Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 108

Chapter 108 – You Cannot Run Away From Kakeru



I looked at the head rolling on the ground.


「Is it okay to say that this guy’s the boss?」

『From how his clothes are, its should be. On top of that, it was exactly as the information said』

「The information about him running away by himself when it gets dangerous huh……」

『It’s good that you bought that from Delfina huh. It costed a lot though』


I was asked by Delfina if I wanted to buy this man, Herodotos’s, information for 1000 silver coins.

I bought it for 1200 silver coins. Delfina’s expression at that time was a little interesting.

When I buy expensive things, I can get lottery tickets for every 300 silver coins.

Since it’s a good opportunity, it was better to take 4 tickets for 1200 coins and adding a little more rather than 1000 silver coins for 3 tickets.

Well, that’s a digression.


『Your information was being spread too, you should’ve just used that to negotiate』

「I can get lottery tickets in return, I didn’t lose out. Also」


「Delfina’s going to be my woman someday, I won’t lose out anything in the end」

『I see』


Eleanor got convinced.

While we were talking, I advanced towards the town of Kinerect while cladding the dark aura.

There was some appearance of the civilians taking a peek from their house’s windows.

Were they chasing after Herodotos? Soldiers come from time to time though.


「D-Demon Sword Wielder」

「It’s the Siracuza’s Great General」



No soldier attacked me.

Most of them get frightened the instant they saw me and some even ran away instantly.

I was able to advance just with intimidation.


『This place also fell huh』

「Yeah. The remaining isーー」


『We have a report』


The maid ghosts flew with a little time difference.

Recently, the movement range became wider, so I left the two of them in Gariraya and Tiberia.


『Gariraya, capture complete〜!』

『Tiberia had some resistance after Master have left, but it was suppressed』

「I see, good job」

『Resistance huh, maybe you should’ve just remained until end』

「That should be enough. Tanya, Peggy」


I called the maid ghosts’ names.


「As you can see, this place is also about to be captured. Go fly to Nana’s place and tell her that there’s no need to buy time anymore」

『I got it!』


The two quickly disappeared into the sky far away.


『With this, only the royal capital Adoa remains』

「Yeah, just like thisーー」



Tanya descended from the sky. I sent her to Nana’s place, but she returned for some reason.


「What is it? Isn’t too fast for you to return?」

『There’s enemies, enemies are coming from there』


Tanya pointed in the opposite direction, to the direction where Herodotos was running to.

I saw clouds of dust from the far horizon.



When I went out of the town and waited, that came.

The clouds of dust approached up to a hundred meters before me and stopped.

With that, it could be seen clearly now.


『Waa〜, there’s so many horsies〜』


Hikari’s easy-going voice.

What came was a cavalry unit.

Their numbers are roughly 300.

Their numbers aren’t that many, but if it is this organized cavalry unit, they should have quite some penetrating force.


『There are unknown flags mixed within』

「Yeah, there’s that one that seems to be quite aggressive within the normal barbarian army’s flag」

『It is similar to the great general’s flag that you asked to make』


Eleanor said.

After I got appointed by Fiona and Marie as a Great General, they also made me a flag for that too.

It’s the two Queen’s thoughts about making it a symbolic existence.

It is similar to that……that means.


「Their big boss came out huh」

『Umu. It should be that Barbarian King or something』

『That sounds like a very strong name』


Hikari’s lines were somewhat easygoing after all.

And when I was talking like that to the Demon Sword mother and daughter, one man went forward from the cavalry troops.

He went forward holding the reins very well.


「You should be Kakeru Yuuki!」


It was a very loud voice. A low voice that could be clearly heard although we’re a hundred meters away.

I looked at the man, I observed that man who is a hundred meters away using my eyesight that is multiplied by 777 times.

He has a plaster figure-like bearded face and an armor full of fine scratches. He also has a very muscular body and twin swords which were as long as a long sword.

It’s a man that has a considerable air around him just by being there.

That man opened his mouth again.


「I am Thioza! Thioza Stratos! Cropolis Kingdom’s King!」


Cropolis Kingdom’s King, Thioza.

It’s the organization that we have always called as Barbarian Army and that organization’s leader’s name.


『It’s the real one』

「Yeah, I can tell with his atmosphere」

『That is also a kind of hero』


Eleanor muttered without getting moved.

When I’m hearing about things like those from her, I would feel like the heroes’ like a huge bargain sale.


「I’m Yuuki Kakeru」


I also released a loud voice not losing to Thioza.

A voice multiplied 777 times.

It is not a shout, it is a casual, normal, but loud voice.

Their horses were stunned to my voice that was louder than Thioza’s.

The only one that was only relatively fine was the horse Thioza was riding.

Thioza glared at me while he made his horse calm down.


「You really did us well huh」

「We’re enemies, on top of that, it is something that happened in a battlefield」

「Why do you obstruct me? Is it for your Baron title」


Come to think of it, I was Siracuza’s baron huh.

I really forget about that frequently.


「I’ll make you a Duke. Hereditary that is. If you want, I’ll even give your second son a title」


That’s quite grand.

