Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 291

Chapter 291 – God and the Child of God



Caroline stared at me for a while.

Although her fervent eyes regained their calm, Caroline didn’t stop staring at me.


「What’s the matter, Caroーー」


「ーーun? What is it?」

「I want to see many more kinds of people」

「Many kinds?」



Caroline nodded clearly.

This might actually be the first time since we’ve met, the first time she “asked” something from me like this.


「I want to look at many many more people」

「Just look at them?」


「……yosh, I got it」


I don’t know what she’s up to, but I wanted grant what she wants.

The current Caroline is completely different from when we just met.


During that time, her eyes were obscure, they were blank as if she did not have any goal.

But right now, it’s the opposite. I don’t know what “that” is, but her eyes are clearly showing her desire for “something”.


If so, then I need to grant her need.


「Let’s go on a capitals tour then」

「Capitals tour?」


Hikari tilted her head and repeated what I said.


「Yeah, we’re going to go on all of the capitals of the five great kingdoms. Those cities have the most people after all」

「That sounds fun〜! Can Hikari go too?」

「Of course」


I would always unconditionally listen to my cute Hikari’s requests.


『Your sickness (being a doting parent) is getting worse』


Eleanor said while rolling her eyes.

I don’t understand what she’s saying so I didn’t mind her.


After telling Nana I’ll be back during the night, I warped away bringing Caroline and Hikari with me.



Calamba Kingdom’s royal capital, Meteora.

We took a seat on a café terrace, giving Caroline the position where she could see the passersby well.  


Caroline stared at the people come and go very intently.


「How is it? Do you think you can grasp anything?」



Caroline didn’t answer.

She seemed to be so focused on the passersby that she couldn’t hear my words.


「Onee-chan, she’s so concentrated〜」

「That’s true. I’m curious what she’s seeing and how she’s seeing them」

「Even Otou-san doesn’t know?」

「Not yet, at least. Although I can guess that it’s something like her adjustment of the voice frequencies for her, there is still not enough information」

「Oh. But Onee-chan, she looks so pretty like that〜」

「I agree」


Looking at Caroline watching the passersby, I found it pretty just like what Hikari said.

She had her lips closed, her eyebrows tight, with her eyes staring straight forward.

She looked as serious as she could be, making her very beautiful.


Suddenly, Caroline turned to me.


「What’s the matter?」



But after staring at me for a while, she returned to watching the passersby once again.


「I wonder what it is〜?」

「Who knows」


Although I don’t understand her actions, I thought that I should let her do what she wants.


It was at that time. I heard high-pitched voices.

A group of women was moving at the same pace.

Looking closely, those women were surrounding a certain man.

The surrounded him while giggling and raising screams with laughter.


Taking another look, the man looked pretty handsome.

He has a swimmer’s body and a handsome face. It’s a good-looking guy enough to be a male idol.


『What the heck is that』

「An actor or maybe a singerーーin this world, probably a bard or something? Or maybe he’s a host……what’s the closest to a host here?」


While guessing, I tried to match the differences between this world and my previous world.


『Hmm. That seems to be the case. He’s pretty popular too, it seems』

「Is that so?」

『Look around him closely』

「Hmm……? Heh〜, there’s a lot of girls who couldn’t get near but watching from afar」

『It looks like about thirty percent of the women around her like that guy』

「Seems true」


She probably didn’t notice the commotion. Caroline saw that group for the first time when they passed right in front of us.

She was staring straight up until then, but her eyes suddenly followed that group.


After they reached a distance where she can’t see them anymore, Caroline looked towards me once again.


……this, am I being compared?

That’s probably so.

Caroline looked at many kinds of people, then look at me after doing that.


She’s comparing me with other people. At least that’s what it made me feel.


Although I didn’t know why she’s doing so, I let her do what she wants.



In the royal capital of the Aegina Kingdom, Rethim.

We’re on the last part of our capitals tour. Under the setting sun, Caroline watched the passersby as she did in the four other capitals, and from time to time, she would look towards my direction.


I’m currently patting Hikari’s head.

I patted Hikari who got tired and fell asleep and stared back at Caroline.




She was only comparing me to other people until nowーーbut for the first time, Caroline opened her mouth.


「Un? Have you had enough?」

「Un, I’ve had enough」

「Have you grasped something?」

「God is God after all」

「You also said that before we went on the tour. Did you wanted to confirm that?」


「I see」


“For what reason,” I thought, but since Caroline is convinced by it, then I thought that that’s fine too.





Caroline reached out and took my hand.

She held my hand tightly, then brought it to her chest, hugging it strongly.


She used her hands to envelop my hands and hugged it tightly.


Her fingers were sinking to the back of my hand. She’s holding it as tightly as she could.


「What’s the matter, Caroline」

「I want God」



I thought of what she meant for an instant.


