Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 302

Chapter 302 – Instructor Kakeru



Hikari and Chibi Dragon would look and run around busily.

Agnes suddenly became meek and silent, but in the next moment, she suddenly stared daggers at me.


I walked with these three for a while, and.



「What’s the matter, Hikari」

「Over there, the grassland is moving〜?」

「The grassland is moving?」


I looked at the direction Hikari pointed to.

The ground that is completely covered with green look like it’s slowly wriggling.

It really looks like the “grassland is moving”.


「Ahh, it’s the Rotten Slime」

「Rotten Slime?」

「It’s a monster that suddenly increased in numbers recently」





When I was looking at it while thinking “is that so”, I heard Hikari shout.

I looked at Hikari to see what happened, but Hikari is just looking around while hugging Chibi Dragon.


「What’s the matter?」

「We’re surrounded」



I furrowed my brows and looked around.

I didn’t know when it happened, but we were surrounded on all sides by wriggling green.


「It’s true, when did they appear」

「What should we do?」

「Let’s clean them up」


It’s annoying to run away and it would be troublesome as well if they follow us.

The wriggling Rotten Slimes gradually moved closerーーthe encirclement that surrounded us shrunk in size.

Looks like they’re really up for a fight, so it’s better to just take care of them.


「Hikari will turn to a Demon Sword okay〜」



Hikari turned to her Demon Sword form just as she declared and the Chibi Dragon Olivia turned into small light particles and was sucked into the Demon Sword.


「She’s really a Demon Sword……」

「Is this the first time you see it?」


I asked Agnes who was almost at a loss for words witnessing Hikari’s transformation.


「Yeah……a girl that cute is……」


「Well then, there’s quite a lot of them」

『Let’s do our best〜, Otou-san』


『Show them that Hikari is not only cute』


Eleanor gave a request.

She’s usually a doting parent, but when “being a Demon Sword” gets involved, she would become very strict.


I swung Eleanor and Hikari, the two Demon Swords, and charged towards the Rotten Slimes.


Although they’re called slimes, they are different from the usual teardrop shape.

They are triangularly shaped, looking like small mountains made of sand, and parts of them would fall off like its melting with each drop look like its drawing a string.

They have eyes and mouth but these also doesn’t look anything pleasant, they only really have a fierce monstrous look.


Although they’re slimes, they’re rotten monsters just like a zombie.


I swung Eleanor, slashing at them head-on.




I felt a strong resistance.

It didn’t feel like they’re hard or something. The instant I was cutting through it, I felt resistance as if I’m moving my arms underwater, it didn’t make a clean and fast cut.


『Kuku, they’re surprisingly formidable』

「Not that much……hmph!」


I breathed out a sharp breath and cleaved horizontally, splitting the slime into two.


『Wah〜, Otou-san’s amazing〜!』

『You got used to it in an instant huh』

「Of course. Let’s end this quickly」




I started my musou as the mother and daughter showed eagerness.

It’s an opponent that has a liquid-like resistance. Slashing at them at full force from the beginning would make the sudden deceleration feel difficult soon after the blade sinks in.

Instead, making a small cut then pushing through with only a decent amount of power can chop them easily.


I swung an ordinary slash then explosively increased the strength I’m using.

Using the two-stepped slashes, I easily cut through the slimes.


「They don’t regenerate huh」

『It’s true〜!』

『You look like you haven’t had enough. Do you miss those white snakes or something?』

「Dealing with those with this many, well, I think I’ll pass the offer」

『But Otou-san can defeat that many, right?』

「Of course」


I easily continued to cut through the slimes, leisure enough to chat with Eleanor and Hikari.




Suddenly, I heard Agnes’s voice.

I turned to the direction where the voice came from and saw Agnes kicking a Rotten Slime away as she took distance. She’s pressing her shoulder with a hand.


And another slime jumped towards that Agnes, she couldn’t react, finding herself in a tight spot.





I quickly kicked the ground, charge attacked, slashing at the slime that tried to attack Agnes.


「Are you alright?」

「D-Don’t do unnecessary things!」


Agnes said, putting on a bold front. She tightened her grip with her huge sword and attacked the slimes once again.

Although she split the first slime into two, a different slime attacked her from the side, finding herself in another tight spot.


I was watching, so I got in between them and cut off the slime.


「What areーー」

「Your movements are too wide」

「Shut up, this is MY way! I’ve gotten this far with this」

「……what you’re doing is probably like this」


I created clones in front of Agnes.

