Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Prologue

Prologue: Skill Selection



In the Shopping Center, I lined up with a lottery ticket.


「Here you go, tissue for participation prize」


One lottery ticket that I got from shopping, although probably I won’t get the prize, I lined up anyway.

While the people who lined up before me consecutively got tissue missing the prizes, I looked at the prize list.

・Participation Prize  Tissue

・Fifth Prize  Gift Certificate of 1000 yen

・Fourth Prize  Cake Assortment

・Third Prize  Latest Model of Smartphone

・Second Prize  Hot Spring Trip for Two

・First Prize  ???

It’s the usual normal list but, I was curious about the first prize.

Thinking about it normally, it is better than a trip to the hot springs, it should be a travel pack overseas or something like that.

While thinking about such things, the row advances quickly.

*GaranGaran*, the sound of the handbell I heard.

The man who was ahead of me probably got some kind of prize.


「Congratulations! Wow! What a surprise, it’s the first prize!!」

「Whoohoo, I did it!!」


The man did a gut pose.


「Well then, the prize will be explained, please come inside」



The staff invited the man to enter inside.

There is no one in front of me, so it’s my turn to draw the lot.


「What do I expect after the first prize was taken……」


The staff used a marker to make a cross in the first prize in the prizes list. It means that there’s no first prize left.


「Well, the smartphone still remains. I guess I’ll try my luck」


I pass the lottery ticket to the staff and turned the lottery machine.






*GaranGaranGaran*, the staff rang the handbell.


「Eh, it hit, really?」


I was surprised, I did not imagine that it would hit a prize.

I looked at the ball that came out. The ball is rainbow-colored.

I looked at the prizes list.

The first prize is gold, the second prize is silver, the third prize is red in copper, and the fourth prize and the fifth prize are blue and yellow respectively.

A prize with a rainbow color is not written anywhere.


「What about this?」


I held the ball and asked the staff.


「Congratulations!! The secret grand prize, its jackpot!!」

「There was such a thing」


The surroundings cheered and clapped their hands. *PachiPachi*


「Well then, I will explain, so please come inside」

「I understood」


Escorted by the staff, I entered the building.

I got excited, what kind of prize is it, that it needed to be explained?

When I went inside, the man who got the first prize was there.

Inside was another one, similar to the lottery machine that I turned earlier, was there.

The man turned that, and two balls came out.

The staff who was beside him took them and said.


「It shows tentacles」

「Is it a skill that will enable you to use tentacles?」

「Yes, that’s correct」


「Well then, I will send you now」


What is going on, I couldn’t understand what they are talking about.

However, an unbelievable thing was going on, that at least I understood.  

Because, as the staff said that, light shines and a magic circle appeared at the man’s feet, and soon after that, the man disappears.  


「W-What’s happening」

「Uhmm, you are」

「He is the person who won the grand prize」

「Is that so」


The staff who was in the room nodded and told me.


「Congratulations.  Starting now, may I explain the grand prize」


「The grand prize is, just like the first prize, the right to teleport to a fantasy world」

「Eh? What again?」

「The right to teleport to a fantasy world」


The staff repeated the same line.


「……What kind of joke is that?」

「You saw the person before you, right」


The staff said, and unable to think of anything, I couldn’t reply.

A magic circle appeared, and the man disappeared.

It is something that is for sure not normal.


「With that, he was teleported to a fantasy world」

「Is that true?」

「You would believe either way even if you don’t want to, after you go」


The staff said with confidence, making the reality of it start hitting me.


「Well, up to that is the same, be it first prize or the grand prize.  The only differences between the two are, the first prize can only draw the lottery machine once, I assure you that you can use it in the other world, but the grand prize can turn the lottery machine as long as the winner wants」

「As long as he wants?」

「Yes, however, you can only choose one. It means that you can draw the lot until the skill you want comes out」

「I see……」


Although I haven’t really understood this and that, I nodded for the time being.


「Because you can re-challenge as long as you want, for now, let’s turn the lottery machine. Ah! By the way, half of this room is, in a way, similar to that of a fantasy world, so you can try to test the skills」



As I thought I couldn’t understand a thing, but I’ll accept what’s happening and move the situation.

I took the handle of the lottery machine and turned it.

A ball came out. The staff took it and said.


「Fire-breathing Man……the skill that enables you to breathe fire from your mouth」


「Do you want to try it? Ah, It’s dangerous, so please don’t blow toward me if you can」


Even if I’m asked if want to try, how should I do it…….

In the meantime, I faced sideways and started blowing.  




What can I say? Fire really spouted from my mouth! My face feels a little hot.


「How was it? Do you want to go with that ability?」

「Eh! No, no, wait for a minute」


I raised my hands forward, touched my forehead with a finger, and started thinking.

Confused in my thoughts, confused inside, only one thing was clear.


「Don’t tell me……Is it really true?」


Only that.


「Well, we do understand that it is doubtful, though」


The staff said.


「……Then, I’ll redo it. I have unlimited chances, right?」

「Yes, that’s right」

「And also, is there a possibility of the same ability coming out?」

「There is」



I nodded.

I can do it as long as I want. If it is possible for the same ability to come out, I can test out a lot before I choose.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


「This is……All Ability 10 Times. It’s the skill that makes all the ability you have ten times」

「That’s plain, re-do」


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


「Sage. The skill that enables to know all knowledge」

「That would sound like a scary story, re-do」


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


「Berserker, this isー」

「From its name, it does not sound good, re-do」


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


「All Ability 2 Times , uhmmーー」

「It’s becoming worse, re-do」


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


「I’m sorry, this time, its All Ability 3 Times……」

「Yes, re-do」


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


I turned it; I kept turning the lottery machine.

