Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 295

Chapter 295 – The Mirror of Truth



In the training grounds of the Goshaku residence, Caroline watched the slave soldiers training intently.


Suddenly, she exclaimed “ah!”.


「What’s the matter, Caroline」

「That person, her light became a bit brighter」

「Hm? That is……Nikki huh」

「It’s flickering」



Caroline nodded silently.


I looked at Nikki.

Nikki, the captain of the first platoon of the slave troops, is swinging her sword as she’s training her subordinates.


The higher ranked would spar with those with lower ranks. Because of that, Nikki did not stop swinging her sword as her subordinates continued to attack her one next to the other.


Every time her opponent changed, Nikki makes a certain gesture.

She does that gesture every time the trainingーーthe mock battle starts.


「A routine huh」



Caroline tilted her head.


「Ahh, a habit……should I call it? By making a pattern of the preparatory actions, it increases one’s performance during the real fight」



Caroline tilted her head.

She doesn’t understand with just that huh. It might be better if I give her an example.


After thinking for a while.


「Caroline prays to god right?」

「Un, I pray to God」

「Are the contents of your prayer different every day?」

「……un, it’s a bit different」

「But every day, you place your hands together」

「……I do」

「That action of placing your hands together is the routine. By placing your hands together you will be preparing yourself as telling your body “I am going to offer my prayers to god”」

「By praying with my hands together, the light would get stronger」


That is a bit off, but……well whatever, I thought.


I looked at Nikki again.

Her routine every time the mock matches start, she was making a gesture as if to pray to something.

And when I was looking at her for a while like that, my eyes met Nikki’s as she made her routine.


「Ah! Her light got stronger」

「It did huh」

「Un. ……God」

「What’s the matter?」

「I want to return to Ainon」


Caroline looked straight at me.

Unusually, a request coming from her.



I took out my Warp Feather and brought Caroline to Ainon.

I enveloped myself with my camouflage aura, making me invisible.


Caroline approached a believer that was always around in the church and said something to that believer.

That person was surprised, saying “what is this light!”.


It looks like Caroline used her awakened ability to show that person their light.


「It is your light」

「My light?」

「The light of your soul」



「Pray……? You mean now?」

「Un……pray to God」

「That’s alright, but……」


The believer didn’t continue, but had an expression asking “what is this all about”.

Even so, that believer lost to Caroline’s eagerness, so that person prayed with hands together.


After a whileーー


「Wa! The light got stronger」


「This is……?」

「By praying to God, the light gets stronger」


When Caroline answered like that, the other believers who were watching from a distance were stirred.


『Hou? It gets stronger huh』

「It’s what they call “those who believe shall be saved”」

『Kukuku, that’s an interesting phrase』


While Eleanor was making a lively laugh like that, the believers who were watching approached.


「This is……my soul?」

「Ahh! I was, after all, a person this small……」

「But, it got stronger when I prayed」


They raised heated discussions.

Their emotions started to whirl around, the energy gradually increased.


The movement of those disordered emotions started to make a swirl.


「Since we’re at it, let’s give them some boost」

『How are you going to do that?』

「Let me see……」


I approached Caroline while enveloped by my camouflage aura and called out to her.





When Caroline said that, the surroundings were stirred.

The oracle of the Child of God, it is something that happened many times now.


Some of the believers kneeled as quickly as they could, placing their hands together.


Well then, it’s show time.

I adjusted my camouflage aura……making it retain its divineness.


「The power I have given you, you are using it well」


「T-This is?」

「I can hear a voice」

「This voice, is it God?!」


I made it so that not only Caroline, but everyone in this place can hear me, while hiding my appearance.

While everyone else was confused, Caroline replied as she would usually do.


「Un, I am making everyone see the light of their soul」

「You must continue to show them. That power……the Mirror of Truth」


The believers became agitated.


I can hear the words “Mirror of Truth” being said from here and there.


I could see eyes full of expectations and reverence.

Those gazes that continued to get stronger were pointed towards Caroline.


Words are important.

The difference between possessing an “unknown” power and possessing the “Mirror of Truth” announced in god’s words are worlds apart.


The light that Caroline showed, the change in before and after praying.

That became a foundation, supporting the power of the words “Mirror of Truth”.


As a result.

Their reverenceーーit got stronger almost endlessly, and all of it was pointed towards Caroline.


The Mirror of Truth of the Child of God.

The word of it quickly spread out, making Caroline’s fame increase further.

It was not only limited to Ainon. Believers from all over the world came to visit Caroline to pray in front of her.


While the election for the position of the Pope got nearer, Caroline’s fame became as solid as a rock.






Chapter 294 – Kujibiki TokushouChapter 296

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