Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 305

Chapter 305 – The Lovely Elder Sister



After cleaning up the Rotten Slimes, I returned to Reiusu with Agnes.

Along the way, Agnes didn’t say anything.


Although she would steal glances from me, look away when our eyes meet, she didn’t say anything.


I also intentionally didn’t say anything as we returned to Reiusu. We arrived at my mansion, butーー.


「Are you sure you wanted to follow me this far?」



Hearing me suddenly call out to her, Agnes flinched.


「This is my mansion. We passed by the Guild a long time ago, don’t you need to go and report?」

「Ah! Eh, uh……t-that is」

「That is?」

「That is……」


I don’t know how many times it has been today, but Agnes’s face blushed again to the base of her ears and seemed to be at a loss for words.

She repeatedly opened and closed her mouth, desperately searched for words.


“I should give her some help,” but when I was thinking of that.




I heard Io’s voice from a distance.

I turned around and saw Io running towards me from the mansion while waving her hand.


It’s not only Io, Julia is with her as well.

At first, Julia was walking slowly, but as soon as she saw Agnes beside me, she also quickly headed towards me.


「Welcome back, Kakeru-san」

「I’m back」

「A-re? Kakeru-san, did you fight with something?」

「Yeah, I met some Rotten Slimes」

「Oh, is that so. Ah! We’re you with Agnes too?」

「Is that true, Agnes?」


When Io said that, Julia who caught up with a little delay looked at Agnes.

She stared at her, with eyes that seemed to blame.


「U-Un. Some things happened」

「How envious〜, you fought together with Kakeru-san. But, good for you, Agnes」

「Please do not make fun of me, Ane-san! Thisーー」


Agnes desperately tried to deny it, but as soon as she looked at me, her momentum shrank like a balloon leaking air.





Julia seemed dubious about her and peaked at Agnes’s face that was looking down at an angle.


「I-It’s nothing!」


Agnes suddenly raised her head and left as if to run away.

Julia chased after her in a hurry.


Io and I were left behind.

“Yareyare,” I was making a wry smile, and.


「Ne〜, Kakeru-san. Did you do something to Agnes?」

「No, I didn’t do anything to her yet」

「Uhh, not that, but」


Io shook her head.


「If Kakeru-san did “something” to her, then she wouldn’t be just like that. After all, Kakeru-san is amazing. A girl like Agnes would’ve been madly in love after one round」

「I see」


That sounds a bit convincing.

Including the way she speaks, Agnes is a person who seems to be very straightforward.


The “something” that Io said with an accent is probably different than what actually happened, but something that is more straightforward.

I could somewhat imagine that.


「I didn’t mean that, but did you do something to her?」

「If that’s what you mean, I just showed her an example」


「Yeah, about how to use the sword. I mean」


I dropped a light knock on Io’s head.


「You, aren’t you being too soft on her?」



Io let out a dry laugh.

It looks like she was aware of it.


「Did she charged attack even when she’s by herself?」

「She did. She shouldn’t be like that in the beginning, right/」


Io, Agnes, and Julia.

The three’s party fought in a well-balanced way when I saw them together for the first time.


The melee swordsman, the support priest, and the high firepower magician.

It’s a party that had a high level of balance despite being in small numbers.


But right now, it looks like the balance is getting worse.

Alone (although it’s because I ignored her), Agnes still fought as if she was in a party, but that is a problem as well even in party battles.


「Uhmm, it started when I came back. With, uhh, the adventure with Kakeru-san」

「From the past era huh」


Io nodded.


「After that, we fought several times together, receiving quests from the Guild. Agnes became somewhat started to get frustrated and impatient about something, and her charge attacks increased」

「She got impatient on becoming stronger, seeing how stronger you’ve become, huh」

「That might be the case」


She started to become reckless because she didn’t want the elder sister she admires to leave her behind.


「For the meantime, I showed her an example, and corrected her」

「I see. Thank you very much, Kakeru-san」

「Don’t mind it. If she continued to be like that, you would’ve been in trouble」


「Well, for the current you, having one or two people pulling your leg wouldn’t be a problem though」

「T-That’s not true at all!」


Io hurriedly waved her both hands in denial.


「Don’t be modest, Io Akos」


「If you’re too modest, this thing would get angry」


I said while showing Eleanor to Io.



「Although it was only for an instant, you’re the woman who exceeded Eleanor. You should be confident even with a hundred or two hundred people dragging you down」

「That’s too many!」

『Instead, it’s even too few』

「ーーshe said」



When I told her Eleanor’s words, Io looked down embarrassedly.  


She became red to the base of her ears.

It’s the same reaction with Agnes, but Io was overwhelmingly more adorable.


Seeing that Ioーー.


『Hikari, go and play with Olivia』

『Un! Let’s go, O-chan〜!』


Urged by Eleanor, Hikari returned to her human form, summoned Chibi Dragon Olivia, and trotted away together.


You’re being too thoughtful.

『Kukuku, I am also a good woman am I?』


Yeah, you’re right on about that.

And to not make waste of that good woman’s thoughtfulness, I ignored Eleanor from then on. I pulled Io into an embrace and kissed her.


Being kissed, Io’s body was relaxingly soft from the beginning, leaning her body to mine without resistance.


After giving the lovely Io a deep and thorough kiss, she whispered something while staying in my embrace.


「Kakeru-san, you’re too amazing after all……」

「Is that so」

「If only Agnes stopped being stubborn already」


That whisper came from Io who completely believes that making love with me is what happiness is, and Io who really favors Agnes.

Both Io were mixed together, letting me hear what she really thinks.


I thought for a second.


「Should I do it with Julia as well?」



Io nodded without hesitating.

That also seemed to be what she really thinks, and Io looked very cute as she said that.


「I see」


I gave Io another kiss and returned to my mansion while carrying her in a princess hold.



「This and that are different things. Right now, it’s you」



Io became even more lovely as she blushed, and she buried her face to my chest.







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