Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Demon Sword and Lottery Ticket


I made the poster girl wait outside, and faced Miu.


「Well Miu, take care of the house」

「Yes. Please take care, Master」



I turned around, tried to go outside.





I heard Miu’s voice, I turned around again.


「What’s the matter?」

「N-No. Uhmm」




「Please, take care」

「Yeah, I’ll be going」


Being seen off by Miu, I went outside.

Stopped, and remembered something.

I went back in a hurry, and entered the mansion.





Being called going inside inward the mansion, her voice cracks.


「W-What’s the matter Master」

「It’s *MofuMofu* time. It’s the Please Take Care-*MofuMofu* time」



Miu’s eyes sparkled. But looks down shyly.

I took her hand, and embraced her.


*MofuMofu*, *MofuMofu*.


While I was *MofuMofu*-ing her to recover from not doing the Please Come Back-*MofuMofu* that was interrupted, I saw Miu’s tail flapping. It was cute.


「Well then, this time for sure I’ll be going」

「Yes!! Please take care」



Together with cafeteria Purosu-Diner’s poster girl, Fiona, we were walking beside each other.   

After leaving the town, with her leading, we walked through the road.


「So, what do you mean by you wanted to be saved?」

「Please save my younger sister」

「Your younger sister huh. You came to my place, introduced to a skilled fighter, so this is something that can be solved with brute strength right」




Fiona’s words were not clear.

It felt like our conversation didn’t match.

But, I think it’s true that she wants help.

Unlike the Fiona I met in the store, she looks very distressed right now. With a high pace she was walking, she might leave me behind but didn’t care.

That’s why I stopped asking questions, and followed Fiona.


「My younger sister was captured」


After walking for a while, we stepped out of the road, entered the forest that only has animal trails to walk on.

Inside the forest was a small cave.

The moment I looked at it, I saw a stagnant atmosphere that was leaking from the cave.


「What’s that? Is that smoke?」

「What do you mean by smoke, where?」



I pointed at the cave’s entrance, Fiona stared at it for a moment, and worriedly looked at me.


「I can’t see any smoke……」

「Eh?! Then that should be……」


About to say something, but I was startled.

That stagnant atmosphere drifted, and the moment I touched it I felt a chill.

In the mansion, it was a chill that is very close to that when I fought the ghost.


「Something like a ghost’s air huh」

「You’re able to see that!!」


Fiona shouted with a loud voice.


「If that’s here, then something inside is emitting this ghost air right?」

「You’re right……」


Fiona nodded, and went towards the cave.

I followed her. After walking a few steps, the inside of the cave was completely visible.

Even though I said cave, carefully looking at it, it was only a two-three meter small hole.

The ghastly air before was drifting out, making what was inside was invisible, so it looked like a very deep cave.

Inside, was a girl who is sitting near the wall.

Her age was a little older than Miu, but a little younger than Fiona, I guessed.

Her fair face was close of that of Fiona’s.


「This girl, is Fiona’s……?」

「My younger sister, Marie」


I guessed so. Their face looked very similar, they looked very similar that anyone could guess they’re sisters.




Marie noticed us and raised her head, and called Fiona with a voice close of that of a scream.

Her voice was hoarse, and couldn’t stand up.

The tear marks on her face made her look very pitiful, and had no sign of moving after calling out to Fiona.

Something’s strange. I looked at Marie carefully.

And then, she looked like she was hugging something.


「A stick……? No, there’s a handle, and also a sheath……is it a sword?」

「Yes, Marie was possessed by that」

「Possessed huh……a Demon Sword huh」


「Why does something like that」

「I do not know. Marie was playing around the forest as usual, but since the other day she didn’t come home so when I searched for her……she was already like this……. This hole also, there was not something like this before」

「From the other day……It passed that much huh」


If so, her voice being hoarse would be convincing.


「Marie-chan, she can’t move huh」



With a weak tone, she replied.


「……Under her eyes, bags also appears. It’s only not enough sleep, well you can’t say that huh」


What she was holding is a Demon Sword, and if her face has become strained I could only imagine the worst thing.

I grasped the situation approximately.


