Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 277

Chapter 277 – Completely Dead Laid



I slowly put down Sybil on the ground.

Sybil looks like she is sleeping very peacefully, as if she could wake up anytime.


I don’t see her injured anywhere, so with thisーー


「This is bad, this might be……」


When I was getting relieved, one believer came to Sybil’s side.

That believer kneeled down beside her and looked at her face, took her hand and inspected her nails.


「What’s the matter, Kurou-san?」

「This, it’s Moz Monkey’s poison」


It’s alright that the man called Kurou checked how Sybil was doing, but the instant he saw the symptoms, he made a panicked expression.


「Moz Monkey?」

「It’s an ape monster. A monster that has the trait of catching its prey alive and inject poison into their body, burying them alive and preserve them. When it injects poison to its prey, the victim will fall into a state just like animals hibernating」


Kurou explained to the believers that don’t seem to understand the situation.


「She was poisoned by that monster you’re saying?」


「I see. But it’s just paralysis poison, right? After all, it’s keeping its prey alive. Shouldn’t it be alright now that she’s saved?」


I also thought so.

Why is Kurou looking so panicked?


「That is not the case. Moz Monkey needs its prey to be preserved for a long time. If its poison stays on her body for a long time, her state would permanently be fixed in a state of hibernation」



The believers were stirred.


「If that happens, she won’t wake up forever」

「Don’t tell me……she’s already……」


Kurou nodded solemnly.


「Right, it seems we were a bit late」


Moz Monkey’s poison, it had that characteristic?


『Otou-san, O-chan’s saying he’s right』


I see.



「Yes! God!」


The instant Caroline answered, the believers were stirred.

They were stirred differently, unlike how they showed helplessness and confusion earlier.


【Make everyone pray】



Caroline told the believers to pray.

Pray for Sybil. Hearing Caroline, the believers put their hands together at once and prayed.

The Solon Church’s believers prayed with Caroline in the center.

And as I was enveloped by my camouflage aura, I took out a magic ball (white) from my Different Dimension Warehouse and used it on Sybil.


It’s a cheat item I won from the lottery. A magic ball that heals all kinds of injury.

That healing light enveloped Sybil, and finally.




She opened her eyes while groaning.


Cheers rise.

The oracle that the Child of God Caroline spoke about and God’s miracle that they witnessed.


The believers raised their voices of amazement as their reverence for Caroline exponentially rose.



Although I detoxified Sybil using the magic ball, some time has passed since she was captured, so she was sheltered by the Solon Church until she recovers.

Caroline won’t come today anymore since I told her to sleep properly, so I returned to my mansion using my Warp Feather.


In my room inside my mansion.

As soon as we arrived, Hikari returned to her human form from her Demon Sword form.

Olivia was also materialized, she was carried by Hikari in her Chibi Dragon form.


I stroked that Hikari’s head.


「You’ve done a great job Hikari, Olivia too」


「Myu〜, myu〜〜」


Chibi Dragon raised lovely cries, looking up at me while waving her tail.


「Otou-san, pat O-chan too」

「Olivia doesn’t need it」

「Ehhh?! Why」

「Olivia really did great, so she would have a greater reward. Hikari, can you return Olivia to her human form?」

「ーーI see! Un, I got it〜!」


Hikari seemed to be convinced. She put down Olivia on the ground and “Mumumumu〜”, she charged her powers while taking a cute pose.

Soon after, Chibi Dragon’s body was enveloped by light, turning her back to her dragonkin form.


「I did it〜」

「Good job, Hikari. I’ll be giving Olivia her reward now, so Hikari should go play somewhere」

「Un! See ya, O-chan〜. Do your best〜」



After innocently cheering on Olivia, Hikari trotted out of the bedroom.

Olivia was left in my bedroom alone with me. She stared at me, looking upwards.




But she did not say anything.


The Dragon King Olivia, the king of the dragons who possess deep wisdom.

Although her appearance when she’s in her dragon form is full of dignity and might.

During these times, when she is just my woman, she would seem like a dog waiting for her master.


The loyal dog Olivia. She’s a dragon, but she’s as cute as a puppy.


That Olivia seems to become more and more lovable, but when I was thinking on how to cherish her.


*Kon Kon*


There was a knock on the door.



「Please excuse me……Ah……!」


The one who entered was Colaria in her maid uniform.

She’s a maid that Rica left in my mansion. She’s currently learning many things from Miu in my mansion.


She froze as soon as she entered my room.


「What’s the matter?」


「Oi〜, what’s the matter, Colaria」

「ーーAh! Yes, please excuse me. Miu-san told me to prepare the bed」

「As expected of Miu, she noticed huh. That’s fine, but why are you staring at Olivia right now?」

「That is……um……」


「The village I grew up as a child worships the Dragon God, so I couldn’t help but feel nervous seeing the real Dragon God in front of me……」

「Dragon God?」


I tilted my head and looked at Olivia.


「I was being worshipped like that. ……human girl」



Colaria flinched when Olivia talked to her.

I knew what just happened. The air Olivia had around her changed.

From the loyal dog Olivia who was wagging her tail, to the imposing Dragon King Olivia.


「I have watched human girl for a long time. It must also be fate for us to meet like this, so I shall give you one advice」

「W-W-W-W-W-What is it?」

「You seem to have learned everything you can from that beastkin girl, you should start thinking what is next after learning」

「N-Next after learning? What does that mean?」

「It is what the two humans who sent you to this mansion wishes」



Colaria glanced at me, then looked away with a red face.





After Colaria nodded clearly to Olivia, she skilfully arranged the bed and left the bedroom.

We were left by ourselves. When there was only the two of us left, Olivia returned to her loyal dog mode again.

Just where did her imposing manner from earlier go? She’s now wagging her tail, staring at me with sparkling eyes.


It was such a huge gap……making her look even more lovelier.





I pulled her into an embrace and gave her first a kiss.

After sucking her lips strongly, I said to her as her eyes turned feverish.


「Don’t do anything」


「That’s right. Don’t do anything. You’ve used a lot of your powers, so you can’t stay in your human form for long right?」

「That is……」

「That’s why, don’t do anything. Just think of staying in your human form.」

「Just focus……」

「The longer you can stay, that’s how long I’ll love you」



Olivia looked doubtful and confused for an instant after hearing my order, but the sparkle in her eyes returned as soon as she understood my intent.

After that, she completely relaxed her body.

While she was in her most comfortable position, with her body completely relaxed.


I carried her into my bed.

And made love with her for the whole night.







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  1. I’m wondering… Although it’s good when done with the ppl from time to time, because of just how many characters there are, why does the author constantly remind us about things we’ve already heard about nearly every chapter? XD haha, and about the characters, it doesn’t need to be done every other chapter, but just when there hasn’t been an appearance from them in awhile, you know? XD


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