Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 255

Chapter 255 – All Exterminating Flames



「That’s so amazing……」


Melissa looked amazed in front of the countless corpses of Opis in front of her.

Although she is wearing clerical clothes, she’s different from the other priests that I know.

She is a dauntless woman who can stand on bloody battlefields, scenes of carnages without faltering.


And right now, she looks completely unaffected in front of a mountain of snake corpses.


「Kakeru, you became stronger again?」

「Just a little bit」

『Oi, don’t be too modest. I regained my peak strength. I won’t let you call it as just a little bit』


Eleanor protested, but I ignored her.


「Leaving aside the snakes……it looks like they didn’t appear」


My battle against the Opis took me some time.

I could do nothing about it since it’s an opponent that would increase its number the more I kill it.


We decided to wait here for Hemishes to appear, but even after passing some time, it doesn’t look like they would appear.


「It looks like there’s no more」

「I think so too」

「Thank you, Kakeru. It was very helpful」

「Don’t mind it. I just went to a date with my woman」


I said, then pulled Melissa into an embrace and kissed her.




She blushed, answering with a face happy with more than one reasons.

But that was only for an instant. Melissa who looked like she was indulging my embrace quickly regained her face as a Saintess.


「The only thing left is to wait for the water」

「Wait again? But the Hemishes are already annihilated」


I have defeated all of the sources that pollluted the water around hereーー


『You idiot』

「Mu?! ……ah, I see」


Being called by Eleanor, I noticed it as well.

Cutting off the main cause, doesn’t mean that the water would be purified immediately.

We could only wait for the water that was polluted to naturally cleanse itself.


「It would be great if there’s heavy rain, but it can’t be helped. From how the water flows around here, it would be fine after waiting for half a month. It’s enough if I could provide the water during that period. Thank you, Kakeru. Thanks to you, it became a lot easier」

「Oi, Melissa」


From her words, I involuntarily imagined what she’s planning.



「The water provided, it will be donated by the Solon Church right?」

「No? I’ll pay for it myself. It’s fine. Donating water is a small thing. With Kakeru’s help, I know now how much I should provide, soーーow!」


I knocked on Melissa’s head.

The Immortal Saintess Melissa. She has an undying body that would recover even if she was split into halves by Eleanor, so I knocked a bit stronger.


「W-What are you doing?」



“There’s a limit on being too kind” was what I wanted to say, but.


『Kuku, those are useless words for that selfless Saintess whose lifework is to save peopleーーhey!』


I also gave Eleanor who spoke cheerfully a flick of my finger.


After doing that, I looked at Melissa.

Melissa whose covering her head with her hands while looking at me with teary eyes.



「Let’s go to the water source」

「Eh? WhyーーAh, wait for me, Kakeru!」


I ignored Melissa and quickly walked. Melissa caught up soon.

I walked in strides with her following me from behind.


We arrived at the water source where the sound of flowing water echoed within the darkness.


「It’s here huh, the water source」

「That’s correct, but what are you going to do?」

「I’ll purify it at once」



I only need to burn it with flames.

The first magic that I learnedーーI received with my body after coming to this world is Flames Magic.

If I use all the magic powers I possess at once, thenーー


『Shall I lend you my powers?』

「Do you have a good idea?」

『Not exactly an idea, but it’s the powers I regained』


『I could use it myself, but……I’ll give it you. Make that Saintess retreat』

「Melissa, move back. I’ll prepare to do it」

「U-Un. I got it」


Melissa obediently moved back as she was told. After taking a few steps back, she tilted her head and walked a few more.


「Is that enough?」

『No problem. Are you ready?』

「I can guess what it is, do it」



Eleanor laughed, she seemed so cheerful, yet so evil.


The next instant, my body was enveloped by flames.

It was the flames released by Eleanor, it was dark flames.




Melissa called out with worry. I raised my hand to stop her.


There are two ways to learn magic in this world. One of them is this.

If one is able to survive after receiving a magic attack, and if that one possesses the aptitude, then they would learn it themselves.

And, all of my aptitudes are multiplied 777x, a state where I could learn any magic as long as I get hit by it.


The only thing left is to endure.

Eleanor’s dark flames were more terrifying than the usual.


It doesn’t only burn in the surface, I could even feel pain from deep within my bones.

But I endured, I endured while releasing all of my strength.


The flames continued to burn for a while. But finally, it was finally extinguished.


「Are you alright, Kakeru?」

「You found out what I’m doing halfway right?」

「But it’s still worrying. It looked so……it was simply terrifying」

「It’s Eleanor’s flames after all. Just its looks are terrifying」

『Hmph, what do you mean just its looks』


Eleanor protested. Of course, she wasn’t seriously angry.


「Now, let’s do it」


I once again faced towards the water source.

I reached out my hand, using the dark flames that I learned from Eleanor.


Dark flames only the size of a spark slowly flicked while it advanced, but the moment it entered the water source,


The flames instantly surged.


It burned upwards as if the ordinary water turned into gasoline.

The water source was instantly enveloped by dark flames.

The water evaporated as soon as it touched the flames, but it did not end with just that. It continued to burn the ground.


That only happened for five seconds, but the water source turned into a lake that was completely dried.

But although all of the polluted water was extinguished, it does not mean that the water source was destroyed.


New, fresh water quickly sprang out.


「It should be alright now」

「Kakeru’s really amazing……I couldn’t imagine this way of solving it」


“It’s all your fault”, I thought, but I didn’t say it out.



「I’ll make you pay for it, personally」

「Un! Gladly」


The Saintess that I pulled into an embrace nodded with her happiest smile.








Chapter 254Kujibiki TokushouChapter 256

23 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 255

  1. 「No? I’ll pay for it myself. It’s fine. Donating water is a small thing. With Kakeru’s help, I know now how much I should provide, soーーow!」

    See? She is being used and why isnt Kakeru punishing that church? Is it because that church has hidden forces and knows that it isnt time yet? Or is he just stupid now?


    • Well, the thing is, she’s not being tricked or forced… and in the long run, it doesn’t do real damage to her. It’s something SHE wants to do.


    • She’s doing it partly out of kidness…and partly because she wants the D. Her master plan is to get Kakeru in the mood for her by her own means.


      • all those people will lose the means to live independently. She is slowly killing them.
        One must not give resources but teach them ways to acquire them on their own.


  2. Read this text again. Geez she was willingly going to do it on her own free will.

    “There’s a limit on being too kind” was what I wanted to say, but.

    『Kuku, those are useless words for that selfless Saintess whose lifework is to save peopleーーhey!』


  3. I just thouggh of random things…
    Kakeru is basecally very strong without eleanor right?
    Why don’t he prepare other weapon just enough endurance to kill the opis?
    Or just learn Io’s thunder


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