Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 271

Chapter 271 – The Memories From When We Just Met



I’m in the courtyard of a large mansion residence.

In that courtyard with a size comparable to a town square, one can see huge barrels the size of a bathtub here and there.

There is colored liquid inside those barrels and bare-breasted men would put in threads inside, then hang them using a pole after taking the threads out.


I’m looking at that scene with Rica.

Both of us are hiding enveloped by my camouflage aura.


「Hmm, dyeing the thread would a process later huh」

「I think so. Though I’ve known it, this is the first time I’m seeing it with my eyes」

「Dyeing the thread at a later process. It’s the same with the one I know」

「What are you going to do next?」


Towards Rica’s question, I reached out my hand.

There’s a silkworm that I bought in the town and I made it the leaf that I also bought.

Soon after, the silkworm spat out a black thread.

I controlled the aura that I mixed in making it stronger, so the thread it spat out was darker than what the silkworm before made.


It’s a glossy black color, similar to obsidian.

That made me reassured even more. Just like the cotton candy machine, I should be able to control the color of the thread that the silkworm spits out by adjusting what it eats.


「Just like this, wouldn’t it be a specialty product if you can make the silkworm spit out colored thread? Do you know this method?」

「I don’t. I’ve never even heard of it. How did you do it?」

「I infused my powers into the leaf, just like how I enveloped us with my aura. If Rica doesn’t know it, then that is convenient. If I tell Caroline this method, it should be a miracle」


「What’s the matter. What’s gotten you silent?」

「Is that something anyone can do?」



I looked at Rica. She’s making an unusually difficult face.


「Powers……magic powers? Leaving aside mixing that to the leaf and letting the silkworm eat it, is that something anyone can do? If it’s something that ordinary people can’t do, then there would be no meaning」



There was that huh.

I did not say anything and took out my Warp Feather from my Different Dimension Warehouse. I warped to my mansion along with Rica.

Miu was there, so I removed my aura and showed ourselves.



「Master, and Rica-sama as well. Would you like the bedroom to be prepared?」

「No, there’s no need for that right now. More importantly, is Io around?」

「Yes, she is in the living room」

「I see」


I nodded, and after stroking Miu’s head, I walked into the living room.

Io would go to various places as an adventurer, but she still stays in my mansion a lot. It seems like she’s here right now too.


I entered the living room and saw Io playing with Hikari.


「Ah! Otou-san」

「Kakeru-san. Welcome back」

「I’m back, you two. I want to ask something」

「What is it?」


I took out a leaf and showed it to Io.


「Can you enchant your magic powers to this leaf?」


「It’s to infuse it with magic powers」


I released a trace of my dark aura in front of her and used it to envelop the leaf.

Seeing that, Io nodded with understanding.


「I’m sorry……that is……very difficult」

「Even for you, huh」


Io is now an S-Rank Adventure and is even called a Great Wizard.

There is no one better than her when using lightning-type magic and she also received the Dark Lightning from Eleanor in the past era.

“That” Io said that it’s difficult.


「I didn’t even know that’s possible……」

「You’ve never heard it before?」



Io looked dejected.


「Don’t feel bad about it. It’s not your fault」


I told her while patting her head.


「But……if even you can’t do this, then this idea is rejected then. I thought that it was a good idea, but……」


I thought.

Adjusting the color of the thread the silkworm makes is secondary, the most important thing is that it will attract a lot of attention using this method since colorful threads that won’t fade or stain can be made.

I thought it was somewhat revolutionary, but……


「If it was so easy, then anyone would’ve done it already. After all, Ainon’s sericulture has a history of more than a hundred years」


Rica said with a wry smile.

“That’s all the more reason”, I thought.

That’s why I thought it would be enough to be called a miracle.


「There should be a way……mu!」

「What’s the matter, Kakeru-san? Why are you staring at me?」

「Is there something on Onee-chan’s face?」


Io and Hikari tilted their head.

I continued to stare at Io.


I feel like I’m about to realize something.

Looking at Io’s face, something rose inside my head.


I desperately thought what it was.



「……it’s just at the tip of my tongue. Looking at Io……」


「……maybe it’s something related to Io?」


Rica said.


「How about recalling your memories with Io from the beginning? That might trigger it. It might be difficult for the older ones butーー」

「There’s no problem. I can remember everything I’ve done with my woman」




『You can’t even remember a man’s name though』


I flicked Eleanor who’s making fun of me with a finger and traced my memories with Io.

I met her first in the adventurer guild, she told me she wants to become my party member, we went to Orycuto’s Valleyー



「You’ve recalled something?」

「Yeah, wait for a minute」


I used my Warp Feather and warped to Orycuto’s valley from my mansion.

The master of the valley looked like it was relaxing, but it suddenly tries to run away as soon as it saw me.


I enveloped my whole body with my dark aura, making my appearance hidden.

Soon after, the Orycuto that was panicking to run away stopped. It nervously looked around.

Finally, it thought that I was not around. It returned to where it was earlier and started to relax.


I looked around.

Orycuto’s valley, Orycudite.

It’s a place where that rainbow colored ore is created, with the magic powers released by Orycuto being absorbed by surrounding rocks.


I dropped the leaf I brought to the ground.




I heard Eleanor’s impressed voice.

Orycuto was just relaxing while releasing magic powers as if to breathe out.

That magic powers scattered in its surroundings and even enveloped the leaf.


After seeing the leaf completely dyed with the first colorーーred, I picked it up and let a silkworm eat it.

The silkworm immediately spat out red thread.


『It’s amazing how you thought of this. However, in this way, wouldn’t it be difficult for mass production?』

「I guess so……」


Orycuto’s Orycudite. It’s fine and well with finding a way to use it, but just like what Eleanor had said, it’s difficult for mass production.

And although Orycuto would panic and run away as soon as it sees me, it’s still a monster that is threatening to ordinary people.

It’s probably difficult to take advantage of it for business.


I warped back to my mansion while thinking of other ways.


「Ah! Kakeru-san!」

「Kakeru, look at this」


As soon as I came back, Io and Rica drew close to me.

Prompted by Rica, I looked at the leaf that Io was holding.


It’s greenーーno, it’s more green than the normal one.

The color was similar to emerald that is releasing a bright shine.


「This is?」

「I also recalled my memories with Kakeru and I remembered Orycuto. I did it like the Orycuto does, and I was able to do it!」



I took the leaf from Io and after giving it a stare, I made the silkworm eat it.

We stared at the silkworm anxiously as it ate it.


Finally, the silkworm spat out an emerald-colored thread.


「We did it!」

「Io. Can you teach this to other people?」

「Un! It’s not that difficult. Though there’s a need to go to Orycuto’s valley once. The magic powers there, it’s also a magic attack, so」

「I see. People who have the aptitude for it……they can use it so long as they get to leave that valley alive huh」


「That’s an amazing discovery, Io」



Io smiled happily.

I praised, hugged, and kissed her.


After doing that, I looked to Rica’s direction.


「We can make a miracle now」



Rica also smiled happily.







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