Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 288

Chapter 288 – The Sun, the Moon, and the Turtle



『I really think it’s about time that you tell me what you’re doing』


After seeing Nikki off, I heard Eleanor inside my head.

Although she said that, she didn’t seem to be annoyed with me for not telling her. Instead, she even seemed to enjoy the fun of it.


Recently, Eleanor seems to be playful about and enjoying everything.


『You enveloped your first platoon with your aura and made them infiltrate the church. I thought you planned on making them do something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. All that you let them do was to make them spend their days as usual. What in the world is your objective』

「This is my guess……but Caroline probably doesn’t think of humans as humans」

『Hmm? The same as me?』

「Not that. You think of humans as humans right? But although you call humans as human, it’s synonymous to trash……that’s how it is in your case, right?」

『Umu. Exactly』

「In Caroline’s case, it’s a problem even before that. Only God exists in that girl’s world. God and everything else, that is the world Caroline lives in」

『I see. For good or for bad, she doesn’t think of humans as humans. She thinks of them as the same with cats and dogs or trees and grass』

「You were almost right on the point. Even though you’ve described it lowly already」

『……I see, the same with monsters too huh』


I nodded.

I think so, especially after watching Caroline. Even if you think of the lottery skill “Backward Compatibility” and about the frequency, there is probably no doubt.


「She needs to start from the very beginning, she needs to recognize humans as humans. It would fill her empty head」

『I understand that. But why the slave soldiers? On top of that, why did you choose the first platoon of all?』

「I need to make her understand “human. There would be no meaning if I show her one or two superhumans. I need to let her see many attractive people」

『That’s the reason why you sent your slave soldiers huh. But why the first platoon?』



That is, well……


『Kukuku. Seeing you not answer, it was really like that huh. There were many things that happened with the first platoon. Even within all of your slave soldiers, they have the deepest relationship with youーーthey are completely stained with your smell』

「That’s where one would say “don’t say it out loud, it’s so embarrassing”」


It’s exactly as Eleanor had said.


The first platoon of the slave soldiers led by Nikki. They once had too strong of the desire to gain battle achievements for me, making them repeatedly do reckless actions in the battlefield.

During that time, the first platoon would either have the greatest battle achievements or they would have the most number of wounded.


I scolded them about that and even trained them furthermore.

Most of all, I spent a lot of time with all of them in the bed, seeing how hard working they are.


As a result, they became the platoon that has the deepest relationship with me within my slave soldiers.


「Don’t describe it with words like smell」

『They are the safety blanket that you gave that girl after all. So that she won’t be worried too much after her god disappeared all so suddenly. There is no way to describe it other than smell』


I didn’t say anything but flicked Eleanor’s blade.


I felt complicated being seen through by Eleanor, but the progress isn’t bad.

I should watch over them for a bit longer.


Thinking of that, I took out my Warp Feather and was about to return to my mansion.

It was that time. A carriage stopped in front of the church.


One woman got off the carriage.

Her age seems to have slightly exceeded 30, she has balanced limbs and a beautiful figure.

Her type somewhat makes me think of Delfina.


That woman is wearing clerical clothes of the Solon Church, ones that are close to what Melissa is wearing.


「An executive, huh」

『Those clothes are the ones worn by head priests』

「Head priest?」

『A position where one would oversee the churches of several towns』


I see. She’s quite the VIP then.

Why did someone like that come here?


That head priest woman entered the church. I was curious about why she came here.


I enveloped myself with my camouflage aura making me invisible.


『Kuku, how overprotective』


I flicked Eleanor’s blade with a finger.


Although Caroline can hear my voice, she still can’t see my appearance.

I told myself to be careful not to say anything as I entered the church.



While Caroline was praying, she was taking glances from her surroundings.


(That person was talking to God earlier……is she……are those beautiful women, were they sent by God to stay around me? That means, they are angels?)


It was fine up until Caroline started to guess the slave soldiers’ identity after seeing one of them talk with Kakeru, but it was really Caroline after all. Her imagination was extraordinary.


She looked at the angelsーーher eyes followed the women that Kakeru sent to stay around her even more.

Most particularly, that woman who talked with Kakeru.


Nikki Cephalis.


Caroline stared at her the most.

All of those women were different from other people for they were beautiful and amazing, but Nikki was a notch above them.

It was even enough to say that she looked like she was shining brightly.


Caroline had almost no interactions with ordinary people. In a sense, she’s even more clueless about the world when compared to Selene.

That’s why she was unable to notice that the things she was seeing were actually something that an ordinary person would be unable to see.


But that was good instead. She would’ve been just confused if she had half-baked knowledge.

Those things that she sees……they are the color of the soul.

It is something that ordinary people cannot see, it is a scene that would make those with common sense bewildered.


However, Caroline doesn’t know that. She doesn’t think it strange.

She only sees that wonderful woman shining brightly. She only looked at that phenomenon.


(I know this……what was it again?)


Seeing Nikki light up, Caroline felt that it was familiar to her.

She had seen something similar, even recently.


Caroline looked around to search for what it was.

She looked to the right and to the left, she turned and continued to search for it.

Finally, she saw “that” outside the window.


She saw the afternoon blue sky outside the window.

But the other thing she was the white moon.


She felt that Nikki’s shining light is the same as the moon.

That made Caroline even more confused, but in a sense, she was looking at its essence.


Nikki’s soul had the same kind of light as the moon and following the brightness of the moon was the sun.


The moon (Nikki) receives the sun’s (Kakeru’s) light to shine.


「It must be you, the Child of God」



Caroline matched her frequency with other people so that she could see and hear the wonderful women.

But suddenly, a different woman’s voice interrupted her consciousness.


She looked up and saw a woman wearing clerical clothes for head priests.


「It is my pleasure to see you. My name is Eudora Canasis」


It was an elegant woman with a pleasing bearing.

However, in the eyes of Caroline.


She had a dark and disgusting color, enough to make Nikki’s shine seem like its the sun in comparison.








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      • I think that is she saying that metaphorically. She’s not specifically saying that Kakeru’s soul is like the sun. The sun there was just like how a moon can’t shine without the sun. So if Kakeru was not there, Nikki will not shine or something like that. Maybe she will shine, but not as bright.


  1. Aaaah so lots of the upper echelon of the church have connections with the demons, well that’s my guess anyway


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