Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – It’s not like anybody is alright





While three soldiers were about to attack, I silently unsheathed Eleanor.


I chopped one’s head, slashed one diagonally, and severed one from his waist.

I instantly killed the three soldiers.


After that, I faced the man who looks like their captain and stared at him.

I waited for a moment. I waited for the goal I had for coming here.


「Please wait, you are Marquis Yuuki right? We areーー」

「I know」


Their side called my name knowing my identity and I answered.

The condition is fulfilled with this, so I chopped the man from top to bottom.


Half of his body immediately collapsed and half stood for a while, then his eye turned then collapsed.

Soon after, the soldiers ran away.


『Otou-san, is it okay not going after them?』

「It’s alright. After all, my goal is reached with this」

『Is that so?』

『Umu. A person who is favored by Selene intervened while knowing the situation. We need those soldiers who have escaped will become the messenger to spread that fact』

『That’s sounds difficult〜』

『Hikari is fine just like that. You only need to think how to grow as a Demon Sword first. Other things would just follow up later on』


『By the way, the last attack. The reason why he was chopped from top to bottomーー』


Hikari who replied innocently and Eleanor who is teaching her daughter the way of the Demon Sword.

They’re different from an ordinary mother and daughter, but that’s the good thing about it.



I let Duke Melina’s servants out of the cages.

There were some of them who looked ill, so I cured them using my white magic ball.

After that, as the person who saved them, almost all of them started to look at me in a favorable light.


「We thank you」


After a while, the oldest person among the servants, a man with dignity said that to me.

People who have lived for a certain extent would have their behavior in their daily lives fixed.

Those from royal families would still look like someone from the royal family even if they wore a commoner’s clothes.


This man, I could tell easily that he has the demeanor of a “butler” with one look.


「We have been saved all thanks to you」

「Don’t mind it. I only did what I was asked to do」


Just like the soldiers from earlier, I need these people to spread that fact as well, so I said that.




He was really a butler, he immediately understood what I wanted to say but didn’t say out loud. He had that kind of face.


I handed the man a bag full of silver coins.

Paper notes are only used in Mercouri, so money would be heavy.


「This is?」

「For your travel expenses. Use that to return to your master」


「What’s the matter?」


I asked the man who made a difficult face.

No, it was not only that man. Looking closely, even the other servants, most of them had a complicated face.


「Is it alright for us to return to the Duke His Excellency」

「You understand why I came to intervene like this right?」



The man answered promptly. Seeing him answer instantly, I don’t think that he doesn’t understand the situation wrongly.

Then why?


「The Duke His Excellency is one who is defeated, is there a future waiting for us if we follow the Duke?」




Eleanor laughed. Her tone sounded like she found it so funny.


「Marquis Yuuki, Your Highness, can you not save us?」


When the butler said that, everyone looked at me at once.

In other words, is it that?


They want to switch over from Melina to me huh?



I used my Warp Feather to return to my mansion.

I appeared in the living room and encountered Miu.


「W-Welcome back, Master」

「I’m back, Miu……what’s the matter?」


Miu who was staring at me timidly looked around me.

She acts as if she was searching for something.


「Master……are you by yourself?」


Looking up to me, Miu……she timidly asked while she checked my expression.


「Yeah, I’m by myself」

「Uhm, uhh……」


Miu was unusually fidgeting and seemed like she wanted to ask more, but.

She also looks like she wants to ask but could not say it out loud. Seeing that Miu, I said,


「This mansion’s maid is Miu alone」



When I told her what she wanted to know the most, she smiled just like a flower had bloomed.

Before I went to rescue, I returned to the mansion once to take Hikari with me. At that time, I told Miu what I was going to do.


And because of that, she was probably curious if I was going to bring in a new maid.




「I want to MofuMofu」

「Understood. I’ll come immediately」


Miu said and left the living room. I was talking to a Miu puppet and it looks like the original would take her place for the sake of MofuMofu.


I sat on the sofa and waited for Miu.  


『Ne〜, Otou-san』


『Why didn’t you bring those people?』


Hikari asked a natural question.

That’s right, I didn’t bring anyone back.

I only gave them money for traveling expenses and returned.


The reason why I didn’t take anyone backーーthe reason why I didn’t made them my servant.

It’s because I didn’t have a need for anyone who wants to betray their master during troubled times.


They looked strangely expectant because I cured the ill girl, but I am not that kind of person.

Ahh, well, this is more simple.


「It’s because there wasn’t a good woman among them」

『I see!』


Hikari was convinced.

That’s right. There wasn’t any good woman among them.

Among those people who would betray their master, there was no way that there would be a good woman.


『Kukuku, that’s really like you』

「Is it bad?」



Eleanor said playfully.


『That is what you are』


She said sounding really playful.








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24 thoughts on “Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 250

  1. Not everyone has the room to follow a path blindly. Do you expect a woman with a child to return to a house where the Duke lost in a rebellion? What kind of shit logic is that?

    Sure, there are ups and downs, but this is a serious case wherw the dukea screwed up big time, because of their greed. Not all of the follows the duke out of loyalty. Ever heard about being a professional worker?


      • He properly thought it through, though? He doesn’t need more servants, so why would he take in people he knows will run away when times get tough?

        The people would be fine under the Dukes after he solved the issue of them being kidnapped. They were just looking for a better deal. That’s all. And Kakeru isn’t desperate enough for talent that he’d take them. That’s all.


      • They never ran though, they got captured and were to be sold of for a few copper coins and the duke did nothing. So they were abandoned. The mother even at spearpoint tried to protect and save her daughter she is definitely not a bad woman.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    [The reason why I didn’t take anyone backーーthe reason why I didn’t made them my servant.

    It’s because I didn’t have a need for anyone who wants to betray their master during troubled times.]


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