Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 247

Chapter 247 – Please let me call you Shishou! ( side  Harem )



Two beautiful princesses visited Kakeru’s mansion.


The Third Princess of Mercouri Kingdom, Helene Teresia Mercouri.

And the Fourth Princess, Iris Teresia Mercouri.


They are blood-related sisters, and each of them is a heavyweight in the military and internal affairs of their kingdom. They are the two princesses known as「Teresia’s Twin Flowers」both within and outside their kingdom.


And at the same time, the two of them are Kakeru’s woman.

The two beauties visited Kakeru’s mansion at the same time.


「Welcome, Helene-sama, Iris-sama」



The two of them got off their carriage.

Both are wearing princess dresses.


Although Helene is wearing clothes that she usually wears, Iris was wearing a dress, not an armor, so she seems different from usual.


The ones who welcomed the two princesses were Miu, and Colaria who was staying in the mansion to train.

Miu knows the two of them very well, so she could interact with them in a natural way albeit respectful, but Colaria who had met the two princesses for the first time looked nervous.


「It’s been a while, Miu. We’ll be on your care today」

「Rather than that, who is she? Kakeru-sama’s new woman?」


Unlike Iris who talked to Miu friendlily just like close friends, Helene seemed to be more curious with Colaria who was wearing the same maid clothes as Miu.


「She’s not. She was brought here by Rica-sama and Delfina-sama」

「Queen Calamba did?」

「Now that you mentioned that……」


Helene’s eyes slowly narrowed.

She looked at Colaria carefully. She moved her gaze from the top of her head to the tip of her toes as if to observe her.


「You, what’s your name?」

「I-It’s Colaria」

「Colaria Lanmari Calamba-san?」


「Muu〜? Elder Sister, what’s with that name?」

「I heard some rumors about it. They say that a girl was being shared by Rica-san and Delfina-san. That was you huh」



Colaria lowered her shoulders and her expression showed how awed and respectful she was.


「So what if she is, Elder Sister」

「Rica-san and Delfina-san liked her at the same time, and wanted to take her as their own. They should have been vying for her……but the reason why Rica-san wants her, you do know it right?」


Helene asked and Iris made a big nod.


「Of course, Kaーー」

「You do not need to say that much」


Helene gracefully placed a finger on Iris’s lips.

If a man had seen that mischievous yet graceful smile of hers, his soul would have been taken away by its attractiveness.


「Delfina-san, of course, knew about it as well」

「I guess so」

「That’s why she took a step back, thinking that it is the same whether she would be with her or with Rica-san」

「Umu. I’ll do the same if I had taken a liking on the same girl as Elder Sister」

「If it’s that Iris, then she should know the reason why she possesses the name Lanmari and Calamba at the same time」

「……I see! It’s to make her a girl that is similar to us」

「That’s right. And that is the extent of what I’ve heard, how is it?」


Helene said and looked at Colaria to ask for an answer.


「Y-Yes. It’s exactly as princess says」

「Ohh! I see」

「If so, you do not need to be that humble」


「It’s exactly as Elder Sister said. Inside this mansion, we have the same status as Queen Calamba and Delfina. I believe you do not need to be so courteous with them?」


Hearing that from Iris, Colaria’s eyes widened for an instant, but she quickly calmed down and showed a timid nod.


「Yes, I will do that」


「Let’s get along together」


「Well then, the two of you, please come in inside」



The instant she took a step, Iris slightly tripped.


「Are you alright?」

「No need to worry. I just tripped a bit. I’m still not used to wearing dresses like this」


Miu and Colaria led Helene and Iris who made a wry smile into the mansion.



In a room inside the mansion, Helene and Iris sat on a chair, while Miu moved around them busily.

The two princesses just came out of the bath, only wearing thin silk robes with their long hair just hanging from their head.


Their skin that was tinted slightly with pink was so beautiful and seductive that it could make a man bleed from their nose.


Miu is helping the two of them get dressed.

Helene and Iris visited for a completely private reason.

They came to warm Kakeru’s bed.

They are preparing for that right now.


And the one helping them is Miu.

It’s Miu and the puppet that looked completely like her that she controls.

In that way, she is helping Helene and Iris dress up at the same time.


「I see. An ability you got from Kakeru huh」

「This is amazing. It only looks like a twin is moving at the same time」

「It is all thanks to the skill I received from Master」


Miu answered humbly to Helene’s phrase.

She became more and more eager in helping the two prepare.

So that the two beauties would look even more beautiful, she did her best to apply makeup on them.


「Iris, do you understand what this means?」


Helene asked Iris meaningfully while looking at Miu.


「What are you talking about, Elder Sister」

「Who else got “something” from Kakeru-sama?」

「From Kakeru? ……Nana, huh」

「That’s right. As far as I know, Miu is the second」

「I really understand now why Elder Sister told me to learn from Miu. To think that Kakeru acknowledges her this much」


The two princesses whispered to each other. Because their voices were silent, Miu did not hear what they were talking about.


After finishing their preparations, Miu let her puppet self lead the two of them to the room where Kakeru is waiting.


The only ones remained in the room was the original Miu and Colaria who watched from start to end.


「Fuu〜. Well then, the next job isーー」

「Hey, Miu」


Colaria called out to Miu who was about to find something to do as if a fish that cannot stop swimming.


「What is it?」

「I was watching earlier, but isn’t the makeup for the two of them opposite?」


「Un. Iris-sama looked somewhat humble, but Helene-sama’s make up feels, uhm, valiant? I think. It’s the opposite with their images right?」

「That’s true, but Iris-sama looked tired today」

「Tired? Ah……! She tripped earlier……」


Colaria recalled and Miu nodded.


「She is probably a little tired, so I changed her make up. Although it’s just a little, I changed how their make up was applied so Kakeru-sama would treat Iris-sama more kindly, and, Helene-sama, uhm, wilder」




Miu peeked at Colaria who almost dropped her jaws to surprise.


「What’s the matter?」

「Miu……no, Shishou!」


「Let me call you Shishou!」

「W-What’s the matter, Colaria. Weren’t we finished talking about that?」

「No, I finally realized now. I finally understood the reason why Rica-sama and Delfina-sama brought me here」


Colaria looked straight at Miu with the most fervent gaze she had up until now.


「Please let me call Shishou!」


Miu was so troubled.









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  1. Helene is third princess and iris is fourth then is there another princess??(first and second). I wonder if they appear and ……….


    • I believe Nana got the ability that hits you with the same attack she just performed at 100% power or something. You know the one that when you attack someone you receive the same attack again.


  2. “Helene and Iris visited for a completely private reason.”

    Hum did they come for the a private problem, or maybe another girl ? Maybe they….

    “They came to warm Kakeru’s bed.”

    …..Well that work too.


  3. This chapter is full of wildness huh…

    Kakeru being wild with Helena and Colaria being wild with Miu(calling her shishou)🤣🤣🤣


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