Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 248

Chapter 248 – Selene’s Request



In the capital city of the Aegina Kingdom, Rethim.


Answering to Selene’s ball, I came to the “Summer Palace”, and was guided by a certain man through the hallway that felt full of solemnity.



An Aegina Kingdom Marquis, the royal tutor, Abraham.


A man who was once in charge of Selene’s education and became an enemy during Melina’s rebellion because he felt that Melina had the legitimacy.

After Melina was taken cared of, he returned to Selene.


「Are you doing well with Selene?」

「Yes. Her Highness the Princess seems like a completely different person than before, making us feel somewhat confused」

「I see」

「However, it is a positive change. This is all thanks to Marquis Yuuki」

「I only did what I want」


Selene had the possibility of becoming a good woman, so I lend her a hand.

In fact, I was even about to give up on the super spoiled Selene before.

The reason why the current Selene exists was only because of the good timing of things.




Abraham who was leading me got silent. I could feel from his presence that he’s hesitating.


「Are you that confused with Selene’s change?」

「Honestly speaking, yes」


Abraham nodded.


「I have once betrayed her, but being unpunished at all is……」

「That is the current Selene」


I answered promptly.


「Although I don’t really know, the royal tutor, the one in charge of the royal family’s education, they are chosen for having the appropriate abilities right?」

「It is stronger in the sense of being an honorary position」


Abraham answered humbly. Of course, I didn’t take his words as it is.


「Someone who possess that much ability, he should be a target of admiration for the current Selene」

「Honestly, the current Princess Her Highness is terrifying. She would accept any suggestions as long as it is legitimate. She is too pure, too uncolored, too untainted. To the extent that if I were compelled to use play on words, I feel that I might be able to take over the kingdom」


I see.

It’s true that the current Selene had that kind of thing.

She’s aware that her own abilities are weak, so she would listen very well to the advice of many people, starting from her subjects.

She would listen to them, even too much.


And Abraham looks worried about that.


「Don’t worry. I won’t let that happen」

「Why is that?」


Abraham looked at me from the side with a questioning look.

I grinned and answered.


「Selene is my woman. Anyone who would try to deceive my woman, do you think I would allow them to exist?」

「……I see」


Abraham furrowed his brows. Was he convinced or not?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if this guy agrees or not.


Selene is mine. I will wipe out anyone who tries to do harm to my woman.

I’ll only do what I said.


And finally, we arrived at our destination.

It was not the audience room. It was one of the thirty-one rooms in the Summer Palace.

I entered and saw Selene inside.




Seeing me, Selene ran up to me while calling me in a way that is unique to her.


「Thank you Shou. Thank you for coming」

「Were you a good girl?」

「I don’t know, but I’m studying just like my teachers told me」

「I see」


Her “teachers”, is my other women.

Helene, Rica, Delfina, Nana, Althea……


I sent her many kinds of women and they would teach Selene about many things.

That line-up is the most extravagant in this world.


「And then? Why did you call me here?」

「Un. Actually, I want to ask Shou for help. Abraham, what was it again?」


Selene asked Abraham without looking bad for it at all.



『Hmm, she’s starting to show the dignity of a king huh』


Eleanor who was quiet up until now was impressed.

In the types of the people who would be leaders, there are those who lack the actual ability, yet able to give their subordinates the right job for them.

It looks like Selene is becoming that type.


Abraham showed a troubled face.

Although it’s the same with Selene saying that she doesn’t know, compared from the past, the way she does it is different.

He looks blatantly confused because of that.


Noticing me looking at him, Abraham cleared his throat and started to explain.


「After the Three Lords Regency ended, the Dukes had forfeited their authorities. From the surface, everything had gone well, but there many who sees it as the Dukes losing in a political strife」

「That’s how it is in fact. Well, it would not go that way in Selene’s case」


Abraham nodded and Selene tilted her head on the side.


「Why can’t it go that way in my case? Tell me why, Shou」


Selene asked obediently, and innocently. She sounds like she purely just wants to know.


「The Three Lords Regency had the proper legitimacy right? And the reason why you were able to return back to your position is also legitimate. Both are legitimate, so everything would go well if it there is no winning or losing」

「He〜, I see」

「However, those underneath does not perceive it as that. There are even rumors that because the Dukes lost in a political struggle against Her Highness Selene, their houses would be stripped off their nobility. Of course, we have denied it, declaring and showing it in action that we do not have such intention, but……」

「Someone wanted to hit the drowning dog huh」


Abraham nodded again and Selene looked impressed with a “Hohee〜……” expression.


「Shou’s so amazing, you could tell that much just by hearing that」

「It’s nothing much. By the way, I could also tell what their aim is」

「I heard that. What was it again, Abraham?」


She was told about it but immediately forgot. Yet, Selene asked Abraham with a blank expression.


「It is to suck up to Her Highness」

「Right right, that’s the one. Sorry Abraham, thanks」


Abraham became confused again by Selene who soon after expressed apology and gratitude at the same time.

“Hurry up and get used to it”, I thought.


「In other words, some people think that they’re already losers, and from how the rumor spread, Selene is also angry about it. In fact, you were actually angry at the beginning, right?」

「Stop it〜, don’t let me remember about that」


Selene pouted her lips and sulked.


「And, since your enemy is already falling, there’s guys who want to hit them and swing their tails saying “we did it for you, Princess”」

「Amazing. I quickly understood with Shou’s explanation」

「Didn’t Abraham tell you the same explanation?」

「Abraham’s explanation is so formal it’s hard to understand……sorry, Abraham. I didn’t mean that it’s bad. It’s just difficult」

「No, please do not mind me Your Highness」

「And then? Who did something and what did they do?」


I got back on the topic and asked Abraham.


「In Duke Melina’s territory, some officials seem to have punished His Excellency the Duke’s servants. There is a low that allows nobles to have a certain amount of servants according to their ranks. However, it is in name only」

「Well, of course. Those people who think that they’re big would want to use this and that to increase the number of their servants or slaves. After all, it looks better with the more there is」


Abraham nodded.


I understood it pretty much.

In other words, their crimes that were treated as invisible by a special procedure beyond the law for being related to the Duke, is now being treated strictly and they’re punished appropriately.

On top of that, they were pin-point targeted.


「There will be disorder if a purge is done. At the very least, it must not be done while the current Dukes are still well and alive」


Selene said. She said it with a dignified tone.


『Kuku. Exactly what Abraham told her』

Probably it is.


「But, since it has already happened, since it could also be seen as legitimate, the kingdom cannot openly punish what they have done」

「So there I come, huh. Someone who is not part of the kingdom’s central of command, but someone who follows Selene’s wishes」


「The servants who are chased away from the Duke’s territory are being brought to a different slave merchant. If they reach their destination, all of them will be sold as 10-Kre slaves」

「He’ll completely lose his face」


The Duke’s slaves were forcefully punished and then sold with a cheap price of 10-Kre……u〜n, that’s so savage. That will be very effective to nobles who have lots of pride.


「Please, Shou. Do something about it」

「I accept」

「Really?! Is it okay, Shou?」

「In return, accompany me tonight」


I said and pulled Selene into an embrace. I whispered in her ears “you’ve become a better woman”.

Selene blushed shyly in my arms and looked down.


「No, don’t, Shou. Abraham is here」

「He’s already gone」

「Eh? It’s true, there’s no one around」


Abraham already left before she noticed.

That guy, he probably knew that this would happen.


Well, whatever.

There’s no problem.


Selene grew up; she is now able to accept suggestions and take the best choices.

There’s no problem at all with me adoring that Selene.







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