Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 293

Chapter 293 – Caroline’s Mirror



Morning the next day.

Caroline is “watching” Miu beside me while I’m eating the breakfast served by Miu.


She’s staring at Miu very intently as she was serving our food.


「What’s the matter, Caroline」

「I’m curious, she’s shining but sometimes not shining」

「Ahh, two of the three Miu’s are puppets……well, that probably doesn’t make sense huh. The one with the light is the original Miu, and the ones without light are the puppets Miu is controlling」

「They’re puppets……that’s why they won’t shine」

「That’s right」


Even after finding out the trick, Caroline continued to observe Miu as she left and entered the room.

Miu looked a bit uncomfortable being stared at, but even so, it’s amazing that she doesn’t let her work get affected by it.



「What’s the matter……ah, Nana huh」


I followed Caroline’s gaze when she raised her voice and saw Nana enter instead of Miu.


「So blinding……」


Caroline whispered. It’s only natural.


『It didn’t end with just your daughter huh. You started to brag about your woman』

「After all, she’s a good woman no matter who looked」


「Aruji. I am very sorry to trouble you, but I would like to ask for a request」

「What is it? Tell me」

「The slave troops have not fought with Aruji for a while now」

「Hm? Ahh, now that you mentioned it. The last time wasーーduring that case in Aegina huh」

『Hmm. It feels like it’s already been a year since though』


I flicked Eleanor for making dangerous remarks and looked at Nana.


「What’s wrong with that?」

「And in the meantime, Aruji has achieved various feats. Especially the episode where you went to the pastーーyou must have experienced an amazing adventure and achieved growth that it is impossible for us to imagine. And soーー」


Nana became even more serious, staring at me with a sharp gaze.


「I wish to let everyone see Aruji’s full power right now」

「My full power, huh」

「I understand that this is impolite, but please!」


Nana bowed her head.

She’s not just strong, but this part of her is also what makes her a good woman.


I did not say anything. I only stood up from my seat, placed an arm around Nana’s waist, and pulled for a kiss.

That was enough for a reply.



After eating breakfast, we’re in the training grounds of my residence.


The slave soldiers gathered there and I stood in front of them.


I was going to use my full power, so I brought Hikari as well in her Demon Sword form.


「Well, that’s fine as well but, full power……full power huh」


I thought about full power, with what?


I looked around.


I see the 200 slave soldiers and Nana standing in front of them.


There is Caroline and Miu behind me, and at a distance, I saw Althea being “just Althea” show up, although she would usually not show herself and just idle around my mansion.


Adding the fact that my women are watching me, it makes me want to do something amazing.


I’ve already done the 200 vs 1 Musou, and it’s a bit too common.


「Myu〜, myuu〜」


When I was deep in my thoughts like that, I heard the Chibi Dragon Olivia cry below, and she pushed her body to me.

Olivia……Olivia huh.

And……Miu too.


「ーーYosh. I’ve decided. Nana, move aside」


「All of you 200 slave soldiers, spread out. Take enough space thinking that your training opponent is in front of you and the mock battle is about to start」



The slave soldiers responded with a perfectly coordinated shout and spread out as I have told them.


「Yoshーーlend speed to Nana Kanou」

【Speed will be lent to Nana Kanou. Time Remaining: 2 minutes 59 seconds】

「And, Copy Plus」


The lottery skills, lending abilities, and copy plus.


I lent Nana who has an amazing speed my 777x multiplier and copied her speed adding it to mine.

I have 777x Nana’s speed right now.


I made clones by taking advantage of that speed.


It’s not clones that have a real substance. They’re just clones made by my afterimages using brute speed.


I created exactly 200 clones, just enough for each slave soldiers.

My growth for a while.


Miu’s Puppet Master and Hikari and Eleanor’s drake soldiers summons.


What I came up with combining both were these 200 clones.


Seeing the huge numbers of clones, the slave soldiers got surprised and confused, unable to take actions.


「「「Yosh, all of you. Come at me」」」


I continued to urge the stunned slave soldiers.


「「「If you can land a blow on me, I’ll spend a whole day adoring you one on one」」」



Instantly, the eyes of the slave soldiers lit up.

All of them readied their weapons, then attacked all at once.


I glanced at Nana.

Although I feel bad for doing this after baiting the slave soldiers, I followed Nana’s scheme.


In the state of having 200 clones, I won against the 200 slave soldiers.


200 vs 200.

In a state where it’s difficult to tell whether it’s musou or not, I easily took care of everyone.



After losing, the slave soldiers looked frustrated and at the same time, looked like they have fallen for me even more.

Their eyes were filled with a mix of those two emotions.


And soon after, Nana stood up in front of those slave soldiers.


「You are too weak to receive Aruji’s love one on one right now. Begin training!」


With that command, the slave soldiers started moving.

They looked like they’re training harder, with their drills becoming fiercer and harder than the day before.


『Kukuku, this was her aim huh』

「That’s seems to be the case」

『With this, these lasses will grow even more. Maybe someday, all of them might be able to land a blow on you. You won’t have enough body to use』

「In that case, that’s what you call a pleasant problem」


I said that and watched Nana and the slave soldiers train.


Suddenly, I felt someone’s gaze from the side.

I looked and saw Caroline standing beside me, staring at me very intently.


「What’s the matter, Caroline」

「God, what happened, what was that?」

「Hm? What do you mean?」

「That person’s light became super strong, and after that, God’s light became stronger too」

「Ahh, the Copy Plus huh」


I explained to her the lottery skill Copy Plus.



「Well, it’s like giving something as it is」

「Giving……as it is……」

「It’s something like a mirror」

「A mirror……」


Caroline fell into deep thought.


「What’s the matter」



She didn’t answer, only continued to think.

After a while, she looked up to me.




「How is it?」


“What do youーー,” the instant I thought of that.




I couldn’t help but cover my eyes.

A light so bright I’ve never seen before blinded me when I looked ahead.


It was likeーーlooking at the sun using a binocular.

It was a light as bright as that.


『Umu. It was as blinding as that』


「Did you saw it?」

「Did I saw……? Was that you right now?」

「Un……I thought that I wanted God to see it. It went well……」


I asked back after the light calmed down, still rubbing my eyes.


「What do you mean?」

「I let God see the light as it is」

「God……you mean me?」

「I expressed myself as a mirror, showing God the light in itself」

「A mirror……」


『Kukuku, this is a masterpiece』

『Otou-san’s so amazing〜! So bright〜!』


The light that felt as if I was looking at the sun using binoculars, according to Caroline, it was my light.





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  1. Caroline, what a strong eyes you possess… To be able to look at the sun using a binocular all the time without flinching at all.


  2. Okay how many goddamn times is he going to say ‘huh’ this chapter, got real tired of just being overused in general but this chapter was really bad.


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