Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 246

Chapter 246 – I’ll become expensive!



Even after the sun became high in the sky, I was in my bedroom lying on the bed.

I lied on my back and Miu laid on top of me.




A maid that has a desire she was not aware herself.

She wants to master the skill「Puppet Master」that I won from the lottery, so that she could monopolize the position of being my only maid.

With that desire, Miu is doing her utmost to become a real Puppet Master, and she looked so cute and charming while she did that.


That’s why I brought and pushed her on the bed and cherished her. I MofuMofu-d her in between, and then continued for a few more rounds.

After doing that all night, Miu was so exhausted she could only stay lying on top of me.


And she looked so pretty like that so I stroked her head gently.


It is the first time Miu stayed cuddling with me this late.

Being a member of my harem, I made love with her many times, but Miu would always wake up before dawn, and start to work wearing her maid uniform.

As if nothing ever happened.


But, she did not move today. She just stayed cuddling with me.


*KonKon*. The door was knocked.



「It’s Miu」


The voice did not come from Miu who was on top of me. I heard Miu’s voice from outside the room.

I told her to enter and saw Miu enter the room wearing her maid clothes.


She looked exactly like Miu.

Her face, her body, and the maid clothes she’s wearing. It looks exactly like Miu and anyone would think that they’re twins if they stood together.


The only difference I could clearly tell is the fur on their tail.


The real Miu’s tail is so fluffy and soft in touch, and a comb would fall straight down if you let go while you comb it, but the fur on the tail of the Miu who had just entered was a bit lacking.


If the original’s MofuMofu level is 100 points, then the one who had just entered only has 95 points.


『What kind of sommelier are you』


I heard Eleanor’s annoyed voice, but I ignored her and looked at Miu. I looked at the Miu puppet that was being controlled by the skill「Puppet Master」.

Looking at her closely, the puppet brought a tray, a pitcher, and a cup.


「Good morning, Master. I have brought you water」

「How thoughtful」

「Master seemed thirsty after all」


It’s true that I felt thirsty.

After all, wee did it all night, of course I’d get thirsty.


The puppet poured water into the cup before handing it to me.

While that happened, the Miu on top of me did not move an inch.

I received the cup and drank the water at once.


「Thanks. It was refreshing」



The Miu puppet showed a happy smile. Even the Miu who was lying on top of me, I could feel her cheeks moving in my chest.


「Yosh. I guess we should wake up now. Miu, bring me my clothes」



The Miu puppet moved and the original Miu also woke up.

I left the puppet do its job while I placed an arm on Miu’s shoulder and embraced her.



「For the whole day today, this Miu is only for MofuMofu」



Miu looked up to me and smiled happier than usual.



I sat facing Delfina in the living room.

She didn’t bring Colaria today, so she wasn’t led to the drawing room, but to the living room.


I also continued to MofuMofu the well-dressed original Miu on top of my lap and faced Delfina with a table between us.


And instead of the original Miu who is only for MofuMofu, a Miu puppet served us tea, doing what Miu would usually do.

Delfina looked like she didn’t know if she would get impressed or just roll her eyes.


「Although it is I who prepared the puppets……this is more than what I expected」

「Is that so?」

「This one is the puppet I have prepared, right? It is not magicーーno, it is not someone else Kakeru-sama transformed using your aura?」

「It’s a hundred percent puppet. Prove it to her, Miu. Let me see, is there some parts you can take off?」

「Would this be enough?」


The Miu puppet said and removed her head.

Just like a dullahan, she took off her head carried it by her waist.


「I see. It is really a puppet」

「That’s enough, Miu」


「And that is being controlled by her huh」

「That’s right」

「Since there is additional orders for new puppets, does it mean that she could control several of them?」

「She could only control two at the same time right now. But it looks like she wants to be able to control four in the future. Right, Miu?」



The original that I’m MofuMofu-ing answered.


「Controlling it as if it was a real human, on top of that, a few of them. Haa, as I’ve thought, I should’ve scouted her seriously even if I suffer some losses」

「I won’t give Miu to you」



Miu looked happy.

On the other hand, the Miu puppet bowed respectfully with an ordinary expression.

It left the living room as if to emphasize that it was just a maid.

Both Delfina and I were looking at their expressions and demeanor. Seeing Miu who could choose her manners as required, Delfina sighed even more regrettably.


「Although I know this is useless……how about for five thousand silver coins?」

「You’re still asking although you know that it’s useless?」

「If by any chance it would succeed」

「F-Five thousand silver coins?!」

「That seems to be your current value according to her」

「Ehhhhhh?! T-That’s too expensive」

「Is it?」

「If you would wish to accept the deal now, I can pay double right away」

「It looks like your true price is ten thousand silver coins. Good for you, Miu」

「Oh no, I, I am not worth that much」

「You are」


Delfina said confidently.

I remembered that including her, Helene also values Miu quite highly. Well, I am the first one who noticed how amazing Miu though.


「I’m not worth that much. I’m just a simple maid」

「No, you really are. Even if you weren’t, I’ll be troubled if you would not be」



Miu looked up to me with a surprised face.


「That thing that Miu is aiming for. Becoming my only maid. Is a maid that monopolizes me be that cheap?」

「Ah……! No……」


She looked confused at first. But gradually, she accepted my words, and eventually made an expression full of resolve.


「I’ll become expensive!」


Miu declared an innocent goal. Delfina and I looked at each other with a wry smile.

It looks like we could not let Miu realize that she was already expensive.









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