Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 280

Chapter 280 – Temple School System



「Ah……! This is the place yesterday……」


After we warped, Sybil looked around with a surprised expression.

The place we are right now is the dirty back alley we were in before I brought her to Meteora.

It’s exactly the same place.


「You……who are you really……」

「Don’t worry about that. More importantly, go to the church. You should achieve your ideals there」



Sybil quickly ran, but she suddenly stopped and looked towards my direction.


「Uhm, thank you very much!」


She bowed her head deeply with her hands together.

I saw her off like that.


『Was it alright, leaving her like this』


『I’m asking if it’s alright for you not making love with her. You liked her right?』

「Maybe someday. She’s currently occupied by her ideals, so she probably doesn’t have time for that」

『I see』

「Rather than that, let’s go ahead of her. I should talk with Caroline first」


I enveloped myself with my camouflage aura to turn myself invisible and warped to the church.

The atmosphere in the church seemed somewhat heavy.

Other than Caroline, all of the believers present there had a depressing look.


『It’s probably because they couldn’t find Sybil』


I guessed so.

“If that’s the case……”, I thought and left the believers alone. I talked to Caroline.





Caroline’s reaction stirred the believers.


【Sybil shall return soon, listen to what she says】

「Understood. She’s returning huh」


The believers got even more stirred.

Soon after, the church’s door opened.


Sybil appeared seemingly out of breath.


Caroline who heard my words stood up and worked towards Sybil.


「You are……the Child of God……」

「Let me listen to you」


There was no preface or anything, it can be described imply as just being sudden.

As she was told, Caroline immediately started “listening” to Sybil.


Sybil started to speak while out of breath.

She explained everything, about the children needing education, and what is needed to do that.


Caroline listened to her without any expression.


『She’s probably thinking child education doesn’t matter really matter』


“Kukuku”, Eleanor laughed.

On the other side, the other believers had skeptical looks.


“What does that have anything to do with us” was written on their faces.


Caroline did not say anything from start to end. She simply listened to her without even returning a reply.



「Are you finished?」


「Are you finished?」


「I see」


Caroline turned around and returned to her usual place.


「Uhm……Child of God?」



Ignoring the surprised Sybil, Caroline returned to her previous place.


『You only told her to listen after all』


“I see.” I thought after hearing Eleanor.

It would be better if Caroline voluntarily judged that she should accept Sybil’s suggestion, but I guess it can’t be helped.



「Yes, God」

【You have listened to her plea. You should lend her a hand】

「Okay. What should I do?」

【Repeat my words so that the others could hear. Firstlyーー】


I explained the temple teaching system and used Caroline’s voice to spread it to the other believers.

The church would be used as a place to teach children how to read and write.

Believers would go and teach to places where there are no churches.

I explained that briefly.


Soon after, there were voices raised among the believers.


「It’s fine teaching children in the churches, but going to villages that do not have a church is……」

「We have no resources to……」

「But it’s an oracle from God……we need to do something」


【Do not worry Caroline. There will be a donation from nobles from Calamba soon】

「There will be donations from nobles」


The believers were stirred. Some of them started saying that it would be possible in that case.

I glanced at Sybil.

She was the initiator, but she was completely left out. However, is it because she understands the situation? Her eyes and expression were filled with hope.


This should be enough for the oracle part.

The only thing left to do is for a noble (me) to donate. I could just leave it all to the church’s connections.

“This should be enough”ーーbut when I was thinking of that.


「You were here huh」


Three delinquents entered the church arrogantly.


Most of the people inside the churchーーthe believers looked at them like “who?”, but Sybil was an exception. Her face looks stiff.


「We’ve been searchin’ for ya Sybil-san, hmm? It’s useless even if you run to the church」

「Lil missy, the games over ya get it?」

「Someone’s gettin’ annoyed if you do that ya know? We told ya this lotta times」


Although they spoke in a friendly tone, anyone could see that they were threatening her.

Sybil looked frightened, she was even trembling.


「Y-You can’t. The childrenーー」

「Hmmm?? What did ya just say?」


One man approached and kicked a chair near her. It’s a classic way to threat someone.

Sybil flinched and shrank.


I did not say anything and shot Eleanor’s dark lightning.

The dark lightning fell to the three men, instantly turning them into burnt ashes.


Everyone was stunned by what just happened. That includes all of the believers and Sybil.


There was only one who reacted.


「That was……God」


It’s Caroline.

A girl who possesses a peculiar constitution, being able to hear me even while I’m enveloped by my camouflage aura.


「It was God?」

「That meansーーit must be divine punishment」

「Now that you mentioned it, it was different from ordinary lightning」


The believers were even more stirred.

Just as planned.

I shot lightning and didn’t use Eleanor to slash directly at them because it makes it look more like a divine punishment.

As expected, the believers recognized it as a divine punishment.



The developments were quick after that.

With the oracle heard from the Child of God, the Solon Church started to teach children how to read and write starting from the town of Ainon.

Some powersーーthe wealthy people holding vested interests resisted, but the believers who were taking action in god’s words could not be stopped.


Some of them even tried to pressure the upper echelons of the church, but as a result of teaching people how to read and write in places where churches do not exist, not only the children who were being taught who were filled with hope, even their parents were looking forward to the future. The cases of whole families would convert into the religion occurred at a large scale, so the influence of the Solon Church had spread even to places their teachings did not reach before.

Because of that, the upper echelons of the church lost any reason to stop what was happening, and as all of that happened, even churches from other towns, unrelated to Caroline or the town of Ainon, started doing the same actions.


The church schools that made advantage of the churchーーthe temple teaching system spread at an unbelievable momentum throughout the world.


During all of that.

The pope silently rested in peace.

The actions to gain the position of the next pope began to become heated.







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  1. Meh he’s the puppet master, honestly the child of God and immortal saintess would probably be friends if he introduces them to each other. Huehuhue “tainting” the two holiest woman at the same time has to give a ticket coz huehuhue how mad would the demon be that his church and “puppets” were taken by Mc


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