Clones made just by moving quickly, with no actual body.

I made three of them.


Although I need the lending ability and copy plus to create 200 clones, I can create three with my ordinary state.


「W-What are you」


Even while looking surprised by the clones, Agnes still held on to her bold front.

I made one clone charge towards the nearest slime, in the direction that she could see well.


I used Eleanor as if it was Agnes’s huge heavy sword, creating a circular movement making use of the centrifugal force.

At the same time, the two remaining clones took action.

One of them chanted support magic. A hand appeared from the ground, grabbing hold of the slime.

The first clone that charged slashed at the immobilized slimeーーsoon after that.

The last clone chanted attack magic.

Lightning fell from the sky, shooting through the slime.


The slime was defeated by the combination of the three clones.


I stopped making those clones and looked at Agnes.

Her eyes widened in surprise and her jaw almost dropped.


「You are usually like that right?」

「Eh, ah……」

「You, Io, and Julia. The combination of you three would move like that. Those are movements for fighting as a party. When you’re not in one, you should make your movements smaller, make them quick and sharp」


I charged once again, using power and speed and even motions similar to Agnes, and chopped off a slime using Eleanor.

After making an example, I looked at Agnes again.


「You should do it like that」


「What’s the matter?」

「ーー! O-Of course I knew that! I did it before」


Agnes’s face turned red and looked away.


「I see. It’s fine then if you can do it」



Agnes scoffed, and after glaring at me, she challenged the slimes again.

Unlike the wide swings earlier, she is now making compact movements just like what I told her.


She slashed at a slime, but is still able to cope with the next slime that jumped at her.

Thinking that she should be alright now, I became focused again. I fixed my hold with the two Demon Sword and charged to annihilate all slimes.


「He made the movements of us three by himself……is he that amazing?」


Agnes’s whisper was swallowed by the noise of the battle, making it unable to reach my ears.







Chapter 301 – Kujibiki TokushouChapter 303

35 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 302

    • Similar to that old time rotating wheel of images, basically that light hits it at just the right time to make it look like it’s one image that’s moving, only he increases his speed to the point that even without flashing light, it has the same effect, most likely by slowing down just when he needs to have a solid seeming body, then speeding up exponentially in between


    • Move quickly to one location and pause just long enough for a few photons to bounce off then move again, repeating until you have the desired number and then cycling back through. The real difficulty comes from not tearing up the ground or creating sonic booms as you accelerate. The confusing bit is why one would even use such a technique when that speed could instead be used to deliver a simple flurry of strikes/slashes that the opponent(s) couldn’t react to.


    • The same way a CRT display creates a picture by painting one pixel at a time. The CRT paints an entire screenful of pixels 30 times a second so watching it looks like a full screen moving picture.

      But it is being drawn one dot at a time (color display uses three guns and paints three dots, one each of R, G & B for each pixel in the picture)

      What the viewer sees is the afterimage as the phosphor fades to black after the electron gun hits it before moving to the next target.

      This is why you see banding in pictures of a CRT display. The brightest line is the one currently being drawn. The darkest lines are the ones that have gone longest since being drawn.


  1. i not sure Takeru is Dumb or Genius because some time he think with dick and some time he can solve many thing with brain… this confuse

    Thx FOr CHapTER!!


    • He has int x777, so there’s no way he’s actually dumb. However, I think his original int was pretty low… But the real reason why he doesn’t appear very intellectual is that he has so much raw power and convenient abilities that he simply has no need to think things through, he can just brute force through almost any problem. He also has a very simple personality, with simple ambitions. But when he needs to teach someone, then he can’t just personally force through the problem, he needs to actually think of a way to make the person he’s teaching to realise what they need to do.


    • TL has had longer unplannned breaks before. It was a pretty brisk run of chapters up till this and he’s probably just a bit burned out. You could always join his patreon to see if he’s given any updates there.


    • She knows how to solo, but is out of practice as she only goes out wit her two companions since forming a party with Io. She automatically operates as a party member because that is how she is training.

      Similar to the problems a swordsman trained to fight in ranks has when isolated. They learned how to fight without support, but all their training is focused on fighting in rank supporting those to either side and being supported by their fellow soldiers.

      They have to break the trained habits that keep them alive because of the change in technique required.


  2. anyone, who known this novel can read or buy?? Even if not english version i will buy it. I’m fine with japanese version too.If i can buy japanese version then i will learn japanese language for it


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