Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The One who Exceeds A-Rank ( side  Io )

My name is Io Akos.

I came to the Adventurer Guild that I was affiliated today.

I called the woman at the reception her name, and signed the issued documents.

「Yes, I have accepted it. With this, Io-san’s B-Rank promotion procedures have been completed」

「Thank you very much」

Right, I came for the adventurer rank promotion procedure today.

I was C-Rank for a long time, but I was finally able to rise to B-Rank.

I received the certificate for B-Rank.

I want to let Kakeru-san see this.

When I came out of the guild, I was called out to immediately.

「Io-chan, it’s been a while」


The person who called out to me was an adult woman, Carla-san. She was a person that had taken care of me very much when I was a rookie adventurer.

「You went up to B-Rank huh, congrats」

「Thank you very much」

「I’ve heard of your achievements recently. Orycuto Killer Io, it had become famous to some you know」

「I-I didn’t kill it you know」

「I know. There’s no way that monster could be killed right. But it’s true that they’re saying that you’re mining Orycudite every day right. Then, it couldn’t be helped being called by that」

I was a little embarrassed.

Orycuto Killer Io.

It’s surprising that I would have an amazing second name like that.

「And to you, I have something to request」

「A request, desu ka?」

「Yes, party invitation. Actually, I had accepted a big job, and I wanted a magician for the strategy」

「Was it like that. E〜to……」

I was a little troubled.

I am in a party with Kakeru-san right now. Entering another person’s party, I feel bad with Kakeru-san.

That’s why, I was thinking of how to refuse desu.

「Please, ne」

Carla-san held my hand.

It was a senpai adventurer that had taken care of me before, it was a little, hard to refuse.

「Only this time, ne」

「If that is so……」

Only once. With that condition, I decided to enter the party.

In the town’s outskirts, we gathered with the party members Carla-san was with.

There were two men there.

One was carrying a large sword on his back, and the other had two long swords in his waist.

Both of them were famous adventurers.

「I am Alexis, looking forward on you」

「I’m Harry」

「You know the two of them right」

Carla-san said that naturally.

Of course, I know them. Alexis-san and Harry-san, was an A-Rank adventurer like Carla-san, and they were the ace-like adventurers in Roizen.

I was a little nervous.

「E〜to, Io desu, Io Akos」

「I know you, you killed the Orycuto being sold recently right」

「That’s assuring. I’m looking forward」

「Then, I’ll start explaining」

The leader, Alexis, lead the team.

「A dragon’s child had strayed nearby」

「Dragon desu ka」

I was surprised.

Dragon. That was a legendary creature that even kids know about.

Swords and magic wouldn’t pass through its hard scales, in some cases, it was a creature that needs hundreds of men to subjugate.

「It’s the child of that. In the information the witnesses and requester gave, it wasn’t that large」

「Was that so」

「But, even if it was a child, it’s still a dragon. That’s why, the request came to us A-Rank adventurers」

「That’s alright though. Very recently, you know that accident that a lot of undead monsters appeared right. The magician that was in our party had injuries during that and haven’t healed. And when I was thinking what should I do, that was the time I saw Io-chan」

「It was like that desu」

「And then, about how to fight it. You’re Orycuto Killer, so you’re good at lightning magic right」


「Then basically, Harry and I would with close combat, so you should cover us with magic. Carla is support and recovery as usual」

A simple meeting. An orthodox strategy.

When that was decided, we departed from Roizen.

Along the roads, we walked south.

We walked more than expected. We departed during around lunch, and we arrived around the evening.

「It’s here」

Harry-san said.

Footprints on the ground, and claw marks on trees and rocks.

Amid the increasing tension, we encountered the dragon.

It was a dragon with huge wings that was one size larger than the mountain cow that I often meet recently.

It’s true that it was small for a dragon, and might be a child.

「Let’s go Harry!」


Alexis-san and Harry-san jumped out, and slashed at the dragon with their large sword and twin swords.

I chanted magic.


Alexis-san’s large sword was parried by the dragon’s claws, was hit from the sides by its tail and blown away.

「Ku!  Harry!」

「Leave it to me!」

Harry-san covered, and Carla-san ran to Alexis-san.

Receiving recovery magic, Alexis-san stood up.

「Attack boost also」

「There you go」

When Carla-san casted magic, Alexis-san’s large sword shone white.

And again, jumps towards the dragon.

Alexis-san and Harry-san were on close combat, and I covered fire with magic.




If one of the two vanguards get injured, he falls back and after receiving Carla-san’s recovery, return again.

That combination felt that they were very used to it, and was able to fight equally with the dragon.

As expected of an A-Rank adventurer, Roizen’s Ace, I thought.

I thought, but……this is……somehow……

(If it was Kakeru-san……)

While fighting, what I thought about was 「What would’ve happened if it was Kakeru-san」.

The combination of Alexis-san and Harry-san is amazing. Large sword and twin swords, both power and speed complements each other, and covers their weakness.

But, both power and speed, Kakeru-san was higher.

He overwhelmed the Orycuto that had abnormal high-speed recovery and hardness with the sword too.

「How is it? The two of them are amazing right」

Carla-san said beside me.

She said it as if to brag, and it felt that she was proud of it.

「Both of their skills are very good, and because they’re together for long years they have excellent combination too」

「Yes, if feels like that desu」

I think it was as Carla-san said.

I would have also……if it was half a month ago, I would’ve thought of it like that.

But right now, after knowing about Kakeru-san, I felt it wasn’t enough.

「Haa〜……haa〜……we won」

After the fierce battle, the dragon collapsed and stopped moving.

Carla-san and I were rear guards so we were fine, but Alexis-san and Harry-san were quite tattered.

「Oi, aren’t I great」


「Defeating a dragon with only one party, it’s the second time with this huh. Might get Dragon Slayer title sometime soon」

「If that happens we’ll get respected」

Alexis-san and Harry-san heightened their tension while talking like that.

They defeated a dragon, so I could understand their feelings.

But, if it was Kakeru-san.

If it was Kakeru-san, even if he defeated a dragon, it would feel just like 「It’s normal」, I thought.

Even when he crushed the Orycuto into pieces, even the time when he defeated the Hell’s Emperor, even the time when he claimed a princess his own.

Even if he did something great, Kakeru-san had an 「It’s normal」-like face every time.

And when Kakeru-san was like that he was super cool.

Doing an amazing thing, and not being proud or modest with it, as if it was normal.

That was very cool, I thought.

「Io-chan also, do your best」

「Yeah. For someone who just went up to B-Rank, you’re good」

「If it’s okay with you, you want to enter our party?」

「What do you think, Io-chan. I think that with our combination, we can go pretty well」

「I’m sorry」

It was in front of Carla-san who had taken care of me, but I answered promptly.









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