Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 264

Chapter 264 – Lottery



Two hands that stretched from my dark cloak grabbed the two men’s head.

They looked young and looked full of energy for good and for bad, but their hair turned white within an instant, looking as if they’d aged a lot.


I did leave it to Eleanor, but this is more than what I expected.

It’s probably a mental attack, but I became curious about what she did to make them like this.


「What did you do?」

『Everyone holds some kind of trauma』



“Can you follow?”, I made her continue after that pause.


『I only reproduced that trauma. I made them see in with all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of eras repeatedly』

「……like, you repeatedly showed them how they soiled themselves for the length of their lives?」

『That, multiplied by hundreds of times』

「I see」


Of course, they probably have traumas that are worst than soiling themselves, but I can understand how their hair turned white instantly.


『Want to experience it?』

「I don’t have any trauma though」

『Then I shall make you one. With Hikari saying “I hate Otou-san” in all kinds ofーー』



I flicked Eleanor’s blade with my finger.

If she does that to me, it won’t end well.


Eleanor laughed. I ignored her and took another look at the two men.


「Are you finished?」


「Yoshーーyou there」


I gave one of them a light knock in the head.




I reached out an aura arm from my dark cloak and made him regain himself. The man flinched and regained sanity after trembling.


「D-Demon Sword Wielder……」

「Answer me. Why did you target Melissa?」


I eavesdropped on them so I know why, but I checked to be sure.

There’s the possibility that what they said earlier is a lie, and after getting played with by Eleanor, there’s no way they would lie now.


「T-To make, Caroline-sama……」

「Caroline? Is that a woman?」

「It’s to……make Caroline-sama……the pope……」


『It seems like there is no lie with that goal itself』

「Seems like it. Hey, you there」


I asked the other one as well, but they didn’t look like they have other schemes. They simply wanted to get rid of Melissa to make that woman called Caroline the pope.


「She can’t become the pope if Melissa doesn’t disappear?」

「That is not……true……it is just……to make sure……」

「Getting rid of her……will make the chances……higher……」


The two men spoke with weak voices. Although it’s the gist of it, I can tell how they’re related to her.


『You should ally with that woman called Caroline』

「I guess so」


In a sense, my goal is the same with these men.

It’s the same when it comes to not making Melissa the pope.


Caroline, I guess I’ll lend her a hand.


「I understand now」

「F-Forgive, usーー」

「We’ll do, anythingーー」

「By the way, you’re dead」


*Zash!! Zash!!*


I killed the two men with Eleanor.

I released my aura arm that held them and they fell to the ground.



「There’s no way that I’ll let these guys who tried to harm my woman live」

『I thought you’d say that』

「Let’s go home. I’ve done what I can. The next thing to is to investigate the Solon Church’s internal affairs and that woman called Caroline」

『You are leaving the Saintess alone?』

「Melissa should be alright. There aren’t many people who can harm her」

『I don’t know whether to describe you overprotective or not』


Eleanor said while rolling her eyes.


I took out my Warp Feather and warped to my mansion.

I warped to the living room and saw Hikari there.


「Ah! Welcome back, Otou-san」

「I’m back, Hikari. Where’s Olivia?」


I looked around the living room. I didn’t see either Olivia nor Chibi Dragon.


「O-chan is still over “there”」

「I see」


Olivia who went to Saramas’s place in my stead.

It’s convenient if people would start to think that seduction is effective for me, so I can only let Olivia do her best.


While sending cheers to Olivia inwardly, I took out the bundle of lottery tickets from my pocket and asked Hikari.


「Want to go to the lottery place?」

「I want!」


Hikari happily raised her arms.

She looked so cute. I took my beloved daughter’s hand and moved to the lottery place together.


There was someone else in the lottery place. It’s that tentacle man.

He’s quickly rotating the handle of the lottery machine nonstop. He doesn’t even check what he won.


While waiting for him to finish, I turned to Eleanor and Hikari.

Eleanor who could only turn to her human form in this place and Hikari who clung to that Eleanor.


「A-rere〜? Okaa-san, you smell different today?」

「You noticed. Umu. I played with a human’s mind just a moment ago」


Eleanor showed a grin and explained to Hikari what happened earlier.

The mother and daughter bonded while chatting about something horrifying.


「Can Hikari do it too?」

「You are my daughter. Of course you can. Hmm. I guess I should teach Hikari something」

「What is it〜?」

「The beings called humans hate boredom. Even if you do not show them traumas repeatedly as I did, you can destroy their minds easily by repeatedly showing them “a life without change” for hundreds of years」

「I can destroy their minds〜?」

「Umu. However, in that case, the possibility of their minds getting destroyed completely is high. It is not suitable if you want to just torture them to confession. You should choose which one to show depending on the circumstances」


When I was watching Eleanor and Hikari’s “Demon Sword Lecture”, the lottery place’s staff came to my side and talked to me.


