Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 281

Chapter 281 – The Love of God



The moonlight that passes through the window shines on Helene on top of the bed.

The corner of her lips was slightly raised as she laid on her side. Her eyes that was gently closed made me receive a tender impression.


Helene smiled as if she had obtained all happiness she could in this world and whispered in her sleep.




Seeing that, I kissed her on the cheek, and after pulling the blanket up to her shoulder, I gave her another kiss.

I got off the bed and went to the veranda after wearing my clothes.


I looked up at the sky full of stars with the moon brightly shining at its fullest.


『What’s the matter?』



I suddenly heard Eleanor’s voice. I tilted my head and asked back.


「What do you mean what’s the matter」

『You look like you haven’t had enough』

「……haven’t had enough? Of what?」

『Do you really think you can hide it from me? Mm? The current you……let me see……I should describe you as a balloon that is about to pop』



I fell into silence.

Although I was annoyed how Eleanor found out about it, she got it right.


I haven’t had enough. That’s right, it’s not enough at all.


I was making love with Helene just a moment ago.

She is a good woman. One of the most beautiful in this world, but that’s not all. She is a woman who does not have an ounce of arrogance despite being talented and having a high stature.


Such a great woman was warming my bed just a moment ago.


But, it’s not enough.

I haven’t done enough or got done enough at all.

And Eleanor could see that.


『The original reason you decided to create a harem is to not break your own women because of your 777x libido. Considering that, it could be said that you have endured for long enough』

「It’s not like it’s to the extent of enduring. There are Olivia and Melissa as well. There are plenty of good women around me. It is enouーー」

『And? In truth?』

「……can you at least let me put on a bold front」


I cursed at Eleanor.

Although it’s just all talk, I couldn’t bear Eleanor pointing it out.


『Maybe you should call another. Or would you like me to accompany you?』

「It’s a bit different today. I don’t believe it can be relieved if I use you to hit things around. Although it’s about getting excited all the same, there are times where I would need to do this one thing」

『Humans are such difficult existences』

「Hearing that from you, it really doesn’t sound like a joke」

『You should consider going out for a walk?』



I opened my Different Dimension Warehouse and took out my Warp Feather.

The walk that Eleanor is talking about is of course, not in a literal way.

She means, go find a woman to sleep with.


I warped using the Warp Feather.

To Miu’s place, to Nana’s place, to Io’s place, to Iris’s place……


I warped one next to the other in the order of the nearest woman to my mansion.


The timing wasn’t great for everyone.

They would be not somewhere they would usually be, awake this late training, or working.


It can’t be helped for the once who are not around. For those who are doing something, I didn’t bother them and left silently.

I don’t want to be on their way.

I don’t want to get on the way of my good women for what they’re doing.


『Getting stubborn?』

「I’m not. I just feel that it’s a waste peeling the fruit open when they’re not ripe yet」


I don’t know whether that’s a good way to say it, but it’s what I truly feel.

The good women are becoming even more of a good woman. I don’t like getting on their way during that.

Even if it’s just like tonight when I’m feeling so aroused.


『You’ve completely become a gourmet』

「I won’t deny that」

『When it comes to this, you should go and rent a whole brothel』

「That may be the easiest way」


While chatting with Eleanor, I warped to places one next to the other. In the end, I came to Ainon.

Inside the Ainon’s church, Caroline is offering her prayers under the moonlight.

But that’s not all. There are also other believers.


Looking closely, they were all women wearing religious habits. Church schools are being opened in many places, so the men are out to teach.


Compared to Caroline who was silently praying, the other women were casually chatting.


「How envious〜, I want to hear God’s voice too〜」

「Hey〜, how do you think God’s voice sound?」

「It should sound absolutely amazing. It’s God’s voice after all」

「Even so, she’s so enviable. All of us have offered our purity to god. But we still can’t hear him」

「Well, of course you can’t, since you’re not even praying as much as the Child of God. Look at her」


The women looked at Caroline at once.

She even looks divine as she was praying silently.


