Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 261

Chapter 261 – The Meaning of Existence



After I was left alone, I took my hand out of the pot.

Although it’s almost healed with Melissa’s 777x recovery speed, the light continued to cling to my hand.

That light was trying to erode my hand, then my hand would heal with Melissa’s recovery speedーーthen repeats.


『Are you alright?』

「No problem. It’s gradually disappearing」

『I see. Even so, you really didn’t show it in your expression. It was painful right?』

「I wouldn’t have done it if it would」

『Umu. If you showed it on your expression, it would be ridiculous』


I stared at my hand for a while.

Because I took my hand out of the pot, the light gradually disappeared.


『It’s the same with that white snake』

「Yeah, it’s the same type of power」

『What do you think?』

「That’s my line」


「The world’s largest religion and the infamous demon sword. Is there a possibility that something happened in the past, so there was a ceremony to wipe you and those involved with you out?」

『The Solon Church, or just Solon. I don’t have memories of being involved with someone with that name』

「Even now?」

『Even now……Tanya』


Eleanor summoned the ghost maid.




Soon after she was summoned, Tanya clung to me.

Since we returned to the past, she started to show this way of expressing her love even more.


Although I didn’t hear much about it after we returned, it looks like she was supported by Eleanor quite a lot before she died and turned into a bounded ghost in my mansion.


After I kissed Tanya for a moment, Eleanor asked.


『Do you remember anything?』

『About the Solon Church? Nope. I don’t remember anything about getting involved with religion』

『You heard her』

「I should ask Althea too, and Olivia」

『You should do that』


Eleanor nodded and after I kissed with Tanya once more, I stroked her head and returned her back to the sword.

My hand was eaten once, so I checked my camouflage aura to see whether there’s anything wrong with it.

And while I was doing that, Melissa entered.

The Saintess Melissa entered surrounded by common believers.

After she had a conversation with those believers, she reached out her hand towards one.


Her hand released a light and the believer stood up with a face as if he had seen something unbelievable.


「My stomach! My stomach that has always been painful!」


It looks like she did that “miracle”.

Melissa who shoulders tribulationsーーmore specifically, pain from others.

Her title as a Saintess was not for show. The believers that surrounded her showed even more adoration, they kneeled towards Melissa and started praying.


『She’s probably like this wherever she goes』

「Based on her personality, that’s probably true」

『It can’t be helped that there are powers who would wish that she would become the pope. Ordinary believers would like her to be one as well』



I nodded and glanced to the side. I felt that Eleanor’s consciousness is pointing in the same direction.

There are two men on the corner of the church.

While most of the believers gathered around Melissa, only those two took distance, and even looked at her with clear hostility.


「She’s winning their hearts again」

「Just let her do it for now」


The two of them talked silently.

Although they talked within the noisy church after Melissa appeared, I can clearly hear them with my 777x hearing.


「However, with that, the believers would start to shift all their faith just in her. If that happens, then even if it’s Sulenin-sama, the pope’s seat would be……」

「Let’s just get rid of her while we can」

「But how? You might not know this, but that woman is a true undying. I’ve seen it with my eyesーー」



One of them silently said.

It’s some sort of pronoun, but that was enough to make the other one shut up.


『I’m sure you don’t remember it. The Undying Warrior Trokros. One of my toys before』


Eleanor explained first.

I haven’t said anything though……well, it’s true that I don’t remember.


The men’s conversation continued.


「In the end, Trokros was chopped up into five parts and died after getting thrown away in the end of the world. I’ve seen his ability closely. Although he didn’t die after his head was chopped off, it’s not like his head grows or something」

「I see! If we get rid of her like Trokros……then……」


「But, however. That woman has connections with the Demon Sword Wielder. That’s why she comes to this town a lot」


They know me huh.


「Did you know? How that Demon Sword Wielder love women」

「Heh〜? It’s a piece of cake then」


The men continued to discuss their “plan”, and after throwing Melissa a gaze of contempt, they left the church.



The next day, I was relaxing in my mansion.

I’m not only relaxing, Olivia is beside me.


Olivia who turned to her human form from Chibi Dragon stuck to me and sat on the same sofa while crossing her arms.


「If it’s like this, I can stay for quite a long time if I’m not doing anything」

「If you’re not doing anything?」

「Un! Ah! Of course, I can walk and talk. Though it’s impossible to fight a round with Human」

「Fight a round with me?」

「Fight a round with Human」


While thinking that she meant it with several meanings, since she’s now about to do that much, I thought how amazing Hikari is.


