Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 301

Chapter 301 – The Man Who Tamed a Dragon



On this day, I went out to the town with just Hikari.


『I’m here too』


I didn’t make a reaction and just wandered around with Hikari.

In the town of Reiusu that became even more lively recently, Hikari would run around when she would find something interesting.

And every time, her partner Chibi Dragon who she’s carrying would cry “myu〜, myuu〜”, so both of them look like they’re having fun



「What’s the matter, Hikari」

「That store……Helene-oneechan’s store?」



What does she mean by Helene’s store? I tilted my head and looked at that direction.

I looked at the store. It’s one of the best high-class restaurants in Reiusu and I’ve visited it a few times before.

It’s a store that naturally has good food and with their customers required a certain level of manner.


A bronze plate was hanging in front of that store.


“Purveyor to His Majesty, Emperor Mercouri”



「I wonder if Helene-oneechan is inside」

「No, wait Hikari. This isn’t Helene’s. Helene’s a princess This is probably that king’s」

「I see〜, that Oji-chan huh」

『You’re wrong』

「Huh? What do you mean, Eleanor」

『Read the plate once again. If you still don’t get it, read it out loud next』


While tilting my head to Eleanor’s words, I read the plate once again as I was told.


“Purveyor to His Majesty, Emperor Mercouri”


「……His Majesty, Emperor?」

『His Majesty the King isn’t written. It’s His Majesty, Emperor』

「What does this mean?」

『Who knows. As far as I know, an emperor hasn’t appeared after “that guy”』


“That guy”……Rodotos huh.

The man I met when I went to the world in the past with the “Pair Ticket for a Wonderful Adventure” that I won from the lottery.

The man who was one Eleanor’s wielder, and the hero who unified the continent.


I see. That guy from about four hundred years ago was the last emperor huh.


「Thinking of it like that, this is weird」

『Umu, Mercouri is a “Kingdom”』


I stared at the plate.

I would’ve ignored it if it was just Helene’s, no, that King’s purveyor, but the words “Emperor Mercouri” sparked my interest.


To confirm what it was all about, I was about to enter the storeーーit was that time.




The woman who came out of that store let out a voice as she saw me.

She’s wearing a revealing armor and carrying a huge sword, looking like an orthodox female warrior.


「Agnes huh」

「You……what are you doing here」


Agnes who hates me stared daggers at me.


「As you can see, I’m out for a walk with Hikari」

「Hello, Agnes-oneechan」


Hikari greeted her innocently and respectfully with a bow.


「Y-Yeah. Hello to you too」

「What are “you” doing here? Did you come to eat?」

「No……I was just asking some questions」


「About that」


Agnes turned her face and pointed at the plate we were curious about with her thumb.


「I got a request, I’m investigating about that」



In the outskirts of Reiusu, I walked side by side with Agnes.

There was nothing but nature in the outskirts, but Hikari looks like she’s enjoying it as usual, going here and there.


「Recently, someone who’s calling himself Emperor Mercouri appeared」

「Heh〜? A revolt? Is it the Kanou Clan?」


I remembered Nana.

Nana was once treated as the barbarian princess, fighting against Mercouri in the past.

I reflexively thought that maybe that clan appeared again.


However, Agnes shook her head.


「It’s not, it’s someone who’s completely unrelated. That person suddenly appeared and scattered fliers in the town of Reiusu」


「It was written that there’s a flaw in Mercouri’s monarchy, that we should introduce imperialism. It was also written in that fliers that the Mercouri Empire would be established with Reiusu as its imperial capital」

「What the heck is that?」


Not a revolt, but only handing out fliers.

I can understand if there was an uprising, but the establishment of an empire by giving away fliers?


『Kukuku, that sounds so incomprehensible』


Just like what Eleanor said, it’s beyond comprehension.

I mean, why the heck do you sound like you’re having fun with this?


……I can understand the feeling though.


