Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 298

Chapter 298 – Pope Caroline



Head Priest Eudora.

With her elegant beauty and friendly attitude, she has many supporters within the Solon Church, but there are rumors going around about her dirty soul appearing in front of the Child of God’s “Mirror of Truth”.


In the beginning, it was only rumored, but she faced off with Caroline many times during official occasions, and her dirty soul was exposed every time. And soon after, she stopped appearing at places where Caroline would be present.

Her image of being a black-bellied woman who is only beautiful on the surface was completely established, making her fall as quick as the blink of an eye.



During the night in my mansion, on top of the bedroom’s bed.

Beside the sleeping “just Althea”, I sat up and got deep into my thoughts.


Although I thought of many things, I couldn’t find an answer.


『You should just ask her』

「……I guess so」


As Eleanor said, there’s no helping it even if I worry about it.

Either way, if she tells me she doesn’t want to, then I’ll find another way.




Eleanor didn’t say anything, she only laughed ringing her throat.

It’s a laugh that’s even worse than saying anything directly, so I reached out my hand and flicked her with a finger.


And in that bedroom where a clear sound echoed, the door was opened slowly.


The one who appeared wasーーit was Caroline.

Still having no custom of knocking, the door was soon opened and she entered her head to take a peek.



「What’s the matter?」

「God, are you okay?」



“What does she mean?,” I tilted my head. And seeing that, Caroline completely entered the room and sat beside me.


After getting closer, she saw Althea sleeping silently.


「Ah! An amazing person」

「Is she amazing even while asleep?」

「Un, she’s amazing even while asleep……she’s so amazing……」


Caroline let out an impressed sigh.

It looks like, to her special eyes, the Great Sage Althea is shining so brightly.


If I leave her alone, she might stare at her the whole night, so I interrupted her.


「Didn’t you have something you need from me?」

「Ah, un」


Caroline looked away from Althea and stared at me.


「God, do you have something, you want to say?」

「……you can tell?」


「Did my light flicker or something?」

「Not at all, God’s light wouldn’t weaken by just that. I just felt that you want to say something」


Caroline said without worry and guess.

Just like what she said, it looks like she really just felt it like that.


「You even started to be able to tell that」

「After seeing many people, I could somewhat tell」

「Regardless of their light?」


Caroline made a clear nod.


「That’s amazing」

「Is that so?」

「Normally, people wouldn’t be able to go so far. You must’ve been really serious in observing people」


It’s that Caroline.

So since she came from her side, I thought that I should stop worrying about it myself.


「I’ll ask you frankly, would you like to become the Pope?」



「What will happen if I do?」

「You’ll become important」



Caroline tilted her head.

She looks like she doesn’t understand enough if I only told her she’d become important.


「What happens if I do?」

「That’s a difficult question. Being important is having an authority, there are countless people whose goal is to be one」


I almost said “just like Eudora” but I stopped.


Receiving my words, Caroline gave it a thought.


「Does God, wants me to be one?」

「I did, at least before. In the beginning, I acted so that you could be one」

「I see. If I become it……would my time to look at people decrease?」

「No, it might even increase instead」

『Umu. When one becomes important and with authority, they would meet many people all the time』

「I’ll become one then」


Caroline answered instantly.

She answered so easily, that I was even surprised.


「Are you sure?」

「I can see more people right? Then I will」

「……I see」


“Fu,” I laughed.

It was an answer that really sounded like Caroline.

And Caroline who made such an answer looked pleasingーーshe looked endearing.


『That also really sound like you』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger for trying to spoil my good mood with a splash of cold water.

After that, I pulled Caroline into an embrace.



「I’ll tell you properly this time. You should become the Pope」

「Un, I will」

「I’ll tell you later what you’re going to do」

「I got it. I’ll do what God saysーーGod」


「I, I feel a bit strange」

「What happened?」

「Seeing God happy just like now, it makes me happy too. I wonder if I used the mirror too muchーー」


I kissed Caroline who unconsciously spat out adorable lines and pushed her on the bed.



I’ve confirmed Caroline’s willingness.


Caroline, the Child of God.

Caroline, who pushed forward the idea of the church schools.

Caroline, who could let one see the light of their soul through the Mirror of Truth.


Half of it was due to her own abilitiesーーand half of it was due to the help of Delfina, Helene, and the other royalty.


With all of those mixed together.

Caroline easily won the Pope elections.


She became the “new” Solon Church’s Pope.







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