Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 258

Chapter 258 – Althea’s Words



I parted with Melissa for once.

Being the Saintess of the Solon Church, it’s not like all she does are dangerous things. She would spread those teachings of the Solon Church, do charities for unfortunate people.


When it comes to that, she doesn’t need my help, so we parted for once, with me warping back to my mansion.


I warped to the garden in my mansion. There are bees flying around the well-maintained flower beds and I could hear the shouts of the slave soldiers in training.

It’s my mansion as it is was usually.


Hikari was there.

She’s making a flower crown with her friend Chibi Dragon beside the flower bed.

Hikari who sat like how a little girl would and Chibi Dragon who sat like a human. The two of them looked so lovely with the flower bed as their background.


『Your expression is turning so soft』

「Those who doesn’t after seeing how cute they are doesn’t have a heart」

『This doting parent』

「You should say that yourself. Your tone is too caring」

『I-It is fine if it’s me!』


I don’t really get why it’s only fine just for her, but whatever.


「Ah! Otou-san and Okaa-san. Welcome back〜!」


Hikari stood up and trotted towards me.

She spread her arms wide and looked absolutely cute.


The next instant, her cuteness was overwritten by a killing intent.


Chibi Dragon who was beside Hikari abruptly became bigger and turned into a giant dragon.

The Dragon King Olivia’s dragon form.

Although she is smaller than the Red Dragon, the pressure releases exceed it by far.


That Olivia suddenly attacked.





She opened wide her jaws with her large and sharp fangs look like a cauldron of hell, then bit towards me.

I unsheathed Eleanor to defend. *Kiiiiiーーn!!* a shrilling sound echoed and sparks flew.


I braced myself and increased my strength to push her away. Olivia bit Eleanor and twisted, trying to make me release the sword.




I used my full strength to pull in the opposite direction.

Olivia spun while biting the sword and fell to the ground.

*Boom!* The ground shook as if an earthquake occurred.


I forcefully pulled back Eleanor.

However, Olivia immediately stood up and charged flames within her jaws.

At this point, the heat was already drying the surroundings. If she releases that breath, ordinary people would surely be killed.




Olivia looked dumbfounded.

It’s because she could not find me when she stood up.


「I’m here」


I stood on Olivia’s back and lightly tapped her scale with Eleanor’s tip.

I believed that Olivia won’t be hurt by just that, so I predicted her movements after standing up and climbed on her back as soon as she acted.

The back is the blind spot or even the vulnerable parts of most quadrupedal.


「I surrender」


Olivia surrendered casually after seeing that.

I jumped off her back and she turned to her human form.


「Human is really as amazing as usual. That was true in the past, but I don’t think I can match you at all anymore」

「I could say the same with you」


I looked at Olivia then looked at Hikari who was surprised by the sudden event.


「The time you can return to your original appearance lengthened huh」

「Un! It’s all thanks to Hikari-chan. The time I can spend in this form grew so quickly! Hikari-chan is amazing」

「Of course she is」

『Of course she is』


Mu! I synchronized with her.


「Ororo〜, what’s the matter, Human?」


Olivia probably felt strange because of my uncertain action since she can’t hear Eleanor.


「No, it’s nothing. Come here, Hikari」


I brushed off her question and invited Hikari who still didn’t know what’s going on.

Hikari regained herself and trotted cutely towards me.


「That’s so surprising. Are you okay, Otou-san?」

「Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just comparable to a huge dog suddenly tackling its owner after he got home」




Although I’ve never kept a huge dog, it’s probably the same thing.


「But O-chan, you shouldn’t do that so suddenly〜. The garden’s messed up so Miu-oneechan’s work increased」

「Yes〜, I’m sorry〜」


Olivia apologized without sincerity.

After that, she returned to being a Chibi Dragon, but.

Before she returned, she smiled at me mischievously.


『It looks like she noticed. That you would make her fall to a place where there’s nothing』

「It’s nothing much for Miu even if there are more things to clean, but the flowers……」

『I thought that the Dragon King’s pride would be hurt by that handicap, but……that doesn’t seem to be the case. She seems happy about it instead?』

「Who knows」


Olivia is someone whose hard to tell in a different way.

Although she always look casual and without worries, but those clever types of people would always have a different face they would hide.

I’m guessing that Olivia also have one.


「Myuu〜, myuu〜」

「Un! Hikari will do her best〜!」

「What’s Olivia saying?」

「She told me she wants to last for a night as soon as possible〜」

「Last for a night……ah!」

『Kukuku, the great Dragon King might not have such hidden face after all』


Eleanor said playfully.

