Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 279

Chapter 279 – The Queen of the World



「If possible, I want all of the children taught to read and write, and how to use simple math」


Sybil said nervously in front of Queen Rica.

Her voice is slightly high pitch, and her face is stiff.

On the other hand, Rica showed a strong dignity. She’s in her queen style that gives a lot of pressure.




「Why do you plan such a thing?」

「P-Please forgive me for my rudeness. Does Her Majesty know the situation of farm villages? There would be announcements, but there is the need for those of the few people who can read and write to explain what is said to all of the villagers. In the worst places, there would not even be one who could do so. It is common for them to wait for travelers to understand anything」

「Is that bad?」


Rica asked back. Her face looked like she’s acting dumb.


「The decree of the kingdom shall not be spread thoroughly. Not to mention those of which possess high urgency, if there are only a few people who could read, the details of the official notices shall become obscure the more it passes on to other people except for the ones who could actually read it. As the information is passed from a person to another, the true meaning will gradually be lost」


Sybil passionately spoke about the reason why she wants to spread education, teach everyone how to read and write.

She was nervous at first, but she gradually relieved herself of that tension, until her tone towards Rica became vigorous.


『She seems very enthusiastic』

「If she isn’t, then she probably couldn’t have done what she did. Things like using her own wealth and roaming around many villages」

『Studying, it’s important after all〜』


Her speech continued for almost an hour.

After that, Rica who was listening to her quietly said.


「I understand the gist of what you are trying to say. It is, however, difficult」

「W-Why is that?」

「Manpower, and boxes」


Rica raised two of her fingers in a graceful way.


「The reason you were driven to use your own wealth was to acquire a place to teach the children. And the reason why you were forced to roam around yourself is because there were too few people who are able to teach」


「It is not simple to resolve such difficulty」

「I-If it is Her Majesty’s powers!」


Sybil shouted, but Rica remained unperturbed.


「A sovereign is not a god. There is a limit to one’s authority in giving commands to all nobles」

「………………such distinguished people do not wish to cast off their monopoly of knowledge」

「Correct. The higher the rank of a noble, the more they believe that knowledge is wealth」


Sybil was dejected by Rica’s answer.

She looked as if she just realized that it was useless, even if she directly appealed to Calamba’s queen.


「Lord Yuuki」


「What do you think?」

「About the nobles? It should work out somehow, if you really forced an order to them」

「Umu, it needs one to have a resolve to see it through no matter the results once it began. If only there were another way」

「Now that you’ve mentioned it……」


I recalled something.

Speaking of schools in the feudal era, as a Japanese, I could only think of that.


「There is something called a temple school」

「Temple school?」

「Yeah. It’s an institution that teaches children how to read and write just like what she said. Its name was coined because they are situated in temples, with monks who can read scriptures as teachers」

「Monks and scriptures」

「Over here, I think it’s the Solon Church」

「I see, that reminds me, the Solon Church have built their churches in many places. In recent years, their activities have even spread thanks to the endeavors of Saint Melissa」

「The church……」


Sybil whispered with a stunned expression.

She looked like she had never thought of that.

Just like temple schools, if she was able to make use of churches, the problem with the location and manpower could be solved.


「However, it must be even more complicated with the church. After all, they would not take actions. Well, unless it is an oracle from god」



Sybil became even more crestfallen.

I hesitated whether to interrupt.


I can’t understand Rica’s intent at all.

Although I can make up “god’s voice” through Caroline, it is strange for me to tell Sybil it’ll be guaranteed.

Having said that, if it was only taking action, Rica could’ve just act me to do it. There wasn’t any need to take Sybil here like this.


I couldn’t read her intent at that part, so I could only watch for some more.


「It is not that, there is no other way」

「What is it?!」


Sybil quickly asked back to Rica.


