Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Path of Demon Sword


After going around the places once, I returned by warping, and explained it to Theo.

Theo was so surprised.


「That……is that true?」

「Uhm……if it’s about Helene-sama and Iris-sama, I can guarantee. I have met them a few times, and……it felt like they would listen to what Kakeru-san asks for」


Fiona said while timidly raising her hand.


「Teresia’s twin flowers did?! If that is true……」

「I’m telling you it’s true」


Theo held his breath, and started to murmur to himself with a serious face.


「Mercouri, Calamba, and Comotoria……three of the four kingdoms bought us some time, huh. If that is so……」

「For the meantime, I told all of them to ask for a condition of『annihilate the remaining remnants of the kingdom’s army』. There wouldn’t be any problems as long as we don’t get wiped out」

「Why did you make such a condition」


Theo thought of it strangely.


「Then……it’s okay now right」


Marie quietly said.

With eyes that are full of trust towards me.


「If Kakeru-san’s with us……we would never get wiped out」


I made that condition with that in mind after all.

Theo recovered from his surprise, and got impressed next.


「However……to make three of the four kingdoms do that in such a short time……as expected of Goshaku-sama. I admire you very much」


Rather than having five noble titles, it’s my private connections though, well, whatever.


『Thinking about it carefully, you substantially have gained three-fifths of the world』


I don’t care about that.

I would be happy if I could make a harem with the three-fifths of all the good women, both I don’t really care much about territories.


「So then, where should we attack first. I asked Rica and the rest to say that, but if we stay here, we won’t get even recognized as the remnants of Siracuza. We need to appeal that there are Fiona and Marie, the survivors of the royal family. We should attack and occupy some place」

「That is very true. Well then」


Theo called his subordinate, and asked to bring a map.



「Tomorrow night, we will attack the town called Gihon」


I called Nana and Io, and told that to the two.



「Why is it at night?」

「It’s because, we have fewer soldiers. The remnant army is useless, so we’re going to fight the first battle with a little more than 200 people. So, the best way is to attack at night」

「It was like that」


Io got convinced.

Having a strong characteristic of being an adventurer, she had a face that looked like she didn’t understand anything at all, but she follows what I would say obediently.


「So, we would split into three. First, Io」


「It looks like that town is protected by some decent walls, so I’ll ask you to destroy it using your magic. I will lend you my ability. Even if it’s only for one shot without another, I want a big one」

「I got it. I’ll do my best!」



「Enter through the walls that Io destroyed. I’ll leave all the 200 slave soldiers to you」


「I’ll leave all the judgments according to the situation to you. It’s just as usual. If you think that things would get worst, you can fall back if you need to. Don’t push yourself」


「What will Kakeru-san do then?」

「I willーー」



Night time, in Gihon’s outskirts.

I was in a 2-kilometer distance from the town.


「They’re drinking huh」


I looked at the town of Gihon with eyesight multiplied 777 times.

I heard that there were strong walls surrounding it, but seeing it in person, it was very similar to castle walls.

There are soldiers guarding the top of the walls, but they aren’t being cautious, and they are like partying with booze.


『They’re intoxicated』

「Well, they should be. They flipped the kingdom upside down, and just in the brink of making another」

『Is making a kingdom that amazing?』


Hikari asked. Since it’s just before the battle, I’m carrying Hikari in her Demon Sword form.


「Well that’s……it’s amazing right」

『Why are you asking me』

「No, well, I don’t really know. On the other hand, you did it a few times right?」

『I wonder. Kingdoms……I made a lot of them, and destroyed a lot of them so I don’t really remember』


That much, huh.


「You’re really, something huh」

『Not as much as you』

「I’m just a normal guy」

『There’s no way that a normal guy would move three kingdom’s princesses and queens with just a word of his』

『Otou-san isn’t normal?』

『Umu, as far as I know, he is on the highest level of being not normal』

『I see〜. Otou-san’s so amazing』

「Hey you, don’t teach Hikari such weird things」


I flicked Eleanor with a finger.

The Demon Sword cried「Chiri〜n」.

Is it because I’m doing it quite a lot recently, I learned how to make a good sound.

In fact, a nice, harp-like sound was created.

While we were chatting like that, a light flashed on the other side of Gihon.

A gigantic lightning fell down to the town. A few seconds later, sounds of destruction followed.


『It started huh』

「Let’s go」




I ran towards Gihon together with the mother and daughter Demon Swords, Eleanor and Hikari.

I sprinted slashing through the wind.

I closed the 2 kilometer distance in almost an instant.

I saw the soldiers on top of the outer walls panicking. They were panicking not because of me, but because of the lightning.

I kicked the ground and jumped.

I jumped as if wings spread from my back, flying higher than the walls.


「O-Oi, look」



As soon as I landed on top of the wall, I slashed towards the nearest soldier with a wide swing, and stabbed the heart of the soldier beside him.

「E-Enemy attack, enemy attack!!!」


A soldier that was a little far away shouted with a loud voice. A little later, drums were sounded.

And then, arrows and magic attacked me at once.

Countless arrows that fell as if it was rain, and balls of fire that was like they were shot from several cannons.


「Their reaction’s good」

『Although they were like that at first, they’re still strong men who won the war up until now』

「I see」


While getting convinced, I swung Eleanor and Hikari.

I blocked the arrows, slashed through magic, and mercilessly split the soldiers who attacked into two.

A mountain of corpses was made very quickly.


「W-What the heck is this guy」

「He’s alone, he’s just one, ri-ridiculous」


The soldiers trembled.

They stayed far away, and didn’t attack.

We just looked at each other’s sides.


「There’s no end like this」

『You just need to attack then?』

「I guess so」


I charged strength into the two Demon Swords, and released a dark aura.

An aura whose density is incomparable to up until now. That aura extended and strangled the nearest soldier.

The soldier struggled and let go of his spear.




The bone that reached its limits echoed, it broke.

I removed the aura, the soldier fell down just like trash.


「This is very convenient」

『I told you not to treat me as a convenient one!』

「It’s weaker than doing it directly though」

『On top of that, you’re shameless enough to complain! Isn’t that natural! You should know that there’s no way that my aura cannot exceed myself!』

『Ne〜, ne〜, Otou-san, can you do that to Hikari too』

「Un? Hikari, huh. If it’s with Hikari……」


I thought a bit, and did it consciously.

I took out an aura from Hikari with the same way, and wore it as if it was clothes.

The dark aura’s hand, combined with Eleanor’s, the image I had with it became four.

I reached out with the four hands, and strangled new enemy soldiers.


「Hikari’s so amazing」

『Say that it’s convenient!』


Eleanor protested. I imagined that she had teary eyes.


「Yes, yes, Eleanor’s soo amazing too」

『Don’t mock me! Also, I’m not talking about that!』

「Yes, yes」


I felt that she was almost crying, so I left it with just that.


「Did he say Eleanor?」

「Demon Sword, Eleanor?!!」

「I-I don’t wanna die!!」


The enemy soldiers ran away.

The fear spread as soon as I spoke Eleanor’s name.


『Waa〜, Okaa-san’s so amazing〜』



Eleanor was so proud. You won’t think that she was on the verge of her tears just a moment ago.

She showed her good part to her daughter, and got into a very good mood.

And on top of that, she was like「Ehen〜」, and started to talk.


『Listen to this, Hikari. In battlefields, you need to spread fear and awe to your enemies just like this. That is the way of the Demon Sword』


『You extended the aura earlier right? It’s an application of that……there’s this way, that it would be easier to possess the enemy’s heart and mind, lowering the difficulty to destroy them』

「Hey, hey, don’t teach such weird things to Hikari」


I stopped Eleanor while chasing after the enemy soldiers that were running around.


『It is not a weird thing, it is the true form of the Demon Sword, I am just teaching her the way. Is there a problem if Hikari would become very Demon Sword-ish gathering fear from everywhere?』



Come to think of it, there’s none, there’s none at all.

Rather, it might be better like this.


『Ne〜, ne〜, Okaa-san. What should I do to make Otou-san the one who’s famous?』

『This guy?』

『Un, it’s cool to be like Okaa-san right now, but I’m Otou-san’s Demon Sword, so I’ll be sooo happy if it’s Otou-san who gets famous〜 』


With an innocent voice, she surprised me and ELeanor.

Not having a「Demon Sword Wielder」, but「Kakeru’s Demon Sword」huh.


「……what a good girl」

『Of course she is, she’s my daughter』

「She’s my daughter too」

『Too bad for you though, she looks rather similar to me』



She mentioned such a thing. I really mind that.

Both her appearance as a sword and as a human, Hikari looks like her mother.  

She’s super cute so it doesn’t matter, but……it’s so annoying when Eleanor mentions it like this.

I slashed all of the soldiers on top of the wall.

After taking care of most of them, I went down to the town.

A group of enemy soldiers that has the same appearance with those guys from earlier was running towards my direction.

Behind them, I saw Nana chasing after them.


「Piss off!!」


The man in the vanguard charged with a loud voice.

Is it because they’re running away from Nana due to fear, they were crazed and had blood-shot eyes.

He raised his sword……but I swung Eleanor first, he was split into two from the top of his head.



「F-Forgive us!!」


The soldiers from behind that threw away their weapons one next to the other, and dogeza-d, sticking their heads to the ground.

A moment later, Nana and the slave soldiers.



「Un, what happened. Making such an unusual troubled face」

「Actually……the person right now that Aruji cut into two, that guy was their commander」

「Eh?! This guy is?」


I looked at the “two things” that fell on the ground.

Come to think of it, he looks different from other soldiers, he’s wearing better clothes.

How can I say this, it’s like he’s the boss of some bandits.


「In times like this, raising the commander’s head up high would end the battle, but……」


Ahh, I saw things like that happens in wars in mangas and movies.

Something like Mr. A has been defeated or something, and it takes away the morale of the enemy.




I looked at that thing that was split into two. It was beautifully cut vertically.

I found the reason why Nana was having such a troubled face.


「Well, just do something about it」



There’s no doubt that we defeated them though.

After that, it was a little tiring, but the battle has ended.









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