「I’ll say this as many times, please stop bringing your weird family bonding here」

「Is it weird?」

「Absolutely. Are you fine with that? Hikari-chan might learn weird things」

「Is there any problem if Hikari becomes even more like a Demon Sword?」

「……I’m telling you that that is what’s making it a weird family bonding」


The staff rolled her eyes on me.

I don’t know what she’s questioning, but Eleanor is teaching Hikari “how to act like a Demon Sword” from the bottom of her heart.

Eleanor wishes for that and Hikari who loves her Okaa-san Eleanor wishes for it as well.

Is there a problem with that?


And while I was wondering what’s wrong with it.


「You’re going to draw the lottery, right?」

「Yeah, but there’s someone elseーーah, he’s gone」

「If it’s that person, he had already left. He left while saying that he won enough of what he wanted」

「Of what he wanted?」



I moved in front of the lottery machine with the staff.

I looked at the prize list.


・Participation Prize Magic Ball (Black)

・Fourth Prize Magic Ball (White)

・Third Prize Ability Lending (Five Minutes, Consumable)

・Second Prize Additional Attack 1%

・First Prize Reset Abilities

・Jackpot ???


「I’ve seen all of them before……aren’t they mixed?」

「Yes. It’s Reissued Lottery. You can win some of the prizes from the limited lottery before」

「That seems to be the case. Within the prizes in the limited lottery……it’s only the weakest one huh」



The staff nodded.

That consumable ability lending and the additional attack 1%, they’re the weakest ones in the prizes list of the limited lottery before.

But even so, it’s still good if I can win them. Getting more of the limited goods is fun as well.

Not to mention the additional attack, if I can win enough of the consumable ability lending, there would be a way to use it.


「What about the reset ability?」

「It will literally reset the special abilities. You can erase the ability you won before, and equip the one you won this time」

「Even if you say that, all of the prizes this time are too low right? Is there a meaning with erasing the strong one before, then equip the weaker ones?」

「Even if it’s weak by itself, there are people who want to complete them at the same time. And if you can win the reset ability, you can also use it in others」



There’s also that way of thinking huh.


「That guy earlier, how many did he win?」

「He said that all of the tentacles have different personalities, so he wanted to equip additional attack 1% in each of them」

「That sounds like I can understand it yet I can’t」


I couldn’t imagine what why would he do that, or what will happen if he does.


「And so, would you like to draw?」




Hikari trotted towards me. Eleanor followed behind Hikari slowly like a mother.


「Let’s draw. Do your best」

「Hikari will do her best〜!」

「And so, here’s three hundred tickets」


I took out the lottery tickets I got from the three hundred Lamias I defeated earlier and gave it to the staff.

With the 10 consecutive lottery draws with one additional bonus, there’s a total of 330 draws.


The staff counted the lottery tickets.


「Yes, it’s exactly 300 tickets. Please come here and draw」


When I noticed it, there was already a step-ladder prepared in front of the lottery machine.

Hikari pulled Eleanor and stood together in the step-ladder and drew the lottery. *GaraGaraGara*

I don’t have anything that I want in particular, so let Hikari draw as she wanted.

Even just with watching Hikari enjoy drawing the lottery was enough for a reward for me to come here.




「Congratulations! You won the jackpot!」



When I was watching Hikari in a daze, I heard the staff’s congratulatory words and the handbell ringing.

I looked and saw a golden ball in the plate placed in front of the lottery machine.


「The jackpot……that “???” one huh」


「You skipped first prize and won that huh, as expected of Hikari」

「U〜un, I didn’t〜」


「What were you looking at. We’ve won the first prize before that」


Eleanor gave me a stare and the staff also nodded seriously.

It looks like Hikari won the first prize although I didn’t notice it.


「The desire sensor……」


I didn’t think we can win both with 330 draws. The one I want won’t appear, the one I don’t want appears, it looks like the desire sensor worked in the other way.


「More importantly, what’s the jackpot?」

「It’s the skill called “Backward Compatibility”」

「”Backward Compatibility”? What’s that」

「It’s a skill that allows you to downgrade your skill. Let me see. In customer’s case, when you use it, you can freely change your multiplier between All Abilities 0x to 777x」

「Now that you reminded me, I also drew that 2x or 10x huh. I see」




「Is there a use for that?」

「It depends on dear customer」


The staff only showed a smile.

Anyways, we won both the first prize and the jackpot, the reset ability and backward compatibility.


「Good job, Hikari. You’re amazing」



Hikari looked so happy while I stroked her head.

Although it was a first prize and jackpot I have no idea what to use for, it was worth coming to draw the lottery just seeing Hikari smile happily.







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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

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  4. Seriously… This mc is so stupid its a bit irritating…
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