Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 294

Chapter 294 – Demon Sword and Light



As soon as Caroline stopped letting me “see” it, the blinding light disappeared.

The ability that she awakened, it was the power to see the light of souls.


I got a bit interested in how she’s seeing the people around her with those eyes.



「What is it, God?」

「Who has the strongest light in this mansion?」



Caroline answered instantly.

She had an unwavering expression as if she was just saying what’s natural.



「Other than me」

「If it’s other than God……that person wearing a mantle」

「Nana huh. Well, I guessed so」

「Also, that small something in the mansion’s direction」

「Small something?」


Was there something like that?


「It cries like myu〜 myuu〜……」


Seeing me tilt my head, Caroline added with a fading voice.


「Ahh, Olivia huh. I see, she’s a small something」

『The ex-Dragon King, of course her light is strong』

『O-chan’s amazing〜』

「Also, that person idling around」


I’m starting to get Caroline’s descriptions.

Up until now, she was not interested in humansーーno, she wasn’t interested in anything other than “god”, so she doesn’t remember their names.

That’s why, she calls them exactly “how she saw them”.


「By idling around, you mean Althea huh」

「These three has the strongest」

「I see」

『In other words, the most special within your harem huh』

『Hikari will go and tell O-chan〜!』


After saying that, Hikari returned to her human form from her Demon Sword formーーbut soon after.




Caroline who was calm up until then raised a scream and her body turned stiff.



「What’s the matter, Caroline? ……ahh, you’re afraid of Hikari huh. Good for you, Hikari」

「Un! Hikari’s being a true Demon Sword〜!」


Hikari smiled innocently.

Hikari who has a special “look” with Caroline’s eyes.

She said that it’s very dark, completely opposite to light.


With Eleanor’s education, Hikari started to think proud of that. However, as I’ve thought, it isn’t good to let Caroline see something she’s afraid of for a long time.


「Hikari, go play with Olivia」



Hikari cutely trotted away.

Hmm〜, she’s so cute after all. She’s so cute I almost feel like hearing cute, comical anime sounds with every step she takes.


『You doting parent』

Say what you want.


After seeing Hikari off, I looked at Caroline.

She had a clearly relieved expression.


「By the way, you suddenly got afraid of Hikari」

「Un, she suddenly appeared after all」

「Well, that’s when she turned to her human form, but she was here as a Demon Sword right?」

「I didn’t see the light when she’s a sword」


『Hou……then how about me?』


Eleanor asked with a very interested tone.

And when I told Caroline what she said.


「How……? A normal sword?」

「Isn’t her lightーーor rather, doesn’t she look dark, corrupted, and rotten?」

『Who are you calling rotten』


Eleanor protested.


「Un, there’s nothing」

「Hmm……what do you think?」

『Although this is just my guess……try to let go of me.  Let me see, you should leave me here and go at a distance away』

「I got it」


I did what Eleanor said, putting her on the ground and took some distance.

I was thinking of what would happenーーbut it was quicker than I expected.


It was when I’m about ten meters away.

As soon as I became that far away from Eleanor, Caroline released a scream again.


After looking that for a second, I returned, picked up Eleanor, and asked Caroline.


「Did you see it?」

「It was so dark……darker than the one before」

『I am Hikari’s mother after all』

「You seem satisfied」

『Kukuku, naturally』


Eleanor said with a pleased laugh. She sounded even more cheerful than usual, sounding especially happy.

Leaving aside Eleanor, I asked Caroline.


「Are you okay right now?」

「God is holding it, so I’m okay」

「It got hidden within the light huh」

『Is there a difference in the brightness of your light, when you’re holding me or not?』


I told Caroline what Eleanor asked.


「Not at all, God is God. God is always bright and shining」


It looks like the light of my soul isn’t affected by the Demon Sword.

She said that it’s enough to one-sidedly envelope the “fear” of the Demon Sword.


『That doesn’t sound interesting』


Although Eleanor said that, unlike her words, she sounded satisfied with it.







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  1. Well he’s gonna have to let her become friends said with his daughter or he may not even let her into the harem, he cares more about Hikari then Caroline


  2. Hi, im new to.this.site and novel
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