Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 123

Chapter 123 – S-Rank and A-Rank



「It seems that a certain Secret Treasure is hidden within Aegina’s harem」


Iris said after her expression returned to as usual.


「Secret Treasure?」

「It was originally Mercouri Kingdom’s possession, but it is said that soon after the kingdom was established, it was something that was sent as a dowry of the Mercouri Princess when she was married to Aegina to make the two kingdom’s bonds stronger. However, Fath……the King wants it back」

「……if so, isn’t it just better to ask them to return it? Diplomatic route? Or something like that」

「Aegina’s harem is deep」


Althea said from the side, with the way of saying that I heard many times before.


「Both humans and things, they cannot leave from that place once they have entered. The only one who can leave is the King」

「Hmm? But, they throw out trash right? Also, many other things. Leaving aside humans, things can just be mixed with those while it’s thrown away」

「Aegina’s harem is deep. You mentioned trash? Inside are facilities that can dispose of those kinds of things, facilities that can eliminate them without leaving a single dust」

『Although it is exaggerated, it’s also thorough. Going that far, I’m even impressed』

「Or rather, you sure know a lot about it, Althea」

「After all, I’m the one who thought and made such system」




I got surprised, and Iris looked dumbstruck.



「Wait a second, you’re the one who made it?」

「Yes. That time’s King Aegina begged me. It was such a jealous and possessive man」


Althea giggled.


『Come to think of it, there was a time when she had lent her knowledge to Aegina. I see. She was doing such a thing huh』


Eleanor said seemingly enjoying it as well.

Being both long-lived, it would seem that they had a lot of things in the past.


「But, I understood the story with that. What King Mercouri wants is『Xiphos』huh」


「If you mention Mercouri’s secret treasure, that’s the only one. Though, I did not know that it got into Aegina’s harem」

「I see」

「You seem uninterested」

「Yeah, I’m not」

「Although, it seems that you are not apathetic about it」


I nodded silently.

I don’t care about Xiphos or whatever, but I’m pissed off that Iris is going to be sacrificed because of that.


「I’m going back to the story, since we have deviated so much. You are thinking of crushing the idea of her getting married to Aegina」

「That’s right」

「If so, there are 3 ways, roughly separated」


Althea’s tone changed.

The tone that she uses when she teaches me or gives me an idea.

A superior’s, a teacher’s tone.

Althea raised three fingers.

She explained one by one while putting down a finger.


「One, destroy Aegina Kingdom. There was the idea of assassinating King Aegina and its Crown Prince, but it should already be out of the question」

「Yeah, the person that she’s going to marry will only change as the person in the top change」

「One, make this girl yours without caring about anything. By doing that, she cannot be married to Aegina」

「I said I won’t do that while I explained earlier right?」

「One. Destroy Xiphos」


「That’s right. Xiphos is a pair. It is only a mere object when the two of them are not together. According to what I heard, one of them is in Mercouri, and one of them is in Aegina’s harem. If so……?」


This is also how Althea teaches me something.

She stops a step before the conclusion or answer. Makes me think, and say them with my words.

Sometimes, there are difficult ones, but it was easy this time.


「As long as one of them is destroyed, there would be no more meaning to marry off Iris」

「That is right」


I see, I got it.


「Are you fine with that? Iris」

「Un. I’m good with that」


Then, it’s decided.

I’ll find the Xiphos in Mercouri, and destroy it.

That is the goal for this time.


「By the way, what’s that Xiphos?」

「Hmm, let me see. It is a weapon」


Althea thought for a while, and answered.


「If I say, Eleanor is an S-Class Demon Sword, and Xiphos is an A-Class weapon, can you understand?」



Isn’t that, quite an amazing thing?




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19 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 123

    • I’m pretty sure it’s iris father as well as Helen’s father who wants the weapon back. So if he destroys the kingdom they wouldn’t be princesses anymore


  1. So there is no option to just go in and steal the mcguffin? Granted MC is not the most stealthy of people so it would be hard but probably not too impossible; if he can’t sneak in, he could always disguise himself and break in through the front. Then it will be in his hands and he can ransom it to Mercouri (MC still hasn’t put in any effort to amass an amount of wealth greater than the merchant gal’s, and it annoys me that he is putting it off so long) for Iris and money. Since he did it of his own volition (and it probably can’t be traced back?) no diplomatic issue?


    • Did ever read delfina POV. It is said that mc wealth/worth is a loooooot higher than her. She want be a person atleast as worthy as mc. And mc already mentioned wants her to be the a girl no one in the world could buy. Theyre relationship is like they want to be best for each other that no one in the world could compare. MC personalitiy has also “I want my woman to be the best/greatest as they can be. A good woman”


      • I think she only mentioned how potentially valuable he is in the fact that his abilities allow him to do world changing events however much he pleases. He doesn’t actually have wealth greater than hers lying around (net worth vs potential net worth), but has the potential to gain a lot if he bothers getting around to it.


    • He has the ability to be super stealthy. He can hear the steps of a certain person in a crowd, avoiding patrols shouldn’t be that hard. Plus even his stealthiness abilities should be multiplied by 777. Even if they are non-resistant, we have already seen with magic that it would be on epic levels.


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         . ∵ ./   /|
         _, ,_゚ ∴\/ /
       (ノ゚Д゚)ノ   |/
      /  /  Thanks
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  Nepu!


  3. He’s doing absolutely the most. Just fucking destroy the kingdom, why even care about what she says or why does she even care like tf? All his girls are basically borderline annoying at times or they just directly step over the line. And if athena knows where it is the mc can just destroy the harem spot. Or another great idea basically the greatest plan is to just tell the prince “Oh yeah I’m taking the princess because we’ll you know I’m the strongest in the world and the fact I could have 2 maybe 3 kingdoms fuck you straight in the ass😉” but no just doing hard shit and always asking for athena advice and not knowing what your girls want and not pushing them to speak when they stop halfway of what there saying so you gotta wait what I assume is days of them not saying what’s on there mind even tho there gonna tell you later. Pisses me off


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