Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Undead Army


『Khu! You, what are you』


The Demon Sword asked. Even while I was picking up the lottery tickets, it did some things, trying to take control of me.

But because it doesn’t go well, and losing composure it asked.


「I’m Yuuki Kakeru」

『I am not asking for your name!! I am asking what you are. Why can’t I possess you』

「Even if you ask me why……」


I wonder why.


『It’s the first time, that I couldn’t possess a human. Mu! You, that soul’s color』


『What is that color, are you really a human?』

「I’m a normal human though……」


Ah! Maybe not a “normal” human after all. Maybe being a human from a different world has something to do with that.


『This color……it’s the same with Great Conqueror Rodotos……? No, it is more than that……』


The Demon Sword was mumbling some things. *ButsuButsuButsu*


「Well then, it’s about what I was going to do with you right」


「As I’ve thought maybe I should break you in two?  Hmmm」

『Don’t underestimate me, Human. Even though I can’t possess you, I have many ways to kill something like you』



I was caught off guard, and surprised. Something’s coming, I took a stance.

And then, the Demon Sword flashed. A darkーーominous light it emitted.

The next instance, the ground shook and something came out.

An evil spirit wearing a robe, armored skeleton, zombies groaning.

It was truly called asーー.


『This is, the Undead Army that overran Retoria Empire. Evil Spirits, Kill this man!!』

「Khu! I was off guard」



Loud laughter echoes in my mind.

The Undead Army attacked at once.

I’d punchーーI thought, but remembered what I had in my hand.

Demon Sword. This is what summoned those, but it’s a sword, still.




I tried and swung the Demon Sword. To the Skeleton that was in the vanguard, I slashed.

Splitting its helmet, I slashed the Skeleton from the top and split it in two.


「Oh! This works huh」

『What! What are you doing!! How dare you use me to attack my own servants!!』


It was grumbling, but I ignored it and hit them with the Demon Sword.

I engaged the Skeleton’s sword, and crushed its bones.

Cutting the evil spirit’s magic, I cut through it together with its robe.

……It’s body fluids was somehow disgusting, so I burned the zombies with Flame Magic.

I defeated the attacking monsters.


『Ignoring a person’s story……well how about this!!』


After saying something, the Demon Sword felt heavier. I almost dropped it.

Like dropping a knife on a top of tofu, the Demon Sword cut through the ground only with momentum.


『Fuhahaha, How is it. I can also do this. I weight as a that of a Giant Dragon right now』

「Giant Dragon? Don’t tell me that, what happened to law of conservation of mass」


……It wasn’t a familiar word to a fantasy world by I couldn’t help by saying that.


『Well, what would you do. You won’t let go of me huh? That is good as well? The Undead Army while you hold me willーー』



Putting strength to my hips, I pulled out the Demon Sword with will power.

It does feel heavy, but not the level of THAT heavy.

Like that of hammer throwing, using centrifugal force, I swung the Demon Sword around.

Musou resumed!! I thrashed the Undead Army furthermore.


『Y-You, That’s absurd!! How can you lift me, am I not heavy!!』

「You’re heavy of course, can’t you see」


If it weren’t I wouldn’t be swinging it like this.


『It isn’t that level!!』


The Demon Sword grumbled furthermore.

After smashing the attacking Skeleton (I’ve stopped counting how many there was) , I saw something shining on the ground, near the bones.

It’s a familiar lightーーit’s a lottery ticket.

I see, it also drops when defeating monsters like this.

My motivation rose up, I increased the pace that I was defeating them.

That “Army” it was called, at the time I’ve defeated everything, sweat flows to my back after doing that.

In the end, I picked up lottery tickets around.

As I’ve counted, 1 piece drops every 100 monsters probably. The drop rate was something like that.


『You, what are you doing since earlier』


The Demon Sword asked.


「What do you mean by “what”……I’m picking these up?」


I fluttered the lottery ticket while I was holding the Demon Sword.

There’re no words, but inside my mind, I felt that the Demon Sword was troubled.

……can’t she see it.

I wonder if the only person that can see this lottery ticket is only me. I’ll ask when I got to the lottery room the next time.

That I thought, but that “next time” unexpectedly came soon.

After picking up all the lottery tickets, combined with the one I picked up before there was exactly 10 pieces.

10 pieces of lottery ticket, plus the bonus, I can draw 11 times with this.

I thought of going to draw as soon as possible.

I wonder how to go there, should I just walk aimlessly?

I want to go, while thinking that inside my head, I walked aimlessly at the forest while holding the Demon Sword.

When I noticed, the scenery suddenly changed.

From a dim forest, I suddenly came to a room.

The lottery room, the staff was also there as well.

I came huh.

I walked toward the staff……near the lottery machine.


「Hello, I came to draw lottery」

「Customer, if you bring a non-affiliated person, we will be troubled」


The staff for some reason said that, and stared at me.


「Eh? Non-affiliated person? I wasn’t bringing anyone though?」

「Then what about that person?」


The staff pointed behind me.

When I turned around, a little girl was there.

A little girl wearing a one piece dress that was about 5-years-old, she was surprised, and was looking at her hands.


「This appearance……It’s my appearance when I was human」



It was a first personal pronoun, and a tone that was familiar.  Maybe this little girl isーー.


「I have no idea what’s happeningーーbut if it is like this I can lay my hands on you. Dieeeeee!!」


The little girl charged……but I composedly stopped her.

Putting my hand in front, I pushed her head.

What the little girl did was……a telephone punch.

It looked extremely good, one that fits her, a very cute telephone punch.

The telephone punch that was not landing, a little girl who was teary-eyed.

The little girl backed off.


「Khu!! It’s been a few hundred years since I had a physical body. But if it’s right now, you who don’t have me as a sword should be defeated by evil spirits」


「Come forth!! Undead Army」


She raised her hands up. I braced myself.




Nothing happened.


「Why!! Why don’t they appear!!」



I released my stance. I figured out what happened.

No, I don’t know why she looks like this, but I understood that she can’t do anything right now.

That’s why, I left her on the side.


「Excuse me, I’ve collected 10 pieces so let me pull lots」

「Don’t ignore me everytimeeeeee」


I was hit from behind.


*PokaPoka*, *PokaPoka*.


Khu! This was the most challenging thing ever. In many ways.









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Translator Notes:

Demon Sword-chan was calling herself as 我(Ware)=I, instead of 私(Watashi)=I or another term to call one’s self, like for a guy 俺(Ore)=I or 僕(Boku)=I). Yes, Demon Sword-chan is a legal loli.

一人称(Ichininshou)=first person pronoun, the way you call yourself in Japanese.  我(Ware),私(Watashi),俺(Ore) are examples.

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