Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 304

Chapter 304 – An Agitated Doggy



On our way back to Reuisu from Dunamis’s “palace”.


I’m carrying the envelope that holds her “imperial edict”, walking while looking at it.


「What are you going to do with that?」


Agnes asked with a lighter tone than usual.


「I’ll give it to Iris」

「Princess Iris……one of Teresia’s Twin Flowers, the one in charge of Mercouri’s internal affairs」


「Are you serious?」


Agnes looked at me.

She is literallyーーno, she had eyes that even looked as if she’s asking me if I’m out of my mind.


「I plan to, why?」

「That woman, isn’t she just someone who’s full of herself even calling herself an Emperor, going too far in pretending. Why in the world would you give her something like that」

「I’ll let Iris judge whether she’s just really pretending or not」



Eleanor laughed amusedly, so I flicked her blade with a finger.

As usual, a beautiful clear sound echoed.


『What’s the matter, Okaa-san』

『No, I just wondered who’s this man going to judge. Is it that Emperor, or is it that Princess?』


I flicked Eleanor with my finger again.

You’re seeing through me too much.


If the contents of Dunamis’s imperial edict is just as she said, she’s not all but words.


Although she could show off her authority calling herself the Emperor, the idea of improving the road from the viewpoint of logistics would not come out of nowhere.

In fact, I saw some parts of the roads around Reiusu that are obsolete just like she said.

It’s true that it is better to fix them.


In fact, as a person who has a mansion situated in Reiusu, I found it as a reasonable “command”.


『And you would judge what Princess Iris would do after seeing thatーーhow distasteful』


I gave her another flick of my finger.

I’m not being distasteful, it’s trustーーI thought, but I didn’t say it out loud.


More importantly, I found something that made me more curious.


Agnes, a skilled adventurer who has a huge sword as a weapon, walking beside me.

For some reason, she’s making a disgruntled face.


「What’s the matter?」


「You somewhat seem to be in a bad mood」

「YouーーI-It’s nothing!」


Agnes quickly looked away.

She faced the other direction, but I could see her ear red to its base.


「Is someone like that……your type or something?」


I heard her muttering something again.


I wondered what she meant, does she mean it like “that”ーーbut when I was thinking like that.

Ahead of us, I saw a wriggling green color.

It’s not the grass on the ground swayed by the wind. It’s a large group of Rotten Slimes.


I took a quick glance and counted roughly 300 of them.


「There’s still this manyーーno, I should say that they increased this much. Well, of course the guild would take action」




I pointed with my finger. Agnes also noticed the group of Rotten Slimes.


「It’s true……what in the world is happening」

「Who knows. Well then, there’s the thing with Dunamis’s imperial edict to, so let’s clean them up since we’ve already met them」


I held Eleanor and Hikari tightly.


「Let’s do this, Eleanor, Hikari」

『Kukuku, you are going to use me for a woman huh』

『Hikari will do her best〜! O-chan and the others can go out any time〜』


The mother and daughter Demon Swords showed eagerness. I was about to charge, but.

Agnes attacked the Rotten Slimes using her huge sword even quicker than I did.


She seemed to be not affected by her huge sword that looks quite heavy. She charged towards them with considerable speed, swinging her sword as soon as she reached her attacking distance, then swung it around horizontally.


She swept away several Rotten Slimes by making use of the centrifugal force made by swinging her huge sword around, but she created an opening at the same time. A different slime attacked her taking advantage of that opening.




It can’t be helped.

I stomped the ground, rushing towards her and cleaving through the several slimes that attacked her.


「T-That was unneeded!」

「The way you move is especially not suitable for fighting by yourself」


Just like before we went to Dunamis’s place, I created clones and reproduced Io’s party’s movements.


I copied Agnes who charged in, cleaved around, and fall into a tight spot again.

The clones that acted as Julia and Io supported that clone.


「Do you understand now? There’s no problem since it would be like that when you’re in a party. However, you should change your movements when you’re fighting alone」


Agnes hesitated, she stopped moving.

She had an expression of not knowing what to do.


I stopped creating clones and put Hikari back to her sheatheーーI’m now only using Eleanor.


I slashed, dodged, waited for a moment, then slashed again.


「Taking turns……you should think of it as having different exchanges. Just like how you created an opening when you attacked, most of your enemies are the same. You should deal with the enemy’s attack, blocking or parrying, then counterattack」



Although Agnes made a frustrated frown for an instant, she fixed her grip on her sword, and charged towards the Rotten Slimes again.

This time, she didn’t charge without thinking. She closed the distance, waited for the enemy’s attack to fumble, then counterattacked.


Her movements got a lot better.

Unlike her first charge attack that looked dangerous from the beginning, she’s now fighting reliably enough.




Agnes glanced at me.

I felt that I was being asked if what she’s doing is fine.


No, it’s not in that level. She’s not just asking me that.

I know that look in her eyes. I know a few women who had that look.


『Kukuku, she’s as if a doggy who wants to be praised』


Eleanor said amusingly.

I felt the same.


“I did it as you told me you know? Praise me, praise me?”


An impossible tone was played using Agnes’s voice inside my head.

She looked at me just like that.


「You’re doing fine. However, you should get better. Even enemies who attack as a group has breaks within attacking and defending just like when fighting an individual. You should train yourself to be able to do that」

「H-Hmph! I know that!」


Agnes scoffed and looked away. She continued to slash at the Rotten Slimes.

Although she was red to the base of her ears.


“It was really like that,” I thought.


The group of Rotten Slimes naturally got into two smaller groups. Half of them attacked Agnes, but they were played around by her new movements, gradually reducing their numbers.

Seeing her fight reliably.


I looked at the remaining half of the Rotten Slimes, and moved faster than any one of them.

Chopping all of them with my Demon Sword.







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  1. 😥 gonna cry myself to sleep again tonight reading this shit. Why but srsly why would you ever cut bunch of low level enemies instead of using one or 2 aoe magic attacks?
    I get its his thing, but can we get logical once in a while? Sure he doesnt get tired etc, etc… but cmon. A bit of lightning or fire job well done lets move on.


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