Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 231

Chapter 231 – A Convalescent Kiss



「What should Althea do to use that? It’s not like I can make her hold youーー」


Soon after I asked Eleanor, I felt something rising up from my body.

Eleanor’s power, the same nature with the one I would conveniently use in battles, but a power that is slightly different.


And inside my body, it accumulated below my navel.


『You should pass that to Althea』

「How can I do that?」

『The quickest way is through your mouth, but it should be difficult from how old she looks right now. Soーー』


Before Eleanor finished, I held Althea’s chin and kissed her.

Althea looked surprised, her wrinkly face was in a daze.


「Ororo〜, a-amazing……」



I could hear Olivia and Hikari’s voice. For the meantime, I ignored both.


While we’re kissing, I could feel the accumulated powers below my navel rising.

I pretty much understood how it was once it moved. I caught the flow of that power and handed it over to Althea through our mouth.

Only after confirming that the powers have completely passed through that I stopped kissing her.




Althea looked panicky. Although that’s natural since I kissed her suddenly, I also ignored that.


「How is it? I should’ve handed over Eleanor’s power」

「Y-Yes……I feel like I received something」

「You know how to use it?」


「If soーー」


Just like in the future, I reached out my hand to let her regain her youth.




『You shouldn’t be the one』


『What happens to someone who’s sick suddenly eating meat?』



After hearing Eleanor’s words, I looked at Althea once again.

Right now, no matter how you look at her, she’s an old woman. She looks like she’s exceeded a hundred years old.

Not only that. Her complexion isn’t good as well.

An old woman, but a dying old woman.

Rodotos’s ghost must’ve taken a lot of her life force and longevity.


And for her to take my vigorーーgiving her enough to make herself in the future become instantly youthful again might not be good.


「Olivia can’t as well right?」

『Of course. Not mentioning Io, even Tanya’s who is an ordinary human is too strong for her』

『What about Hikari’s friends?』

「The drake soldiers huh. What do you think?」

『It would still be too much』


Eleanor rejected one next to the other.

Although I understand that we can’t use Olivia’s vigor since she’s a Dragon King, I couldn’t help but frown hearing that the drake soldiers that was just hatched aren’t good as well.


「Then, what should we do?」

『Look, there are small birds right there, right?』

「That one huh」


I looked up to the direction Eleanor’s consciousness is pointing to.

Inside the forest, several sparrows have stopped on trees. I see, those ones huh.

I reached out my aura arm, caught a sparrow, and handed it to Althea.


「Try it using these」



Althea received them and held the sparrow in front of her chest as if she was holding a precious treasure.

The sparrow struggled to escape at the beginning, but it gradually weakened, and finally stopped moving.


「How is it?」

「I feel a bit……」


Althea raised her head.




Although she still looks like an old woman, her complexion is now better.


「I guess it’s rehabilitation for a while. Since Eleanor said that you had just recovered, let’s try with small animals that probably won’t get you bloated, and gradually advance. And soon, you should be able to get it from humans as well, regaining your youth」



I explained the explanation I got from Althea in the future and Eleanor.

But Althea did not look like she’s listening, I could feel her staring at me.


「What’s the matter?」

「You didn’t hesitate, why?」


「What you did earlier」


『She should be talking about the kiss. Really, to think that there wasn’t even an ounce of hesitation, I looked stupid for being concerned』


I didn’t understand what they were saying for an instant.

Why do I need to hesitate when kissing her?


I looked at Althea.

Un, she’s Althea.


Although she has a lot of wrinkles after Rodotos stole her life force, the air around her and her eyes were still the Althea I know.

Is it really that weird for me to kiss that Althea?


「……ahh, it’s because I’m not yet in a “deep relationship” with Althea of this era huh」

「Ororo〜. I-I think it’s not that」

『Really, this guy……』


Olivia and Eleanor, they looked as if they formed a tag team.

What is it, really?


「Human is really amazing. It exceeds all of my expectation」

『Although I know that this guy doesn’t really care that much about outward appearance, this is still outside of my expectations』


Olivia who has maximum admiration and Eleanor who had half.





Althea who stared at me with her deep eyes.

What is really going on? Is it that strange for me to kiss Althea?


「But, if he could tolerate how she looks, then it means Human could also tolerate a female in at the dusk of her life right? Fumufumu……」

『Although there won’t be many who could catch this guy’s eyes……well, the range of choices had probably increased』


It became even more confusing, but……the to of them stopped talking about Althea and started about thinking “ahead”, so whatever.








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24 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 231

  1. Milfs, Granny’s, lolis, as long as she’s a good woman he’ll take them all (though lolis would probably need to grow maybe till at least 14-15, as it’s in a different world the age is lower)


    • Yeah. It is fine for him not to know when they started talking about it. But to not be able to figure it out after all they said? Now he is just an idiot.


      • You know, Japanese MC doesn’t really care about common sense. It’s so outdted nowadays. Strong people don’t need to care about these kinds of stupid things ^^


    • Yes, she is a spiritual vampire eating “life force” instead of blood. Since meals rejuvenate her, she is a mortal with an indefinite lifespan.

      We already know that she endures for the next 400 years until she finally meets someone who can feed her without taking serious damage.

      Incredibly, the same person is the Hero Demonsword Eleanor used to grant her the vampire trait. Though she won’t discover this until Kakeru meets the future Althea so she won’t feed from him during this adventure.


    • Actually, if the victim does not die their life force recovers. The problem for Althea is that the ghost is not giving her time to recover after it drains her life. This vampire trait was intended to keep her alive until the ghost can be defeated. Extended life was an unintended side effect.


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