「The empireーーit will be a cause for rebellion, so you’re going to crush it huh」

「Well, that’s……」


Agnes made a complicated face.


「As far as I’ve searched, I didn’t find any signs of organized movements」


「It seems that it was only done by that individual. It’s not something that can be left alone, but the kingdom’s army can’t move out just to take care of an individual. Soーー」

「The role was passed over to adventurers huh」


Agnes nodded.


「And when I asked around, I got the information that that person is living alone in the outskirts」

「I see」


Agnes is heading towards there and I followed her.

At first, I only followed her on a whim, but after hearing that, I started to get interested.


I followed Agnes, walking side by side with her.

Our conversation ended and silence came.

Agnes walked beside me and she would steal glances.


This silence feels a bit awkward, I shouldーー



「Un, what is it Hikari?」

「Uwa! ……his tone suddenly changed. It’s sounds soft」


Someone was whispering things on my side, but more importantly, Hikari called out to me, so I didn’t hear her at all.


「Uhm, you know? O-chan said she wants to talk to Otou-san about something」

「Is that so?」

「Un, wait a second, okay? ーーMumumumu〜〜……yaaa〜!」


Hikari cutely clenched her tiny fists then made a banzai pose.

Soon after, Chibi Dragon transformed.

From a cute stuffed toy, to a heroic dragonkin.


「Ne〜, ne〜 Human」

「What is it, Olivia」


「His voice changed again……this time it’s strong-willed」


「Here, take this」

「This is?」

「Dragon’s Fangーーmy teeth. I grew a bit thanks to Hikari, so I grew a new pair」



「Did she say Dragon’s Fang?!」


Agnes beside me shouted.

Although I didn’t hear what she was muttering, I heard her clearly this time.


「Do you know about it, Agnes」

「Of course I do! It has the highest grade of magic materials. If a weapon were made with thatーーfor example, a sword, it would become a sword that would never break」

「That’s quite amazing」

「Sounds like it. I’ll give Human this」

「Alright, thank you」


I received it from her, and while I’m at it, I pulled Olivia to an embrace and kissed her.

Receiving a deep kiss, Olivia seemed happy with a blushing face, and returned to being Chibi Dragon.

Hikari and Chibi Dragon, the cute pair once again continued to play around here and there.


I kept the Dragon’s Fang inside my cheat item, the Different Dimension Warehouse.

But when I was doing that, I saw Agnes who looked like she dropped her jaw.


「What’s the matter?」

「Dragon’s Fang……she said she grew a new pair……who in the world was she……?」

「I didn’t mention it to you? That’s Olivia, the Dragon Kingーーahh, she was also called the Red Dragon Olivia」

「Ehhhhhh?! That Red Dragon?!」

「Yeah. She became like that after I defeated her. And, well, she grew up again, probably」


Olivia grew enough to have a new pair of fangsーーteeth.

She might be able to return to her dragonkin form someday, even without Hikari’s help.


「You mean, you’ve tamed a dragon?」

「Well, you’re correct」

「I didn’t know……」


Agnes looked stunned. Her eyes widened, and her jaws dropped.







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  1. Wait… doesn’t she know that her “onee-chan” only grew as powerful as she did cause of him???

    I mean, her level grew fast being with our boy… when is she gonna learn about that???

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. Finally caught up… Even though I did take quite a long break from reading this, the translation speed is really quite impressive, for there to be about 160 new chapters… Anyway, thanks for the translation. Although I have my problems with this story, it’s quite enjoyable light read. Kakeru is delightfully different from the typical harem lead / OP isekai MC.

    I guess the establishment of the empire isn’t far off. Of course, we readers knew that would happen sooner or later, but finally the story is dropping plain hints about that time being close.


  3. Well it took me 2 days, but ive read all 301 chapters, now its just waiting for more, some things i was looking forward to happening havent happened yet, so author, make it happen! soon


  4. este prota es el puto macho alfa jajaja, este tipo no se anda con rodeos muy pronto Agnes y Julia también entraran al harem


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