Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 138

Chapter 138 – Neora Comenena



「Thank you for your guidance, Aruji」


Nana sheathed her sword and gestured a bow towards me.

Beautiful straight long hair, a straightened back, wearing a white knight armor.

Really, what a good woman.


「You’d gotten stronger again」

「Much obliged. It is my greatest pleasure hearing Aruji say that」

「If you were this strong when we met for the first time, I might’ve lost」

「Not at all. I feel like I have yet to catch up to Aruji at that time. I must continue to work hard」

「I see. Do your best then」



She slightly bowed her head in salutation.

After finish talking with Nana, I looked to the side.

Neora was there.

Since earlier, she is watching my fight with Nana by herself.

Along with waking Nana up, she also followed us here. Well, that’s fine though.


『She is quite composed』



The slave soldiers second platoon captain, Neora Comenena.

From start to finish, she watched me and Nana fight “normally”.  



「What is it?」

「You’re the one who appointed the platoon captains right?」


「Is it the same with Neora?」

「That’s right」


I see.

Someone who Nana acknowledged huh.

I got interested.




「If it would not cause you inconvenience, can you please coach her as well?」

「Yeah, it’s alright」


I answered immediately.

A woman who’s unfazed seeing Nana and I fight, a woman who Nana appointed as the second platoon captain.

Neora Comenena.

I got interested in her.



In the middle of the training grounds, I faced Neora who replaced Nana.

She is using a long slender sword.

It is surprisingly long and easily exceeds two meters.




Because it was long, it was bent at first. But as soon as she took a stance, it stopped in a horizontal state.

It is in a straight state as if it was a firm solid.

The air around her changed as well. She started to draw out an air that made Eleanor interested.


「Let’s start」



I tried her out first.

I casually leaped towards her and swung down Eleanor from above.

The instant my attack landedーーI did not feel a thing.

It was completely parried by Neora.




I couldn’t help but let out a voice in awe.

When I thought that my balance was broken after being parried, it did not stop at that. I felt like I was being pulled where she parried away.

I stood my ground and cleaved out this time.

She parried it away again and my body was pulled away to the other side.


「How interesting! What’s that technique! You aren’t just parrying right?」



Neora made a wry smile and wouldn’t answer.

I slashed towards her again. This time, I cleaved diagonally from below.

She parried it for the third time, and I felt like my body was pulled upwards.

I’m completely sure now. I made that slash just to know that.

The instant my attack was parried, I felt like I was about to jump, and for sure, it wouldn’t feel like this with an ordinary parry.

It’s interesting, so I slashed towards Neora increasing the cycle.

I slashed, slashed, and slashed, from up and down to the left to the right, from four directions to eight directions, I slashed towards her.

My balance was broken every time I slashed, and the feeling of being pulled here and there was quite interesting.

Interesting, how interesting.


『Here, from the side, you look like you’re being pulled around with a rope』


It’s probably that, it’s like a water balloon yoyo bouncing around here and there.


『These kind of techniques are quite effective towards you who uses ridiculous strength』


You don’t need to tell me that.

Well then, this is fun too, but it wouldn’t be a training .


「Come and attack me, Neora」



Neora cheerfully answered but there’s no sign of her attacking.


『Isn’t it because she uses counter techniques?』


I seeーーif so!

I slashed using Eleanor.

Neora received that.

The instant she received the attack, my body was pulled towards where I slashedーーand I felt a presence that made my back cold.

The tip of her sword blinked with light.

I see, it’s like that huh.

She used the strength of her opponent to pull them away, and slashed towards them head-on with the tip of her blade.

A cross-counter after breaking one’s balance, I guess.

I understood the theory. It’s quite impressive.

It’s a technique that could safely ensure a sharp counter.



「It was blocked?!」

「You’re aim is good, but your speed and harshness isn’t enough」


「Your attack you made yourself. Even though you included my momentum, it’s far inferior to Nana’s slash」



Neora fixed her stance.

I struck with Eleanor.

I was pulled away and the point of her sword came flying head-on towards me.

I accompanied Neora’s technique with the series of movements.


「Not yet, it’s still not enough」


「It’s too fast, the opponent would notice if you showed your aim before you pulled them away」


「Next one!」

『Oh〜 oh〜, you look so happy. Just like a child who got a new toy』


Eleanor was saying something, but it didn’t enter my ears.

It’s Neora right now.

This woman who has an interesting technique is interesting.

I accompanied her and trained her.

I also lend a hand to improve her technique.

Its precision gradually increased.

Her timing of making a counter-attack after pulling away the opponent’s attack slowly improved.

ーーand finally.




Neora called out to me with a scream-like voice.

It’s because her attack in its best timing hit me directly in my throat.

Of course, I’m completely unscathed.

She made her attack at a timing that was more than I expected, so I got a little cold in the back though.


「Thank goodneーーhya!」


I placed my arms around Neora’s back, carried her to an embrace, and brought her into the barracks.



「I got excited, let’s do it」

「Eh, Ehhhhhhh?!」


We entered the barracks and I advanced with wide strides.

We passed by several slaves. Every one of them were surprised at first, but they probably understood seeing me carrying Neora like a princess. They opened the way without saying anything.

I carried her into her room and pushed her on top of her bed.


「Kakeru-sama, this, it must be better doing it with Nana-samaーー」

「I want to embrace you right now」

「Ehhh?! But, someone like meーー」


I stared at Neora who’s making up excuses.

I stared straight at her. I stared at her without any words.

She gradually recovered from her panic.


「Let’s do it」



Neora nodded timidly and accepted.

I kissed her, and undressed her clothes.

Neora accepted all of that.


『I understand that you fancied her, but don’t destroy her alright』


A third party was saying something, but I ignored it.

It’s Neora right now.

I made the good woman who’s unexpectedly nearby mine.






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