hikari’s sense of reality is warped to the extreme. I assume everything her father does is considered okey?

    And really? Her tentacles will be cute? He wants her to be more human, but what? She is freaking human!


  3. He’s not really up for that “twisting your mind and smashing your dreams” stuff.

    He’ll smash that ass up and there might be some twisting, but neither involve minds or dreams.


  4. Master of puppets I’m pulling your strings
    Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
    Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
    Just call my name, ‘cause I’ll hear you scream


  5. HNNGGHHH ‘pure loli praising her loli mother’ scene is too much >,< daaamn!!!! I miss this kind of scene, ah,,,thanks paichun.


  6. Wtf is this? all that bullshit nonsense time travel and elenoar doesnt get her human form? What the shit legit ruined……


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