Kujibiki Tokushou – Volume 1 Illustrations

Fantasy Lottery – Demon Sword Eleanor + Bonus Story



14 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou – Volume 1 Illustrations

  1. Will you be putting the names in the picture just like in volume 1? Where the names are shown if you hold it “using tablet”?


  2. I became a patron a couple days ago, but it still says “This content is available exclusively to members of Paichun’s Patreon at $0.01 or more.”?


  3. While I’d really like to see the illustrations, I can’t be a patron due to the fact there’s only light editing. Yes, it’s much better than the last TL who used no editing whatsoever and just c&p from MTL, but I’m still getting a massive headache, on the verge of migraine level, trying to translate these translators. So, since it causes me pain, it’s not worth signing up as a patron. I don’t pay for half ass work. 3/4s, maybe, but not half. Sorry. I’m sure that I’ll be able to find them by googling, anyway.


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