Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 267

Chapter 267 – Backward Compatibility



In a world where magic exists, miracles seem to be within arm’s reach.


Because magic exists, “ordinary” supernatural phenomenon can be explained just by merely saying it’s done with magic.

Most of the people in this world can tell that. Even commoners can use magic, so whether it is magic or not is easy for the crowd to understand.


That’s why things that not done through magic,

Things that not done through using magic powers, they are seen as miracles.


Melissa’s deeds are an exampleーーand so as what Caroline did right now.


People who are weaker than Eleanor cannot sense her powers, so what they could see is only the results.

As such, they would recognize it as God’s miracle.



In the town of Ainon, in Caroline’s room.

A small space deep within the church is her room.


There are barely any furnishings, most of it was a table, a chair, a bed, and the pillows and beddings on top of it.

Although it’s not in tatters, it’s old.

All of the items clearly looked like they’re worn out.


After being led to that room, I removed my camouflage aura and showed my appearance along with Hikari.


「Oh God!」

「Enough of the God stuff. I’m Yuuki Kakeru」


「Yeah, you can call me whichever one you want」

「……I can’t call you, God?」


Caroline stared at me with an upward gaze.

Her eyes were that of pleading.


『She completely recognized you as her God. What are you going to do?』


I flicked Eleanor’s blade with my finger seeing her grinning in my head.


「Alright, that’s fine too」

「Thank you God!」

「Good for you, Onee-chan〜」


Hikari told her with a smile, but Caroline only tilted her head.


「You can’t really understand Hikari’s words huh」

「I’m sorry」

「No, it’s not your fault……hmm」


I thought for a second. I wondered if she really understands only my words.

I wanted to check that, so I took out my Warp Feather from my Different Dimension Warehouse.


「Grab onto me, Caroline. Hikari, you too」

「Eh? Ah, yes」



I warped with the two who had different reactions.

The place I warped to was a lavish and wide room, completely different to Caroline’s room.

It’s a room inside Mercouri’s palace. In there was Helene who is wearing her princess dress.


Caroline’s eyes popped out in amazement because of the warp that shouldn’t exist in this world.


「Kakeru-sama? What’s the matter?」


On the other hand, Helene noticed us and didn’t move an eyebrow even after we suddenly appeared because she already knows this ability of mine.

As usual, she is enveloped by her royal aura.

There are also maids helping Helene change her attire.


I thought that maybe she’s about to go to a meeting.


「I want you to help me with something for a bit. I won’t trouble you」

「Please do as you wish」


Helene nodded without showing any hesitations.

The surrounding maids read the atmosphere and took a step back.


「Caroline. Can you understand what she’s saying?」


「It is an honor to meet you. You are the “Child of God” Caroline-sama, right? I am Helene Teresia Mercouri」


As expected of Helene. It looks like she already knew about Caroline.


「Uhm……sorry, God……」

「It’s fine. Sorry to trouble you, Helene」

「It is nothing……as expected of Kakeru-sama」


I said goodbye to Helene who seemed to have noticed something, and this time, I warped to Rica’s place.

In Calamba’s palace, Rica’s harem, the Rose Garden.


Rica was there combing the hair of a lovely girl.

The girl’s beautiful and glossy long golden hair was being combed, making even more beautiful.




Rica noticed me and stopped her hand. She stood up and ran to me.


「Did something happen? You didn’t tell me you’re coming today」

「My bad, I just wanted you to help me with something」

「Is it about this girl?」


Rica looked at Caroline.


「She’s called Caroline. Do you know her?」

「”That” Caroline?」


「It’s Rica Calamba. Nice to meet you」


Rica reached out her hand for a handshake. Caroline shook her hand, but.


「I’m sorry, God……」

「I see. Don’t mind it」

「Oh! Kakeru can talk to her?」

「Is it really that famous of a story?」

「Well, quite so」

「I see」


Recalling Helene call her “Child of God”, I somehow understood that Caroline’s quite famous.


「My bad, I’ll come again」

「Yes, I’ll be waiting for you」


Rica sent us off with a smile, while the girl with a golden hair showed a somewhat disappointing look.

I said goodbye to them and warped to the next place.


Aura, Fiona, and Selene who wields Demon Sword Xiphos.

I warped to many places, letting her meet all kinds of people, but Caroline didn’t understand any of their words.


She could only hear me, she could only understand my words.


After going around, we returned to Caroline’s room.


「I’m sorry, Oh God……」


Caroline knew my intention, and she also knew what I was doing, but she only looks like she could not answer to my expectations.

She drooped her shoulders so pitifully, making her smaller than her already petite stature.


「Don’t mind it. It’s not your fault」



I thought once again while comforting Caroline.

It is almost confirmed that she can’t understand other people’s words except for me. Well, that is fine too.

Her alias “Child of God” that I heard many times.


She can hear God’s voice, she can only understand God’s voice, so Child of God.

I thought that having that Caroline only understand my words makes things easier instead.

To make her the Pope, to make her Melissa’s substitute, there are many things I would need to do.

I guess I should put them together first. Also, I want someone else’s advice.

Probably from Althea, Delfina, and Helene.

I thought of asking them for advice.




「I, I’m happy just being able to talk with God」



Naturally, I didn’t take Caroline’s words as it was.

When she said that, she looked awfully sad.


Described briefly, she’s pushing herself.


I could easily understand that she’s telling me “I’m okay” while pushing herself.


「After all, this is a power granted to me by God?」

「Granted to you?」

「Un. The God before told me, this power will someday save this world, that it’s a power that makes people happy」


She was told that, huh.





「What’s the matter, God?」

「You don’t want to talk with other people?」

「I-I’m fine even if I don’tーー」

「I’m not asking whether you’re alright with it. You want or you don’t want? Which is it?」



Caroline was caught off guard. She immediately replied.


「I want, but……」


She said softly.


『She’s not used to talking so she probably didn’t even thought of hiding it』


I also think so.

I mean, Caroline’s emotions are basically showing all the time.

If I throw her a ball, she would simply throw it back.

Because she’s not used to talking, her reactions and replies are usually straightforward.


And she told me she wants to.


「If so, then I’ll let you」

「Eh? T-Through writing?」



I shook my head. I reached out my hand and opened my Different Dimension Warehouse.

From there, I took out a prize I won from the lottery.


The skill “Backward Compatibility”.


I used that on Caroline.

The light enveloped Caroline and melted into her body.


「W-What happened, God」

「Focus. Focus while thinking you wish to understand」





Hikari who was behaved as she followed us all the time and watched the events happening nodded.


「I’m Yuuki Hikari」


「Focus, tell yourself you want to understand what she said」


I told her once again. After seeing Caroline furrow her eyebrows, I tapped Hikari’s back.


「I’m Yuuki Hikari」



Caroline’s eyes widened.


「I-I understand!」

「Really?! You can understand Hikari?」

「Un! Oh God, I understand!」


It looks like it was super effective.






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