『Of course. She’s my daughter after all』

「She’s my daughter after all」

「Human really likes Hikari huh」

「Of course. She’s the cutest in the world」

「Then, you should be careful」

「About what?」

「I’ve seen many humans with their parents, but although there are many reasons like the era, the kingdom, or the area, looking closely, the male humans are hated by their daughters the instant they release a certain smell after reaching a certain age」

『Kukuku, it’s what they call old person smell』


『Mu! This guy, he froze』

「Human? What’s the matter, Human」


I couldn’t hear Eleanor’s voice nor Olivia’s voice.

“That” was playing inside my head.


『Otou-san you smell! Go away!』





I heard a small scream of surprise when I shouted.

When I looked at its direction, I saw Miu.

Miu who entered without me noticing looked like she was backing away.


「*Cough*. W-What’s the matter, Miu」

「Ah! Yes. There’s a visitor for Master」


「Yes, it’s Saramas-sama」




The owner of the Saramas Merchant Company in this town, and someone I’ve had lots of assistance when I just came to this world.

I’ve also bought Miu from Saramas’s place.


Even after that, I would have some deals and ask him to gather things, but we have a subtle connection in the daily life.

Miu told me that Saramas came.


I stood up and left Olivia leaving the room.

Guided by Miu, I came to the drawing room.


I have two drawing rooms inside my mansion. Miu would take a look at the visitor’s disposition and lead them to the drawing room as required.

The method of classification is simple. It’s whether the visitor is my enemy or not.


And right now, I was led to the room for an enemy.

Saramas, Miu saw him as my enemy.


I grinned, raising the corner of my lips.



Under the moonlight, two men were inside a carriage that had stopped in the grasslands.

One of the men’s hand released a light and words appeared in the air.


「How is it?」

「The Demon Sword Wielder, it looks like he liked the women we prepared. It looks like he’s tired from the action and has fallen asleep」

「Saramas, that guy, he did well」

「How’s our side doing?」

「I used a villager nearby to call that “Saintess”. With simple words like “We’re troubled by monsters but we don’t have money”, that woman was easily baited. She’s on her way here」

「When she comes……」

「We’ve prepared five guys to chop her limbs and head, then they would disappear where no one could catch them」

「We’ll just leave the torso?」

「It’s even more hopeless when we leave it right? There’s a way to use her when she’s not around. Even if it’s just the torso, as long as she’s alive, then we can just call it a holy object, andーー」

「She won’t become the pope, huh. Perfect」


The two men inside the carriage laughed.

They had faces of contentment seeing their plan proceeding without problems. They looked triumphant, only waiting for the result called success.


After a while, a light is gradually approaching from a distance.

The light was from around ten torches.


It’s Melissa who the main are waiting for, and the believers of Solon Church who are close to Melissa.

That group gradually approached.


The two men stared at them from their carriage, and after checking that it’s Melissa without a doubt, they waved their hand to send a signal.


Under the moonlight, five shadows jumped on them from different directions.

Without making any sound, yet faster than the wind.

The five assassins launched a surprise attack on Melissa’s group.


*Zash! Zash! Zash!* Five sounds of flesh being severed was released at the same time.



「We got them!」


The men said and instantly after they showed their faces out of the carriage.

*Goton. Goton. Goton*ーーthey heard a sound of something falling to the ground.


「What’s that sound?」

「More importantly, they’re still moving forward, the number of torches hasn’t fallen too」



The man was shocked. He looked at them again and tried to count the number of torches.


「No need to count」


「Y-You areーー」


One man suddenly appeared in front of them.

A dark swordsman that is covered by darkness darker than the night.

Enveloped by an ominous aura, he holds the Demon Sword that is the symbol of fear.


The Demon Sword Wielder, Yuuki Kakeru.


His appearance meant the failure of all their plots.







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18 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 261

  1. Damn, Miu is such a dependable maid.

    We shall see if Saramas is worthy of keeping his life after taking part in an assassination plot aimed at one of Kakeru’s women.


    • Well, Saramas might not be an “enemy” himself. Miu’s insticts might have told her that the reason for his visit has hostile intentions / hostile reasons.
      But Saramas himselfmight not have known about those reasons.
      For example if those guys from the church told him they want him to prepare some women to gift to Kakeru as a sign of appreciation and thanks for helping the Saintess Melissa healing after that large Miracle last time then Saramas himself would not know about him being used from Kakeru’s “enemies”.


  2. Wow miu, wow…her ability to decided visitors is superb. In her hand someone can become the enemy or friend easily :v


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