Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 244

Chapter 244 – The Most Important Job ( side  Miu ・ Colaria )



After Kakeru left with Delfina, Colaria faced Miu once again.


「Please take care of me, Miu-san」

「Oh no, you can just call someone like me without honorifics」

「I can’t do that. I was told by Lanmari-sama to watch and learn from Miu-san. Miu-san is my teacher」

「Teacher?! I-I’m not that amazing of a person」


Miu was startled. Being a person with a timid personality, she is not used to being flattered.


「Also, I’m a slave, so. I do not have the rights to be addressed like that by Colaria-sama who received her name from Her Majesty and Delfina-sama」

「I was also a slave」



Miu became even more surprised. She stared at Colaria with widened eyes.


「1-Kre slave……do you know what that means?」

「Yes, they are slaves that were sold many times」


Colaria nodded.

She was once a slave who was bought by another merchant and work in his mansion.

After that merchant became bankrupt, she became a very cheap 1-Kre slave because of the law, and at that time, she was found by Rica and Delfina who wanted her at the same time.

Although she now possesses a name from both of them, she had spent a long time being a slave, she is still unable to get rid of her habits during that time.


「I was that 1-Kre slave. That’s why, I am not good enough to be called with a -sama honorific. Also」


「Between slaves, their positions are differentiated depending on their master’s. I am Rica-sama and Delfina-sama’s slave. