Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 76

Chapter 76 – The Wealthy Merchant’s Heart ( side  Delfina )



In the hallway of Kakeru’s mansion.

I, Delfina Homer Lamanri, is on the way to Kakeru-sama’s room.

Inside Kakeru-sama’s mansion, and just got out of the bath. But, my clothes are for going out.

Wearing night dress of the highest grade used for going to parties, with hair that is well set, using a perfume that can be taken as elegant or vulgar.

I have prepared myself to be embraced by Kakeru-sama.

My body is prepared, but my heart…


Walking in the hallway, my heart wouldn’t stop pounding.

My throat is coarse, and my chest is painful as if it was tightened.

It’s a little different from pain. It’s not only painful.

Finding a word to describe it, it would be a “sweet ache”, and I have already known that.

Everyone……I wonder if they also feel like this.

I wonder if it’s always like this when they are going towards where Kakeru-sama is.


It has been a while since I am being embraced by that person, but there are no signs of getting used to this at all, rather, it is getting stronger and stronger.

But even so, I should not show it to my face.

I am sure that Kakeru-sama would not want me who is like that.

While walking in the hallway, I continued the effort of controlling my expression.




I met a woman wearing a hood along the hall way.

I can’t see her face, her voice was that of an old woman.

Althea, Great Sage Althea.

The mysterious presence that lives in Kakeru-sama’s mansion.

Other than the slave soldiers, the only woman who has yet to be embraced by Kakeru.


「Greetings, Althea-sama」

「Are you going to his room now」

「Yes, today is my turn, or how it seems」

「It would be difficult doing it with him alone you know? I also heard that he had reached a new level」

「A new level?」

「He made Immortal Saint Melissa give up for only a few hours」

「As expected of him huh」

「Are you not surprised」

「My mind could not catch up if I keep on getting surprised with what Kakeru-sama does. In front of that person, every woman would become just a woman」

「Including you?」

「Including you, sooner or later that is」

「I am looking forward to that」


Althea laughed giggling.

Other than the time when she had regained her youth with Kakeru-sama’s vigor, her face couldn’t be seen, hidden by a hood.

Once again, I was going towards Kakeru-sama’s room, but I stopped my feet.

I stopped, and stared at Althea.

Great Sage Althea. The legendary person who had given advice on numerous overlords and heroes in history.

If it was this person, maybe…….


「What is it」

「What should I do……to receive an advice from you. Great Sage Althea, I had heard on rumors that with normal means, you would not give an advice to a stranger. What do I need to do at times when there is something that I really need to ask」

「You overestimate me, I am “just” Althea. Egotistic, just Althea. I am just, dealing with those things that I am interested in and to」

「With moneyーー」

「I am not interested with that. Just say it if you want to? If I am interested in it, I might have an answer」



I hesitated.

I had rarely received and advice from anyone up until now.

To be able to live in the world of business, decision making and ability to take action that is several times of a normal person is needed.

There are a lot of time that one would be slowed down the more they ask for advice.

That is why, I had always decided with myself.

But, the one who is in front of my is the legendary great sage. And, my question does not have any urgency.

I should just ask her and see what would happen.


「What do I need to do……to get used to him」


I asked while placing my hand on my chest.

This heart pounding, how should I get used to it.


「That’s impossible」


Althea casually said.



「That’s right, impossible. I know that feeling, the feeling, that all of the women that are in this mansion have」


As I’ve thought, it was like that…….


「If the other person is a normal man, it might be possible to get used to it after a while. However, he is not a normal man. He is a man who would get greater and greater, and would continue to move forward」




「I can say this clearly. You, who would go to his place tonight, would have that feeling getting stronger on the next day」

「That……I would get troubled. I won’t, but……I’ll get troubled」


I know myself that it’s incoherent.


「There is no way on how to get used to it, but I know a way to change that to another thing」

「What is that?」

「In your case, you should spread your business more. You should become a greater and greater merchant. Thinking that as a woman of Yuuki Kakeru, you’d become a woman that would not be an embarrassment for him」


「Using that feeling as a fuel. I can also say this clearly. The more that his woman become greater, the more that he would get happy; that he is a man who has a huge tolerance」

「Un, I know that」

「Then, you know what you have to do」



That’s right, I only need to do that huh.

If I could not keep this feeling that burn in my chest, I should just use it as the energy that would make me suitable for Kakeru-sama’s woman.

Something like that, something as simple as that, I wonder why I was not able to come up with it until now.


「Thank you very much, Althea-sama」



Althea left without saying anything.

I couldn’t see her face until the end, but I felt that she had smiled at me pleasantly.

I continued to walk, going towards Kakeru-sama’s room.

Along the way, I vowed silently, keeping this feeling within my chest.

I should expand my business, and become the world’s number oneーーthe greatest merchant in history.

To a merchant, who would not have less asset than anyone.

After all, I am reserved to get bought by Kakeru-sama. All of me is reserved to get bought by Kakeru-sama.

If I cannot do at least that, I will not be suitable with Kakeru-sama.


The moment I thought of that, my heart, got a lot lighter.










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  1. ……knew this was coming. But we all know that if delfina asks him to buy her already he would do it within the week. LoL


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