Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Chase the Conspiracy



「It’s becoming dangerous to collect copper coins in this town now」

「I agree, it has decreased considerably, so doing more would get attention and would be dangerous」

「Let’s just carry out what we’ve collected. Arrange it」

「I got it」


It’s a man’s voice, there was two of them talking.





A hand was waved in front of my face. It was suddenly, so I was surprised.


「What’s the matter dear customer, looking at the door that intently」

「Ahh, No」


I chose my words.

The voice I heard was through the door, so it was from outside the store.


「I’m sorry, I remembered urgent things to do」

「Eh? But the food is stillーー」

「I’ll come again」


I said, then jumped out the store.

And, focused my ears.

Among the noises, I picked up the voice a little while ago.

When listening to music, and from hearing different soundsーーfor example hearing carefully only the drums’ sound, it’s the same to that feeling.


「Damn, making a profit is good, but the carrying it is hard work」


I caught the voice I heard a little while ago.

I chased after it.

The two from earlier was together, chatting.

That’s why I chased after that, relying on their voice I chased after them.

After a cornering a few alleys, I entered an unpopular place.

The voice suddenly got little.


「Did they enter somewhere?」


I looked around the vicinity.

Entering the back alley, there were many kinds of structures.

I searched for a place that can be enteredーーstood in front of the door of that building, and focused my ears.

Doing that, in the fifth building’s door, I heard the men’s voice from earlier.


「This is everything right, good, we’ll carry it out tonight. Join the guys in a different town, and bring it the place of the melting furnace」

「Hey, how much are we going to earn for this?」

「From today’s copper’s market price……melting it and selling it will probably double it」

「Woah, it had increased from before. That means that this, will be worth twice the money right」

「That’s right」



The men’s words. As I felt it when I heard it for the first time, it sounds dangerous.


「The copper coins……melting it in a furnace making it raw material and sell it off?」


Melting the country’s money without permission, that is a grave crime that is prohibited by any country.

I thought I’d suppress them as is, but listening to them, but they have business partners, and people who cooperate with them.

If I suppress them as is, the lizard’s tail would only be cut.




I carefully remember the place, and left that place.



「This place huh」


I asked a townsperson, and arrived at this town’s public office.

Something like the police, when I asked the place where they keep the criminals, this was the place was taught.


「Wait! Who are you」


Just like the first time I came to this town, armed guards stopped me.

Well, it’s a natural reaction, but I too, have something prepared.

I took out the fan Princess Helene gave me, and showed it to the guard.


「I’m the princess’ aide. Let me meet the person in charge」

「Princess……? Mu! that is the royal family’s crest……in addition, the real thing」


The guard confirmed the fan’s identity with magic(or something like that).

At once, his attitude became like that of a different person.


「Please wait a minute, I will inform them at once」



The guard ran inside.

I waited there for a while.

After about ten minutes, the guard came out.


「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Almosso-sama is waiting inside. Please enter」


Being passed through by the guard, I went inside.

Guided just like that, I came to a place like an office.

Inside the room was a middle-aged, a man with good clothes.

As soon as the man saw me, he asked with a serious face.


「Kefuka Almosso, I am called」

「I’m Yuuki Kakeru」

「That’s a name I’m not accustomed to hearing, what should I call you」

「Just as you like」

「Well then, Kakeru-sama. About being the princess’ aide」

「Yeah, this is the evidence」


Deceived, the second time. It was a lie so I felt a little guilty, but endured and showed the fan.


「This is……it is certainly Her Highness Helene Teresia Melcouri’s belongings. Please excuse me. I did not mean to doubt you, but the guard said “a man with strange clothes”, so to be sure」

「That’s alright」


I was prepared to be doubted that much at least, that’s why a brought out Princess Helene’s belongings.


「Rather than that there’s an important talk we have to do」

「What kind of talk?」

「In this town, there are those who collect copper coins, and melting them」

「……That is, that talk is something shouldn’t be told even as a joke」


Almosso’s complexion changed suddenly.

Considering the size of the story it was a normal reaction.


「This is not a joke」


I told the things that I heard, and also what I saw.

Like there was not enough change in the diner, what the men were talking about.

Just as what happened, I told Almosso.


「I also have had reports of the decrease of copper coins. It is a town where peddlers come and go, because of that I thought that it was taken out because of businesses……」

「This kind of thing actually happens in reality. Isn’t it bad if you don’t do anything」

「You’re right. By the way, the Princess Her Highness know about this?」

「……No, she doesn’t know」


I said. Princess Helene……Because I didn’t know how the Royal Family would react hearing this kind of things.


「I was only told by the princess, so I was tracking the thing about the copper coins」


I said, usual things, but lies that are hard to figure out.


「Is that so. No, let us do something about it first, damaging money is felony anyways, we should ask for judgment after we caught them」

「I agree」

「I’ll call soldiers」


Almosso clapped his hands. *PanPan*

Soon after, there were footsteps sounding *DotaDotaDota*, and three armored soldiers entered.

Only three, that’s few, but anyways it is better that none.

Because there are many enemies to deal with, I alone can’t physically……Literally, can’t handle it.

When I was thinking of that.


「Capture that man」




It was a sudden thing, when I wasn’t able to follow the situation, one soldier suppresses me, and put handcuffs from behind.



「I apologize, well, it just means that」

「You’re also a part of it!」

「That is correct」

「Why are you doing such things!」


While being suppressed, I asked Almosso.


「Because it’s profitable you know. From the start, officials that govern the town like us are given casting rights. Collect the damaged coins and exchange them, we properly cast new ones. Receiving commission that we’re free to be decided, it was a considerable good business butーー」


Almosso grinned.

A hateful smile!


「ーーLike I thought selling the copper itself was better. With the help of criminals I trying to get a big profit, but I didn’t think that it would be marked by Her Highness Helene」


「However, it looks like the wind is blowing my way. I heard that Her Highness still doesn’t know about this. Meaning, taking care of you here, if I take the collected copper coins and cast them to new ones, it is still possible to cover it up」


「Therefore, it is too bad for you but……please disappear here. If you’re going to have a grudge, grudge your rash self」

「I’m not going to have a grudge on you or anything」


I said.

Surprising even myself, it was such a cold voice.

Almosso was surprised, “What is he talking about”, it was written on his face.


「What do you mean?」

「I mean, this」


I stood up.

Even though I was being suppressed from behind, I stood normally.




Using little strength, I tore off the handcuffs.

It was made of steel, but it was easily torn off.

Almosso had his eyes popping, made an unbelievable expression.

That expression was annoying too.


「It looks like, I should start on capturing you first huh」


I declared.

It’s punishment time.








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8 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 5

  1. If the author wanted us to dislike this almosso guy, he failed. Seriously, he might be more likeable than the mc. The mc is really an utter moron. Not only does such a petty and worthless crime even concern him in the first place, he actually goes to them to report it. Just how many times would this retard have died by now if he didn’t have OP powers that he doesn’t deserve?


    • I’m sorry, but who do you report to if not the police? Crimes concern everybody, and this is a pretty serious crime.


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