「Then, what should I do?」

「After she became like this, I came to the Andreu Merchant Company that we’re indebted to, asking for help. And what I was told, It was just needed to take the sword away. But even if I ask anybody in the town, even though they can defeat its wielder, it was impossible to take away the sword without injuring Marie」

「I see, that’s why a skilled fighterーーI was introduced huh」


I looked at Fiona, then at Marie.

Fiona was almost in tears. Marie is strained, and looked as if even her tears dried up.

A girl possessed by a Demon Sword. Something must be done quickly huh.


「Go outside, Fiona」

「Eh! Butーー」

「All I need to do is to take the sword away without hurting her right」


「I’ll do something about it」


Declaring strongly, Fiona then nodded timidly, and went outside the cave.

I faced with Marie alone.

She wouldn’t face towards me. While hugging the sword, she doesn’t lift a finger while her back in the wall.

One step, I approached her.




Marie’s that reaction was not of a normal girl, she quickly draws the sword, and slashes towards me.  

Reacting, I dodged. Marie slashes at me further.

They were sharp slashes that flew from all directions.

I looked carefully, and dodged. But the ghastly air that was emitted by the sword has no way to be dodged, it rips through my skin.

I need to counterattaーーit was that time when I was thinking.


「It hurts……my arm……It hurtss」



Marie painfully moaned, and Fiona who heard that from outside the cave screams.


「Controlled by the Demon Sword……her body instead was on its limits huh. Tch!」


Then it’s more the reason that this shouldn’t be prolonged, it would bad for her to move any longer.

If that’s the caseーーI’ll stop it before she moves.

For once, I backed off, taking a distance.

With my dominant foot, I stepped and gouging the ground, I charge my strength.


(In full power!)


In the first time that I used my full power, after coming to this fantasy world, I charged.

I felt the sound barrier breaking. The Demon Sword/Marie couldn’t react.

After stepping in the distance with an instant, I took away the Demon Sword before it reacts.

I took it from Marie’s hand.




A successful steal.




I heard a voice. It was a voice that echoed directly to my brain. It was a girlish voice.

I looked at the Demon Sword. While holding it, it pulsed, it felt like veins pulsing.

The voice probably came from this.

“What should I do”, I thought. It’s a Demon Sword so holding it like this is dangerous, I guess……it was when I was thinking that I heard the voice again.


『Well then I’ll just possess you then』

「Wait a minute」


I tried to stop it, but it’s loud laughter echoes in the back of my head.

I think it did something, having known ways of stopping it, all I knew was that something was done to me.

But nothing happened.


『What? Why, Why are you not possessed!!』


The Demon Sword’s voice echoes, it sounded like it was in a panic.

It did something for a few times after that, but because nothing changed on my side, the Demon Sword’s voice was more and more got in a panic.

I don’t know the reason, but it couldn’t do to me what it did to Marie, it seems.


「Yosh, well then I’ll keep it that on a side」


Deciding, I looked at Fiona while holding the Demon Sword.

Fiona entered the cave, after being taken Demon Sword from, she was taking care of Marie who fainted.


「How’s it, is she alright?」

「Yes, probably, though……」


I glimpsed at Mari’s face. She lost her consciousness and was strained, but her breathing is normal, so as Fiona had said, she looks like she is probably alright.


「To be sure, after going to back to the town let’s visit a doctor」



Fiona hugged Marie, and looked at me.

She looked like she’s going to cry again, but this timeーーwith tears of joy.


「Really, Thank you very much!! Thanks to Kakeru-san, Marie was……Marie was……」

「Don’t worry about that, let’s do that later. Fiona should bring Mari to the doctor」

「Eh? Then what would Kakeru-san do?」

「I’ll go after taking care of this」


I said, and showed her the Demon Sword.

Fiona said “I understand”, repeatedly said gratitude, and then carried Marie and left the cave ahead.

I was holding the Demon Sword, thinking “Well then, what should I do about this”, I looked around the insides of the cave.

I should probably break it in half I guess.

When I was thinking like that, I saw something shining where Marie was sitting at.

When I approached and looked, there I saw one piece of lottery ticket has dropped.

I picked it up. With this, I now have two pieces.










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