Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 180

Chapter 180 – Intermission



In Malonei’s outskirts, in the living room of my Magic Cottage that I enveloped with my camouflage aura.

Helene and I were there.


「Does it mean that this would be our base for a while?」

「Yeah. I’m involved, Delfina moved. Because of those two points, both my mansion and Delfina’s Merchant Company can’t be used」


That’s why we moved here.

The Magic Cottage that can be taken out freely, the invisibility camouflage aura that cannot be seen through unless on has powers greater than the Demon Sword Eleanor.


With that combination, it can be said that it’s absolutely safe.




「It would be dangerous if they activated a strong strategic-class wide range magic circle on an approximate area at the place they think we are in」

「……I see. It wasn’t perfect huh」


I nodded. It’s exactly as Helene pointed out.

The combination has its strength with being easily moved and being invisible, but its defensive capacity is just decent.

Just like Helene had said, if they activated a wide range magic that would possibly hit us, it would be effective.


『You’re letting your guard down』

「I’ll be carefulーーthanks」

「Your welcome」


Helene smiled.

And when I pulled her to me and kissed her even using my tongue, the door opened and Selene entered.




Selene witnessed me being fond of Helene and blushed.

When I released Helene, Selene said with a red face.


「Thank you, Shou, for protecting Father」

「Don’t mind it. It’ll be troublesome if he dies before you surpass him」


There is the sleeping King Aegina in the room where Selene came out from.

Delfina became a target, so he can’t be left there anymore, so I brought him here.


I’m not interested at all with aged men, but King Aegina must live to grant Selene’s wish, so I brought him to this place which is the safest place for the time being.


「Well then, we should decide what we’re going to do from now on」


I said and looked at Helene.

From a woman’s face to Teresia of Twin Flowers. She returned to Princess Helene who is best at warfare, and opened her mouth.


「After Duke Therios, Duke Annis, Duke Gateーーthe so-called Three Lords, gained a righteous cause, they divided Aegina into three parts, stationed soldiers at each of them, and established their rule」

「Effective control huh」


「What will we do with that?」

「There are two things needed. One is military force. As long as it is essentially under their rule, battles cannot be evaded. No matter what we would do, there is a need to beat them」

「I know that. The other one is?」


Helene took out her folding fan without saying anything. It’s the new fan that I gave her as a present a while ago.

She used that and gracefully pointed towards a room.

It’s the room where Selene came from.



「More specifically, a legitimate cause」

「Legitimate cause?」


Selene tiled her head. She looks like she doesn’t understand at all.


「……something like this?」


I lightly gripped Eleanor, released an aura and enveloped my body.

I imagined the appearance of King Aegina when I saved him and took him away.

And then.


「Father?! No, it’s Shou……why turn to Father’s appearance?」

「What should I do with this appearance?」


I asked Helene, not Selene.


「You only need to appear on the battlefield. The Three Lords Regency only have legitimacy when the King cannot administer his rule. As long as the King takes action, that legitimacy would be dissolved」

「I see」

「Howeverーーit is only King Aegina, Kakeru-sama cannot fight during that time. There is no other choice but to leave you in the headquarters」

「……I see」


Helene and I stared, and nodded back at each other.


There is actually no need to do that.

I’m able to use my aura on another person. And in fact, I also used it on Helene when we infiltrated to find information.

After using it to someone else, I’m able to maintain their appearance even if I took some distance from them.

Just by doing that means that it makes me unable to fight.


But even so, the reason why Helene said that is to make Selene fight.

Naturally, since I’m unable to fightーーSelene could only brace herself.


「Meaning, it’s like this. The King would be riding a palanquin, and the Princess will fight on the frontlines」

「That will be the best way to gain legitimacy, and after the battle, Selene-sama would gain authorityーーin the shape of becoming Prime Minister Princess」

「I see」


I nodded, and confirmed with Selene.


「Are you alright with that?」

「Un, I think so」


Selene answered promptly.

She answered brightly, without hesitation.


From how she’s narrowing her eyebrows until I talked to her, it’s easy to tell that she doesn’t understand most of it, but even so, she said she’s alright with it.

Leaving the things she doesn’t understand to those who can, asking for their help.

She is trying to put that into action.


“That’s fine for now”, I thought, and asked Helene.


「With Malonei as the starting point, where should we attack first?」


「You answered instantly. Why is that?」

「Because it is the battlefield where the strength of the one leading the army and their strength of breaking through is tested, having the most restrictions in the terrain, when advancing from Malonei」


She held her fan with both hands and glanced at Selene.

That’s good, Helene.

It looks like she’s planning on planting confidence on Selene using the first battle.








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