Anyways, I turned it single-mindedly.

I turned, heard the explanation, and re-did.


There were abilities that seemed useful, but the more I turned, the All Ability 10 Times ability started to seem like it was a great skill.


「My hands are tired……」

「I also started to get tired of explaining……」


Different colors of balls, different kinds of abilities.

After coming out so much, I could even differentiate from the color I knew if it was a hit or not.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Goton*.


「Oh!! Rainbow color, this is the first time, right!」

「Eh! What’s that that isn’t supposed to come out from there……」

「Eh?! What do you mean?」


The staff was surprised and took the rainbow-colored ball.

And made an even more surprised face.


「Dear Customer! This, It’s unbelievable」


「It’s All Abilities 777 Times」


After hearing the explanation, I too was surprised.

The rainbow-colored ball, it looked surprisingly shiny.







Kujibiki Tokushou – Chapter 1

39 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Prologue

  1. oooh, isnt there a translated version of this already? 30 something plus chapters are already translated,. are you going to translate this from the start?


  2. Well thanks, for what i can see it’s quite good (i’m french) but do you know someone already translated this up to chapter 29 or so ?
    And if you know, do you intend to retranslate all or will you continue where it has stopped ?


  3. First of all, congratulations for your first translation. It need a lot of effort to translate things and is something that must be thanked.

    But, did you know that this series is translated until chapter 33 here: https://saibaichiroku.wordpress.com/ even if there isn’t new translation in almost 4 months ago.

    Maybe you may want translate from chapter 34 onwards, or work with the person how was trasnlating this novel. If you choise to translate ch 34 please inform how was translating this. It would be a shame if he/she was working of it and all that efford go to waste.

    Whatever the reason you decided to translate this chapter, or whatever you decide to do about your next translations you have all my congratulations.


  4. Wow thank you very much for picking up this novel 😀
    And the translation really great 🙂
    Can’t wait for more chapter 🙂


  5. Thank you for your work and picking up this novel. I wonder what do you think of the idea to continue from the point where the previous translator stopped(ch33)?


  6. You could’ve possibly try and use the previously translated chapter if you do a) link to the other site, and continue on from there or b) just copy the chapter texts here and pay tribute / homage (not actually paying anything, but mentioning and thanking the other TL for TLing them, could work better if you came to an agreement with them before)


  7. Thanks for translating this, but you might want to know that it has been translated up to chapter 33 by Nooblate. Last chapter released was in may. I don’t know if your planning to translate from the beginning anyway but figured I’d say something just in case.


  8. Why are you starting from scratch though???
    Shouldn’t you be doing chapter 33 instead?? Just wondering and hope that you can reply as to why.


  9. I feel like…he would be like me and be zoned in that he would be like “Oh 777 times is that so. Re-do.” Does it and is like “WAIT A MINUTE! NOOOOOOO~!” lol.


  10. Wow… 777times? Shiiiet. Would be funny if he kept on turning that shit until a thousand times came out, then ten thousand times and hundred thousand times before finally being satisfied because being more OP than that doesn’t really seem needed.


  11. By the way, I’m happy that this person retranslated the novel. That other translation wasn’t that good, this is better. Not perfect, but a clear improvement. I also like it when there’s consistency in quality all the way through.


  12. From Novel Updates

    I knew this novel sounded familiar after reading the synopsis. The synopsis makes it sound really cool, after all. I made it 3 chapters a couple of yrs ago before dropping it due to bad TLing. There was no warning that it was C&P straight from MTL.

    WARNING: This novel is straight MTL

    At least from the first TL. The next TL, the first Volume started out great. You could tell they used an editor. But, the work got worse and worse with each chapter. By the end of that volume, you could tell, no editing work at all. I made it through 1/4 of the first chapter of vol 2, before dumping because it was straight MTL. I’m embarrassed to give this even 1 star.

    It really sickens me that both of these TLS are begging for money and donations. There’s an old saying that you only get paid for what you put into a job. Therefore, I refuse to pay anyone for not doing any work at all. Even I can just use Google Translate, but I get migraines trying to TL the TLers work. IMHO, I think TLs who just c&p from a machine translator should pay us to read their work, rather than begging us, like a $2 whore, to pay them for their lack of work.
    OH! IDEA: They should post, “This is straight MTL. If you wish to read the edited version, then subscribe as a patron.”

    Anyway, about the story. The author is an amateur at best. I’m thinking a middle schooler (I would say elementary schooler, but… the R-18 rating and the way it was presented speaks of a middle school going through puberty, using up all of the tissues in the house, which is the only thing that exempted the Shounen tag). How he got published, I have no idea (one of his parents is CEO of publishing company?), as everything about this LN is elementary school level. Lack of details. The story jumps all over the place. This is a one person fantasy. Yeah, there’s OP, Lucky, Happy Happy Joy Joy, then you have this, in which there is really no real conflict, no anchor, no climax, nothing that defines a legitimate story. A real story is like the waves of the ocean – it has it’s ebbs and valleys, or flows.
    This story reminded me of the first book I read in first grade, “See Pug Run.” “See Pug run. Run Pug! Run! Hear Pug bark. Bark Pug! Bark! See Pug lick his balls. Lick Pug! Lick!” Okay, that last part I added, but I’m sure my point was made.


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