If she means it literally, then she’s telling me she wants me to make love with her.

If it were anyone else within my harem, I would’ve instantly brought them to my bed after hearing them say such a cute line and loved them intensely.


But, it’s a bit hard to say since it’s Caroline.

I don’t know if she’s saying that “in that sense”.


「God is so big, so bright, and so warm. He is different to any other; God is only God」


Her lines sounded a bit abstract, but it’s probably her conclusion after this tour.


「Looking at God, I……」


Caroline was about to say it, but stopped.

She doesn’t seem to have done it because of the usual shyness or embarrassment.

She had an expression saying that she wants to say something, yet cannot find the words to describe them.


That’s why I took action from my side.

To confirm what the thing that she “wants” means literally what it is.


I reached out my hands, holding her chin and pulling her to me at the same time.

I gave the surprised Caroline a pecking kiss then stopped.


Caroline widened her eyes to surprise, but soon after.

She presses her lips strongly to mine.


She didn’t even know how to close her eyes when kissing. She only pressed her lips to mine with eyes opened.

Sheーーshe strongly desires for me.


In other words, it was really like that.


I grabbed her on the shoulder and gently pushed her a little.




「Close your eyes, accept everything as it is」

「ーー! Yes!」


Seeing her eyes close, I brought her back to my mansion using my Warp Feather, and pushed her down on the bed.


『Kukuku, this must be incest since it’s the God and the Child of God』


I flicked the joking Eleanor with my finger.

I looked at Caroline who desires me strongly. I took her clothes off and granted her wish.







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25 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 291

  1. Phew, if I had to be compared to every handsome guy out there before a girl would sleep with me, then I might as well be a monk.


  2. Huge plothole, how can his soul shine when he carries around demonswords and goes murderous rampage at random and destroying people,terrain and infrastructure on a whim while using ability gained from lotteries to rape and brainwash woman.


    • hmmm ohh boy ohh boy. What do we have here? Lost soul waiting for enlightenment? I guess I can not leave you alone.
      Let’s start with the least demanding one that is “rape and brainwash woman”. If actions of MC up until this point can be described as raping woman than I guess feminists are right with that “rape culture” thing. Since in your logic rape is when man try to impress woman by helping/saving her and than after he gains her trust and she is willing herself then he takes her and is “loving” her and night. What a inhuman thing to do! We shall now execute justice for all women of such horrific acts. I guess that his actions are so warped that bashing woman in head dragging her in bush and leaving her half dead after “loving” her is much human thing to do and we shall now go and award all the heros out there… Since first part is addressed let’s go for the brainwash part to with i have only 1 recollection of MC doing it and it was while ie was gaining information from daemon. Assuming that daemon was female (I don’t remember) you are right in this part…

      Now let’s go on the hardest part and address all the killing and “bad” things he done up until now. So… To turn evil to the core you would need to particularly seek killing/destroying to the point where it give you pleasure. Since MC is enjoying fighting you would think that but he is enjoying fight itself not the terror and destruction that is conclusion of fight . Those things are Eleanor’s favorite… Everything he has done up until now is for his woman… Since he wants for them to improve and shine even brightly he is fighting for them. hmm… But what is that strange feeling that I have? Like every country the heartlessly ravaged (in your opinion) are now prospering more than before… And here i thoth that after all his evil acts people would be liveing in terror and despair… Not doing things like making demon sword replica with would implicate that they see him like hero and savour making them prosper… Strange. Strange indeed. Leaving that aside. Let’s continue about him being evil… If we assume that killing people is thing that will turn you evil no matter what then even christian god is evil in this regard sins he send many “punishments” with resulted in many deaths… Biggest would be the great flood… Leaving christianity aside best example would be greek goddess Athena…

      And if you are not convinced at this point then let me put it in other way…
      MC is perceived as god not only by Caroline. Yes? Yes he is.

      And going by the road of this novel theme and logic: His soul should be pure from start so make it times 777… Now he need to do 777 times more evil deeds to taint himself…

      BTW i made comment below before reading this one…


    • The only hole there is, it’s the one in your brain. Just stop, before this attitude translates into your real life.


  3. The biggest plot hole is that Nana was supposed to be with him this night…

    And i was wondering about him not having children besides Hikar and i came up with 3 conclusions:
    1: he is infertile (pretty simple conclusion… 0x777=0…) if that is the cause he could probably use his Lend and Copy skills than it would be 0+x where x is other person fertility…
    2: Eleanore is controlling his fertility or if not than his partner’s fertility… Since she is pretty much tsundere type so she would do it so Hicari would be his only daughter showing that only she is able to give him children and her superiority over other women… Since she admitted that she can make woman pregnant without any male interaction than the opposite should be possible as well…
    3: Woman must be strong enough to carry his child since the child will possess part of his power it would require a lot more nutriment/live force and women should be at power lvl compared to MC…


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