If it is hereditary, not only me but my eldest son will become a Duke, other than that, he would even give my second son a tile as well. It is a good condition.

Well, normally that is.


「I’m not interested」

「Then why are you fighting」

「It’s for women. I’ll make my women queens」

「Don’t kid around!!」


He shouted at me for some reason. Everybody should know about that though.


「What is a man of your caliber doing making a puppet!」

「That’s a misunderstanding」

『But, what he is saying is more correct, the thing that you’re doing is too insane』


That might be true, but that doesn’t matter.

Whether if I’m really just trying to get my women become queens or have a different agenda.

There’s no difference, I’m going to defeat this man in front of me either way.


「Come at me」


「It doesn’t matter what I’m planning if you defeat me right?」



Thioza laughed.

He laughed while he raises the corner of his lips.


「Fuhahaha, that is true, that is exactly true」


Thioza wielded his twin swords.


「Everything will end as long as make you just a head. Let’s go!」


Thioza charged with his horse.

This instant we passed each other, his twin swords loomed with pressure.

I blocked with Eleanor and Hikari.

His slash was sharp, but the power is not that much. There’s no big deal if it’s just added with a charge.

I’ll block and drop his head, it’ll end thereーー.




Unusually, I heard Hikari’s desperate voice.

The next instant, an extraordinary power attacked me.

The two Demon Swords got knocked back, and an arc-shaped light flew towards my neck.




My body instinctively reacted.

I kicked the side of the twin swords and jumped back to escape the danger.

“I was carelessーー”, but when I thought of that.


「What the heck」


Thioza’s appearance changed. Dark blurs gathered around his body, andーーhe transformed.

Two horns on each side of his head and bat-like wings from his back.


『Looks like a devil』


『Uu……I’m scared〜』


Hikari got frightened.

Looking at Thioza’s appearance, I remembered about Aura.

The Comotoria Kingdom, the country that was infiltrated by the demon race unknowingly.

Is Thioza the same?


「Where did you get that power」

「This is my power」

「……I see」


It didn’t seem like he’s planning to not say it at all, his eyes seemed like he really thought that it’s his own power, and even feel pride for it.


「Here I come again. UOOOOOO!!」


Thioza came slashing. He controlled his horse and slashed with his twin swords charging.

I received that using Eleanor and my hand got numb.




I held my place adding strength, and pushed back.


『You won’t just keep getting attacked right』

「Of course!」


I answered to Eleanor’s urging.

I fixed and clad the black cloak that was made from Eleanor and Hikari’s aura.

And after that, I quickly jumped after pushing Thioza back and slashed at him from above.

He received using his twin swords. Thioza didn’t receive any damage.

But that impact connected, and the horse that he was riding were smashed.

*Gakiin*, the metallic sounds that come from the Demon Swords and twin swords clashing echoed, and Thioza jumped off of his crushed horse.

I exchanged blows with Thioza.

Black cloak and two Demon Swords, long twin swords in a devil’s appearance.

Thioza’s cavalry who have approached watched the fight between those two who are similar while they hold their breath.

Thioza who stood on the ground became more stronger.

His horse seemed to be holding him back, and his power and speed increased compared to when he was on top of a horse.




「What, is that all that you got」


Although it is only for a little, I pushed Thioza back.

Power, speed, and skill. I exceeded him with all of that.

And, with the stamina as well.

After exchanging blows for about ten minutes, he started to lose his power.

Sweat comes pouring out of him, and he had a strained face.


『It was time limited huh』

「That’s quite common, UOOOO!!!」


I raised a gear and continued attacking.

“I’ll push just like thisーー”, but when I thought of that.

Gongs echoed from the sides and soldiers gathered.

It’s myーーSiracuza’s soldiers, the soldiers gathered from three kingdoms.

The soldiers that I saved by capturing this town by myself came.

And in that instant when I got distracted by that.




Thioza repelled me in a sword lock as if he mustered his strength to do it.

I also concentrated my powers and stopped, on the other hand, Thioza pulled back using that momentum.

When I tried to follow up.




One soldier moved forward from the cavalry troops.

He was pulling a different horse and ran to Thioza’s side.

Thioza jumped and rode that horse.


「Hindrance came, our match is postponed」


Saying that, he made his horse turned around as if he was very used to it, and left together with his cavalry.

Thioza seemed to be exhausted, but the new horse he was riding was full of life, and ran like the wind.

They’re very fast that my soldiers that gathered from the side could not follow, they come quite and leave quick too.


「The reason they suppressed Siracuza so quickly was probably with the help of their mobility」

『That’s true, it is frustrating, but it would be for another time』

「What are you saying」


I took out the warp feather.


「There’s no need to wait for that」


I said that and warped.

The path where Thioza were retreating at tremendous speed, that was the path I passed through when I came to capture this Kirenect.

I warped, right in front of Thioza.




I presented the surprised Thioza with a cross slash using the two Demon Swords.

Thioza who fell down separated into four had a face that tells that he couldn’t understand what happened until the end.





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