「You need to pray that much」

「I-I……if God can really notice me, I’ll do that much……」

「Duh, all of us would if it was possible」

「I second that」

「Me too, me too」

「I didn’t mean that, I’m saying that the Child of God would still be like that even if she couldn’t」


All of them looked at Caroline once again and sighed at once.


『Kukuku, isn’t this such a good opportunity?』


『First and foremost, nuns are women who protect their chastity because they have devoted themselves to their god. Taking that into account, all of these women belong to god』


Eleanor emphasized “god”.


During the recent series of events, I played as a god through Caroline.

The “god” Eleanor is talking about is definitely me.


She’s telling me to douse these flames that I’m feeling using these nuns.


I look at the women.

Although all of them aren’t speaking, with a glance, I could tell that there’s twenty of them who are participating in the discussion.


There are cute ones, beautiful ones, strong-minded ones, and shy ones.

There were many types.




【Tell everyone. I shall take all of those who are present at this moment away】



Caroline told the nuns my words.

Some of them clearly showed eyes full of “expectations” because of god’s words came soon after “what” they spoke about.


I took the girls away, warping using my Warp Feather.

We arrived at the Rose Garden. A place that Rica prepared and told me I could use it anytime I want.

It’s a place where no one would get on the way. A place seemingly separated from the secular world.


In that place, I used a whole day.

As I hid my appearance with my aura.

I slept with twenty faithful nuns as if to test their faith.







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31 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 281

    • They are brides of their God, so of course they have no problem engaging with their God.

      IRL nuns are chaste because their God doesn’t engage them for night service.


  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    So this time Kakeru actually scammed the nuns which is basically “rape” asthey did not agree to do it with Kakeru but with “Solon” (their “god”) which Kakeru is not.
    I am kinda dissatisfied with that development and action as that does not fit Kakeru’s way of “protecting” women and respecting and helping with their wishes.
    He simply scammed those women.


    • They agreed to have sex with the God who talks with Caroline; and that’s exactly who Kakeru is. I don’t remember it ever being mentioned that Caroline thought Kakeru to be Solon.

      And before you say it’s obvious to assume Caroline would think Kakeru is Solon because of her religion, don’t forget that the “God” who talked with Caroline in the past was another person altogether. So Caroline should at least understand that the one who she’s talking right now is not the same God from the past.

      The nuns wanted to have contact with the God Caroline talked to and that’s exactly what Kakeru gave them lol. Yes, he tricked them into thinking they were sleeping with God, but he also tricked Caroline into worshiping him all the same.

      Honestly speaking, Kakeru posing as God and fucking all those nuns was never beyond his way of doing things lol.


    • Kakeru only protects ‘His own good women’ and was never a saint to begin with. Women that he doesn’t see as his own are simply just women. If not for his urgent problem he would’ve ignored them forever.


      • He raped delfina after torturing her mind and body with Eleanor. He forgot he has a slave harem of 200? This all feels stupid and forced without reason. He forgot he has a harem of hundreds slave soldiers, rose garden and kindom maids just so he could rape a few nuns.


      • Yuanling

        The slave army are soldiers not pleasure girls. Yes they would happy to entertain their master but Nana is careful to reserve that as a special award that is only permitted to the units that Excel in training and earn the reward.

        Captain Nikki and Nana are the only ones who have reached the level of Good Woman so far. Nana is one of his regular partners and Nikki’s night services are limited by the need to maintain military discipline as she is still ‘only’ a platoon commander in Kakeru’s slave troops.


    • Well….he’s not the holiest of beings since holy water did almost disintegrated his entire hand-

      Actually it did but he healed it back so…


  2. I hope he will fight Solon already. Or maybe it’s another adventure in which he becomes a god this time? He became the nations founder last time so… Or maybe Solon will descend after the church arc or something.

    Thanks for the chapter


    • “Or maybe Solon will descend after the church arc or something.”

      And becomes one of Kakeru’s Women…

      This is not something I can disregard… It might even be possibility seeing an interesting person stirring up the world she resides in.


      • Right~~ Kakeru going to the God’s realm or something n f*ck all the Goddess there. I find that it’s possible for Kakeru ahaha


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