Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 199

Chapter 199 – Overcoming the Limits



We continued to climb the mountain in Tanya’s lead.

There was no proper mountain path, just animal trails, advancing just like a maze.


「Oi, is Maraton’s Spring really over here?」

「Do you really know the way?」


The young man and woman showed discontent.

They were irritated and vented it to Tanya.


「I-It’s true. It’s over here」

「It better be」


The two of them reluctantly accepted Tanya’s words.

But soon after that, we walked towards an animal trail that’s clearly off the proper mountain path, so they were even more irritated.


『Well, that’s the limit for normal humans』

「It wasn’t just my imagination huh」

『You dare say that even though you were already confidently sure』


Eleanor chuckled, then continued with a serious tone.


『We are approaching without a doubt. There is a power in the opposite of mineーーI can feel that we’re approaching powers that is holy』

「The way to erase you that they were saying was true?」

『At the least, they’re going in the right direction』


“Well, that’s true”, I thought.

I also feel the powers that Eleanor told.

Up ahead, towards the direction Tanya is leading us, I could feel powers that is pure.

Powers which is opposite to Eleanor’s powers, the dark aura that I’m using.


And I can feel that it’s gradually getting stronger, no, it’s getting thicker and denser.

I immediately became guarded. If such powers really exist, thenーー


「Oi, look at that!」

「It’s Opis-sama! The Divine Messenger Opis-sama!」


The pair of two raised voices of delight.

Looking over there, I saw a giant snake.


Over there, within the deep mountain where the paths are almost unable to be illuminated by a torch, lies a snake whose whole body is white, while releasing a faint light that lights up the surroundings.

The holy power, I could feel it coming from it.


「H-Hey. Take “that thing” out」

「Oh Divine Messenger Opis, let usーー」




My body moved. I kicked the ground and charged, grabbing Tanya then jumped to the side.

I felt wind rush and pass behind me.


Without warning, the white snakeーーOpis attacked. When I turned around after saving Tanya, the pair of two had their heads chopped off their bodies.

They didn’t even understand what happened until the end, and their headless bodies collapsed.


The white snake continued to attack.

It opened its huge jaws that could swallow the two of us at once and bites towards us.




I jumped back while carrying Tanya and took distance.


「Le-L-L-Let’s run! Kakeru-san!」

「It doesn’t seem that it would let us get away though」

「Ah……! It’s following us」

「From how it looks, it’ll probably chase after us even if we try to escape」


I feel a strong enmity coming from the white snake.

An enmity mixed with vengefulness, as if it would chase after us to the end of the world.


「Oh no……」

「Don’t worry. I’ll defeat it」

「Eh?! But, it’sーー」

「Don’t move from here. I’ll take care of everything」


I stared straight into her eyes. Tanya hesitatingly nodded.

I put her down and stepped forward as I unsheathe Eleanor.


「Let’s go」

『It looks quite tough. Prepare yourself』


About Opis, Eleanor seems to know about it, but there’s no time to ask her for details.

The white snake charged towards me with frightening speed.


This time, it whipped its tail at me.




I swung Eleanor and chopped the snake.

Its scales were very tough, so tough that even my hands were numbed.


The white snake rolled on the ground after getting chopped by halves.


「It only looks strong huh」

『It’s only starting now』



The white snake moved.

The cut sections suddenly squirmed and started to regenerate.

After a while, there were two snakes that looked exactly the same.


「It regenerates?」

『It’s their trait. Even if they are defeated by us, the Demon Swords, they will split and divide with their abilities intact and as strong as before』

「They’re just as strong?」

『Umu. Although they received damage from the slash you landed on them, they would divide with their strengths intact, making another one of itself』


Eleanor explained. It looks like she really knows about it.


「You know very well huh」

『Although I don’t know about this one here, I do know about its existence』

「I guess I need you to tell me all about that」

『As long as you can get through here』


The two snakes charged at once.

I swung Eleanor and chopped the two snakes into halves.

Then, the two snakes turned into four.


It looks exactly the same. Even its movements, even the powers it contains inside is completely the same.

One snake turned to four snakes with exactly the same powers.


「How troublesome」

『It’s your natural enemy』

「It’s “yours”, right? Are you sure its endurance is really decreasing?」

『Just the amount you severed it』

「If so!」


I cut down the four snakes that attacked from above and below, left and right.

I released five slashes with each, cutting them into pieces with Eleanor.

Normal monsters would’ve been dead many times after being cut into pieces, but this snake regenerated from each part severed, increasing its number to 30.


The white snakes covered the mountains. The faint white light that it releases illuminated the surroundings as if it was morning.

Interesting. Now it’s interesting.

I’m looking forward to this.

I gripped Eleanor tightly and enveloped myself in her aura.

I then charged towards the white snakes.




I slashed, it divides.

I slashed, it divides.

I slashed, slashed, slashed, and it divides a whole lot.


The number of snakes quickly exceeded three digits.

I received, dodged their attacks, and attacked them as well.


The trees were toppled and the shape of the mountain changed.


As we fought, one snake charged towards Tanya.

“Hii!”, Tanya fell down on her butt.


「Who told you, you could go there」


I grabbed that snake’s tail and slashed towards it after it stopped.

I cut it into pieces, grounding it that it doesn’t even look like a snake anymore.


And, it did not regenerate.


『It exceeded the limits of its endurance』

「It won’t regenerate if its life force is depleted huh」


And here I thought it would infinitely regenerate.

I turned to the horde of white snakes that even “a lot” isn’t enough to describe.

What a view. They’re so many that it covers the mountain.


And towards them, I charged with Eleanor in hand.   

The snakes that reached the limits of their division, I killed each one of them, one by one.


It was already dawn when I annihilated the horde of snakes that was born from one.









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    • He can use magic but there’s just no need for it since he can get by with physical abilities alone. Why show people all your cards when you can get by with just the basic. Best evidence was when the demons reduce his power to 10% and he surprise them by using magic for the first time ever since getting Eleanor.


    • When do readers ever get logical mc? Why burn it or freeze it or electrocute it when you can slash like an idiot 100 times? Never! Fml getting annoying… what trump card if everything is x777 just furnace it till it melts jezz


  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Well that was a quick turn of events after concerning theory brought up last chapter. Unless those two are a part of a group but then again, they don’t know the way to get to the spring so it shouldn’t be an issue.


  2. “Ophis”, greek for “snake” (greek phi is often transcribed by the japanese with p-row katakana, since the sound is too different from their f).


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