Just like what she said, I started to think that Olivia’s frank and worry-free personality might be her true one.



I watched Hikari play with Chibi Dragon while relaxing in the living room.

There is a huge window in the living room where you can see the garden.


Beside me was Althea as I relax.

The Great Sage Althea, the woman who is said to possess all kinds of wisdom in this world.


「I am Althea, just Althea」

「What “just Althea”. That’s not convincing at all when you’re already reading my mind」

「It’s fine since it’s yours」

「Because it’s mine?」

「When it comes to a woman reading the mind of the man they’ve slept with, then ordinary women can do it as well」

「I see. That might be true」


Althea cuddled with me.

Although we’re both wearing our clothes, I can still feel her warmth, smell her scent, and feel her soft body.

I used one hand to gently touch her hear and used another to send her my vigor.


After receiving life force, Althea regains her youth. I found out after going to the past that it’s because of the power she received from Eleanor.

After understanding most of Eleanor’s powers, I sent Althea vigor that would make her younger and more beautiful.


About that……well.


『Althea must have noticed it. But she acts as if she had not. This woman wishes to continue being a “good woman” after all』


I agree with Eleanor.

Althea told me many times, she told me that she wants to be “just Althea” when she’s in my arms.

I feel very happy about that, however.


「I want your advice」


There are also times when I need the Great Sage Althea.


「Tell me」


Althea spoke in her instructor tone.

I found out about this recently, but it looks like she is doing purposely so she could make a clear distinction in between.


「There’s a guy who wants to make Melissa the pope. Probably for politics. Melissa herself doesn’t plan to do so」

「And, she is “your” woman」


I nodded.

That’s right. Melissa is my woman.


There is only one thing I would do to my woman.

I would make them do what they wish to do.

That’s all.


Altheaーーthe Great Sage Althea immediately understood my intention.


「It’s simple」

「How simple?」

「Do it like this. You only need to search for someone more suitable to become the pope than Melissa」


「I shall guess the source of your confusion. You must be worried that by helping Melissa not become the pope, it might lower her prestige and become an obstruction for the things she wants to do」



I am good at giving a helping hand. However, helping my woman NOT become something might make her less of a “good woman”.

That’s why I’m worrying and hesitating.


「Then you shall go and lend your hand to another person. It is as simple as making that person the pope. Is it not?」

「……you’re right」


Listening to those words, it’s exactly just like that.

Melissa not wanting to become the pope does not mean that I should hinder her path.

If I can find someone else……then I can just help that person to become the pope.

And even more.


「In a way that no one could possibly show complaints」

「You did well. You can definitely do it. After all, that person’s victory is decided at the moment you turned into an ally. Mercouri, Calamba, Comotoria, Siracuza, Aegina」


Althea counted them out as if she was singing. Those were the names of the women I’ve helped so far.


「And alsoーー」


The air around Althea changed.

From a Great Sage, to just a woman.

She made a loving expression and leaned to me.


「ーーand me as well」


The reason why we could meet again like this after hundreds of years is because I lent her a hand.

That’s why she showed such a strong trust, that’s why her words echoed filled with praise and emotions.


「Me, as well」


Hearing her who returned to being “just Althea”, I pulled her into an embrace and gently combed her hair.


I’ve decided what to do after receiving Althea’s advice.

I will make someone else become the pope, so that Melissa can do what she wishes to.








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  1. Hopefully a female pipe, then he can bed the two holiest people at the same time, God probably wouldn’t mind coz he is wielding a demon sword and not destroying it and he hasn’t done anything. Well that’s on the premise that that world has a god —O


    • If I understood this right the “god” of Solon church is actually a demon/devil and the religion is just a way to empower the said demon/devil.


      • You do understand lol. Empower wasnt mentioned but is logical conclusion. But i guess 99% of the readers just read it for the harem, and you get dumb comments like “i hope shes a new girl so mc can fuck her, oh btw no clue what the story is about”, thats why story is turning worse and worse since time travel arc…


  2. So, now he plans on taking over the church too? Even though he already have all of the strongest kingdoms in the continent.


  3. I feel like author sometimes forgets important plot elements, like Solon being an actual enemy. It would not surprise me if Mellisa is an artificial creation by Solon to spread the religion, but for what purpose is a different question.

    What are the odds for Solon being tentacle guy…


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