Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 153

Chapter 153 – The Capable Maid





I breathed out the air that accumulated in my lungs.

I took a deep breath in search of fresh air after finishing my work, but there was only the smell of blood.

Because of that, my excitement had only increased.








Even though the fight has ended, the word “more” continued to echo inside my head, pushing my heightened fighting spirits higher.

Worked up, I turned around.

There are two mountains of two thousand corpses, and the guys still alive on the ground as well.

It’s Aegina’s Crown Prince Kimon and that guy who has a demonic appearance whom I haven’t heard his name.

The two of them tried to run away, and even tried to attack me, so I hit them with the center of my sword and made them lose consciousness.

I grabbed the neck of those two and warped with the Warp Feather.

I warped to my mansion in Reiusu, in the training grounds.

The slave soldiers were still outside.

A slave soldier is waiting for me there.


「Your Excellency!」


Nikki quickly noticed me and ran towards me.

Usually, she is acting stiff just like a “soldier”, so as soon as she reached me she saluted like a soldier.


「Where’s Nana?」

「She is in the mansion. The maid came and called her」

「Miu did?」


What? It’s quite rare for Miu to call Nana.

The two of them usually doesn’t have common grounds, so I wondered why.

Well, whatever. I’m going back after this anyways. I should just ask her directly.

“Rather than that” I thought, and threw down the two to the ground.


「Confine them. Make sure they do not escape」

「Absolutely! Please leave it to us」


Nikki saluted again then called out slave soldiers.

The whole first platoon came and brought the two away.




The instant they approached, my heart jumped.

It’s a strange fervor, as if something immense is about to overflow out of my body.

This……what is it?

While tilting my head, I walked towards my mansion.


『In the end, it was my win』

『Uu, I lost〜. But, it’s Okaa-san after all』

『Kukuku, indeed. Our career as a Demon Sword is still too different』

『Hikari will continue to do her best okay〜, as a Demon Sword』

『Umu, it is good to do your best. I shall guarantee that you will be the second greatest Demon Sword in this world』


『I am the greatest after all』

『I see〜. Un, Hikari will aim for the second okay』

『Umu. Hikari should be the second』


The mother and daughter Demon Swords were leisurely chatting.

And while they did, I continued to fight against the fervor.

My heart started to race, I want to go on a rampage.

I want to destroy, I want to release this excitement.

The more I felt that, the fewer the words I spoke.


『……well then, Hikari. Go and play with Olivia』

『Is it okay?』

『Umu. The incident has ended』



Hikari said and returned to her human form.


「Hikari will go back first okay〜」


After that, she ran to the mansion.

I saw her off, and heard Eleanor say.


『Well, I guess you should go and take care of that too』


『What are you shocked about? You can’t help but want to embrace women right?』



Having that pointed out, I finally noticed that.

That’s right, that’s exactly right.

This fervor, it was that.

It’s libido.

It’s the heightened libido that remained after the battle.


「It’s different than usual, so I didn’t notice」

『That’s probably because of that barrier. Because you were restrained by that, the instant you were released, your sexual desire surged up to ten times. It is ten times of that after a normal fight. You probably felt it differently and couldn’t notice it』

「……ahh, I see」

『What will you do? If you want to release it with violence, I’ll help you』

「Let me see……」


I thought about what I should do.

Eleanor’s suggestion isn’t bad too. It might be great to let myself drown in this overwhelming urge to lay destruction as well.

……this might destroy my women after all. If it’s Eleanor, then there’s no need to worry about her getting destroyed.

Hmm, that might be good.

While I was thinking, I arrived at the mansion.

When I reached the front door, it opened by itself.


「Welcome back, Master」


It was Miu who opened it.


*Thump*ーーmy heart jumped and brought me dizziness.


Miu’s appearance, the fragrance of a woman. I almost got done by that.

Ahh, this is better.

It’s not like Eleanor is bad, but this is better right now.

I need to be careful not to destroy her though.


「Miu, sorry, but can you comfort me」

「Yes! Everyone is waiting」


「Please follow me」


Miu started to walk. I followed her.

It was my bedroom where we arrived.

I entered inside and “everyone” was there.


「Welcome back, Kakeru-sama」


Mercouri’s beautiful princess, Helene.


「We’re all ready, Kakeru」


Her little sister Iris.


「We’ll do our best okay!」


A-Rank adventurer, the Great Mage in the rumors, Io.


「You really look troubled」


Solon Church’s symbol, the Immortal Saintess, Melissa.


「It’s exactly how Miu said」


The Great Sage Althea, just, Althea.


「I shall be Aruji’s power」


The world’s strongest woman, Nana.

The six of them were waiting inside the room.


「This is?」

「I thought that it would probably be needed, so I asked everyone to come」


Miu answered. Her tail is faintly swaying.


「Probably……? Why did you think so?」

「Uhm, when Kakeru-sama came to bring Hikari-sama with him……Master, he looks like he’s having fun, so」

「I did?」

「Yes. It’s Master’s face when he’s about to go to a big battle. That’s why, I thought that it would probably be needed」


Did she expect all of it with just that?


『What a capable maid』


That’s why I’m not hiring more maids and can leave the mansion to her.

I faced Miu and stared straight at her.


「Thank you, Miu. It’s a great help」

「I am Master’s maid after allーーhyaa!」


I put my arms around her and carried her to the bed like a princess.

I put her down and kissed her lips while she was still flustered about the sudden event.

I made her open her mouth and give her a deep kiss with my tongue.



「Good job, Miu. As a reward, you’ll be the first one」






She was stunned for an instant, then with a huge nod, Miu showed a face full of smiles.

She looked so cute. I was unable to hold back anymore.

I undressed her maid uniform at once and wrestled her on top of the bed.

Seeing that, the other women gathered.














And, Miu.


Such good women had gathered, making me more and more dizzier.

That night, I took grace on Miu’s kindness, and made love with all of the beauties there.









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  1. I’m still waiting for them to call for help from the slave soldiers saying something like: “This battle is too big we need reinforcements.”


  2. She should also call out the slave soldier corps and summon the queens/princesses/a certainqueen’s gathered good women from other countries.


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