Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Fall of Nana-Hime


Because of being suddenly taken to the bed of the bedroom, Nana was surprised.


「Where is this?」

「This is my mansion. We are at Roizen」

「Roizen you say? Don’t tell such lies! There’s no way that you can move to Roizen in that instant!」

「I’ll teach you about that later. But, seeing you at a bright place, I can clearly see your beauty. Different kind of beauty with Helene though」

「Helene you say?」


Nana wrinkled her eyebrows.


「You, do you call your lord without honorifics」

「I see, it had become like that huh」

「What do you mean」

「Helene isn’t my lord, you know. Rather, it’s the opposite. I am Helene’s master」


「Harem’s master, you can also say」



Nana’s face was blushed. It seems she reacted when I said harem.

Maybe, is she the type that has no experience with that?

If I think about it, the way she talks since earlier, it feels awfully stuffy. There is Iris-hime, a similar type to her, but she feels more strict than her.

Princess of barbarians, that is what I heard, but if I chose, she rather looks like a general or a martial artist, that kind of type.

*WanaWana* Nana trembled, and got angry.


「Don’t tell ridiculous lies, Helene wouldn’t, with a man like youーー」

「Well well, you’ll know that later on. Even if you don’t want, when Helene comes」


With my way of saying it, Nana was confused.


「That Helene……?」

「Rather than that, this matter should be done first」


「By the way, the reason you’re captured though」

「I’m going to tell you, even if you caught me, it’s not like the momentum of my army will falter. Even more if you cut me. With my death, the morale will more and moreーー」

「Ahh, that’s not it. That’s not it so don’t worry」

「That’s not it?」

「The reason you were caught is……I wanted you in my harem, that’s why」



Nana got stuck on her words, *WanaWana* trembles.


「How’s that?」

「I refuse!」

「By any means?」

「Of course!」

「……what should I do to make you say “Un”?」


I asked with a little kind voice.

Nana made a surprised face in an instant, and after that, she made a provoking face and said.


「Maybe if you win against me」

「I just won earlier though」

「T-That was, I was just letting my guard down」

「Letting your guard down huh. Well, that’s okay」


I took Nana’s sword, and thrust from its handle to her.

Because of that, she was surprised again.


「Are you serious?」


「You will regret this」


Nana took the sword and made a stance.

The pressure was pushing onto me, it was stronger than the pressure earlier.


「I had lost earlier, but……this time I won’t lose」

「If you lose this time, what will you do」

「I’ll do whatever you say」

「You said it right? If you lose, I will make you enter my harem」

「All right. Earlier, I was holding back because the soldiers might be caught by my attack, but with one on one like thisーー」


Nana who was slashing at me, I stopped her with Eleanor.

With the shockwave of that, the bed shook.

It’s true, I felt it stronger than before.

The speed and weight of it, it feels it had increased by one rank up.

With this, I can understand having the confidence of not losing.


「W-Who is it, the person inside」


From outside of the room, I heard Miu’s voice.


「Miu huh. It’s me」

「Master? Had you come back」

「Yeah. It’s alright here, so Miu should go back to your work」

「Yes, I understand」


It was a voice in a hurry at first, but as soon as she knew that I was the one inside, Miu calmed down, and went somewhere just like that.


「Don’t look away!」

「O〜to. That right now was the sharpest」



I released my full strength a little and swung Eleanor, and flicked away her long sword.

With the same way that I did earlier, I disabled Nana.

Nana looks at her hand, and her sword that fell on the ground.

Her eyes opened wide, and made an unbelievable face.

“I did it with full strength, no way”, it was that kind of face.


「How is it?」

「Khu!……kill me」

「I told you right, I won’t kill you」


I sheathed Eleanor.


「Rather than that, I won you know」


Hinting her to protect her promise, I said that, then Nana looked sideways, and roughly said.


「……do what you want」

「Is it alright?」

「A lose is a lose, I will not take back my words」

「You gave up properly huh」

「I will tell you only this. Even though I said you can play with my body, don’t think that you can play with my heart」


Nana said that while glaring at me.

How can I say this……that, isn’t that a flag?

Well, she went out of her way of raising a flag, then I should just do it just like that.

I embraced Nana’s shoulders who lost her will to resist, and pushed her down on top of the bed.



Nana had become *ToroToro*.

Receiving my attack that was bottomless, she was exhausted on top of the bed.


「Are you okay?」


There was the thing with Delfina, so I think she’s okay, but I got curious after all, and asked her.

When I did that, light returned to Nana’s eyes.

While laid down, she glared at me with strong eyes.


「With only this……you think that I’d succumb」

「Ah! You’re okay. Thank goodness」

「With only this, even if you do it many times, I would not succumb」

「Un, well, it’s not only with that though」



Nana’s eyes rolled.

And *KonKon*, there was a knocking sound.


「Miu huh?」

「Yes. Is it alright if I enter now, Master? Am I not going to be attacked?」


I attacked her before too.


「It’s alright」

「Then, please excuse me」


Miu who entered was with a tray, and two cups were placed on top of that. Inside the cup, there was water.


「I had brought you water」

「How thoughtful」

「I thought that it was the time that Master would start the second round. So I thought it was good if you replenish with water」

「As expected of someone who experienced it, you know what’s up」



Nana was surprised with her life on it.


「Yeah, second round」

「Wait, does that mean, we’re going to do it again?」

「Of course」

「……that’s a joke right」

「Well then, Master. I will bring water again at the third and fourth round」

「Ohh, can I ask you that」

「Third round and fourth round you say?!!」


Miu swiftly went outside of the bedroom.

The way it looked like she was running a little, it looks like there are still the effects of attacking her before.

I should properly *MofuMofu* and take care of her later.

But before that. I looked towards Nana.


「Let’s continue」

「Wait, how many times are you planning to do this, you」



I thought about it a little.


「About, 700 times of a normal man huh?」



When I said that naturally, Nana lost her words.

She tries to run away on top of the bed, but of course, I won’t let her run away.

I caught her, and declared.


「We’re going to do it」

「Dーーdo what you want. I will not succumb whatever happens」


Nana strongly said. That side of her that she is still saying something like that, I liked her more.

I loved Nana to my content.

On the front and on the back, top and bottom, I loved them all, I made it all mine.

But still, Nana resisted. Even if her body had been exhausted, “I will not lose”, “I will never succumb to this”, she said.


Eventually, the time she fell was around dawn, it was around the end of the eighth round when Miu entered the room to replenish water, it was soon after that.

If I say it with numbers, it happened around when I lightly exceeded a hundred times.


Just like that, Nana became my woman.








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15 thoughts on “Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 32

  1. Now this explain things… i remember that in the previous translation it was written that the MC did her 100 times in a few hours instead of a day and we were laugthing about it saying that the MC was a 2 min-man =P….

    Still as expected of a warrior princess… she got endurance!


    • Yea not sure how something that had to turn super-painful at the end would make her succumb to anything but exhaustion either. I don’t mind hentai, I am reading this aren’t I, but this idea that rape leads to love is something I really wish JP novels would drop.

      Even if you ignore the social aspect, its hard to keep suspension of disbelief when I see this crap, and the fact that it is this and not the fantasy aspects that is causing this is telling.


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