「The Child of God. Do you know the rumors about her?」


「A girl who suddenly descended into the Solon Church. A true child of god who can hear god’s voice. No, it is said that she can speak with god」

「S-Such a person exists?!」

「She is very particular and it is difficult to even have a talk with her, but if your voice reaches god, then maybe……」

「W-Where is that Child of God?」

「Her name is Caroline and she is in Ainon」



Sybil raised her voice as if to scream


「Ainon……? Then, the one who saved me……」

「Do you already have a connection with her?」

「I-It is not something exaggerated as a connection. I just had my life saved」

「That should be enough」

「Ainon……the Child of God……」


Sybil’s eyes changed as she whispered.

They looked as if they were brimming with the intent saying “I’ll definitely get her to listen!”.



After that, Sybil collapsed again.

It looks like she was still fatigued, so after exhausting herself in trying to convince Rica, she finally collapsed.


Leaving her to rest, I was left alone with Rica.

In the audience chamber, Rica sat on the throne.

Compared to when she was talking to Sybil, her expression and tone returned to a feminine one.


「What are you planning?」

「I thought of it when Kakeru brought the Child of God here. I thought that I could use her」

「You’re planning to spread education to the whole kingdom?」

「It’s to the whole world」


Rica said without hesitation.


「What I spoke with her isn’t a lie. I am bothered that knowledge is being monopolized by only some people. In recent years, business activities have been thriving and the demand for reading and writing documents has increased. However, that is only an oligopoly by nobles and merchants. Most people do not have the means to learn」

「That’s why the Solon Church huh」

「That’s right. If they use teaching people how to read and write as a bait, the speed that they accumulate believers will increase exponentially compared to now. And for the Solon Church, it is something that does not have any demerits. However, even now, they still do not do so. Not only that, they are even allowing their Saintess to do physical labor」

『Physical labor huh, that simply describe what that Immortal Saintess is doing』

「That’s why I decided to get the church involved. No matter how you think of it, increasing the chances of learning would increase the power of the kingdom as a result. The people can be saved from the prison of being uneducated」

「I see」

「And, all of that is me as a queen」



“What do you mean”, I looked at her again. Rica is smiling gracefully on her throne.


「I gave it a thought, and realized that the “good women” that Kakeru speaks about, it would not show without a certain level of education. By using Sybil to get Solon Church involved, making education spread throughout the world, I’ll be able to find even more “good women” that Kakeru would like. That is me as the “Master of the Rose Garden”」


It made me feel awed, it really did.

Within my women, Rica is the most active when it comes to pushing other women onto me.

She gathered good women from all over her kingdom calling it the queen’s harem, and now, she is making the Rose Garden that is essentially mine grow even further. She wants it to spread all over the world.


I was awed by the scale.


『For the moment, she should be the Child of God of Kakeru Church』


Eleanor teased. However, it was exactly like that.

The level of what Rica is doing is already that far.


「If I make the Child of God do it, their believers would grow exponentially, making her the next popeーーKakeru?」


Rica looked surprised. It’s because I didn’t say anything, yet I carried her to an embrace.

I picked up the queen from her throne, slowly went towards the door, and go out into a wide corridor.

The soldiers nor the servants didn’t stop us. Rica herself isn’t even trying to hide it, so everyone in the palace knows who is the real ruler.


I advanced through the corridor while carrying her.

Rica immediately understood what I wanted to do.


「Hey, Kakeru. There’s this girl that is doing her best recently. Although she’s cold, she is really talented, and she really considers the mind of the people, so Kakeruーー」

「It’s only you today」


「Queen on a world scale. I only want you for today」


I said as I stared straight into her eyes.




Her feverish eyes, her aroused gasps, and suffocating sweet scent

I brought her to her bedroom, and just like how I did it with Olivia, I took my time without letting her feel any strain. I used the whole night to cherish her lovingly.








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  1. Wow that woman is as stupid as selene. Killing herself after making it so a few dozen kids could barely write their names.
    And even running from the church after they helped her. Welp plotarmor seems so stupid with this mc. Even woman are made stupid so the mc can save them without too much effort.


  2. Still annoying he isnt doing anything about the church… change its name or something so solon stop getting faith power if it exists like in similar novels.
    Or say he has a plan for it not just push for a pope thing…


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