Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 285

Chapter 285 – A Capable Girl



I slashed towards that thing that had Miu’s appearance using Eleanor.

It guarded, raising its arms while jumping back. I broke through its guard and chopped its arms altogether.




Its expression changed. Its expression turned into a fierce one, one unimaginable from Miu.

Its arms that were chopped immediately returned into ashes and regenerated from the chop wounds.


That thing kicked the ground and jumped into the air. It looks like it’s trying to run.

I thought of jumping after it, but I stopped.


Its movements as soon as it jumped, and also its direction.

I noticed that it wasn’t leaping, but flying.

If I just jump after it, I would be left behind part ways.


「Hikari, take out Olivia」

『Un! O-chan〜!』


Hikari’s blade shone and Olivia was summoned.

Not Chibi Dragon, nor in her dragonkin form.


The Dragon King Olivia was summoned.


I jumped onto Olivia’s head while embracing Caroline tightly.


「Pursue after it」


That was all I ordered.

Olivia flapped her wings and flew to the great sky.


That thing that has Miu’s appearance and Olivia who was chasing after it.

Olivia was faster by a lot, so we immediately caught up.


「We’ve caught you」


We closed in while I’m still on Olivia’s head. I slashed towards the fake Miu using Eleanor.

Fake Miu blocked by reaching out its arm while turning around. *Gakiiiiiーーn!!* the deafening sound echoed and sparks flew.

Its arm was tougher than earlier.


It was about to counterattack. It made a clawing movement with its hands.

I felt a bad feeling soon after. I quickly dodged.


The air, it “rotted”.


I don’t know if that’s the correct way to describe it, but that was how I felt it.

The space its claws passed through rotted.

Looking closely, its nails had a dark violet color, and something with an indescribable color was falling from ti.


『If it lands on your body, even you couldn’t possibly endure it』

「It’s useless if it doesn’t hit」


I continued to slash using Eleanor. The sword clashed with its claws creating countless sparks.


Fake Miu flew around in the air and tried to attack from my blind spot.

Olivia also started maneuvering in the air to deal with it, but.


『O-chan, she’s having it hard……』


Just like what Hikari whispered, although Olivia was faster in speed, she is inferior when it comes to making small turns in the air.

There were multiple times when Olivia could not catch up with its maneuverability and got attacked from a blind spot. Although she tried to fight back, her attacks would barely graze it, making her unable to deal sufficient damage.


After several exchanges, Olivia was caught entirely from her blind spot.

She received attacks from Fake Miu and I was thrown in the air because of the impact.


I took a glance and saw Fake Miu making an evil smile.

“You can’t catch up now”ーーI think I heard that.


「Don’t smile using that face」


I kicked the air.

I kicked the air, I kicked the wind.

I kicked empty spaces and charged towards Fake Miu.


『Kukuku, how ridiculous you are as always』

『Otou-san’s so amazing!』


Ignoring the reactions of the mother and daughter Demon Swords, I closed the distance with Fake Miu and swung down Eleanor.

Fake Miu looked surprised. It took defensive guard in desperation, trying to parry my charge.


「This isn’t over!」


I was swept away to a different direction, but I immediately kicked the air once again, charging towards it after changing directions.


Although I can’t fly in the air in the sense of floating, with this, I can now fight mid-air.


I charged many times, attacking Fake Miu.

There are times when my attack would be dodged, sometimes it would be parried, and I would also clash with it and be pummelled to the ground.


But every time, I would change directions and charge again.

Fake Miu’s face color worsens, it looked as if it was panicking after feeling it was disadvantaged.


「How about giving up already」


When I said that, Fake Miu turned around and flew away. It was flying as if it was trying to take distance away from me.


「I won’t let you escape!」

『Wait, no』


Soon after I heard Eleanor’s words of halt, Fake Miu raised its hand.

With that hand as the core, a gigantic magic circle appeared.


It was about thirty meters in diameter. A magic circle that looked as if it was covering the sky.


A dragon appeared from that.

It’s a dragon that looked as if it was made by dark flames. I can tell with a glance that it’s strong.


But, it wouldn’t be a problem.


Caroline looked completely relieved in my arms. She clings tightly to me.


The reason why she screamed before was because, at that instant, its strength exceeded myーーEleanor’s power.

But after I landed a hit on Fake Miu, it weakened so Caroline calmed down.


And even now, Caroline stays put silently. Not to mention a scream, she even seems as if all that she can see is me.


In other words, it is very clear.

But despite that, we are in mid-air. I don’t want to stay much longer, fighting in this terrain where even Olivia was played.


If so, since that’s the case. To defeat it with one shot.


I concentrated my powers towards my right hand that holds Eleanor.

With powers that exceed my limits. A powerful throw.


The throw using the full strength that Eleanorーー




She shouted before I moved, but I didn’t mind her and continued to throw.

When we’re doing this, Eleanor would always say stop or wait, so I continued to throw without reacting to her.


I am sure. That attack would kill it.


*Kyuuuuuuuunーー!!* Eleanor flew with the wind howling.

That attack using the Demon Sword that exceeded the speed of sound blasted off the dark dragon along with Fake Miu.




But a moment later, I understood why Eleanor was stopping me.


I shouldn’t blast away Fake Miu.

The duration of the fight was getting longer, and I was pissed by it making such expressions using Miu’s face, so I completely forgot.

I shouldn’t defeat it, but neutralize it so that I can extract information from it.


Despite regretting it, it was already done.

Being hit by my full force attack using Eleanor, Fake Miu was completely obliterated without any remains.


I landed on the ground while embracing Caroline and dropped my shoulders.

I also recovered Eleanor while I did so.


『You fool. This is what happens if you don’t listen to my words』


『What “Mumumu〜”. Reflect on yourself this time』


I couldn’t rebuke Eleanor. Although the enemy was defeated, it was my mistake.


『Huh〜? Where’s O-chan?』



Hikari seems to have noticed something.

When I turned around, I saw Olivia in her dragon form over there.

She is sitting like a dogーーshe stared at me with eyes you would see from a faithful dog.


The faithful dog Olivia. It’s an expression that she would sometimes make.

It’s when she wants to say something, but she’s waiting for my command.

That kind of face.


「What’s the matter, Olivia」

「Look at this!」


Olivia bowed her head and moved her face closer to me.


Olivia’s head when she’s a dragon is as big as a person. I saw something stuck between her fangs.


「This is……」

「It got stuck when I bit on that thing earlier」

「Earlier……? Ahh! When you grazed Fake Miu」



Olivia nodded with an even happier face.

What was stuck between her fangsーーa bit of clothes and flesh.


Although the main body was obliterated, it might be possible to use these as evidence.


「Good job, Olivia」



When I praised her, Olivia showed a happy smile.








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  1. Yeah demons literally gave him an excuse to destroy them/cull their species. Maybe there will be a demon queen/princess he can seduce/kidnap


      • well he is not really making good woman. He is releasing the woman who were sealed by the plot. After all there is no way a intelligent lifeform could be that stupid and turn that smart just by meeting that poor excuse of a male scum example. The story is interesting but character are shallow and annoying.


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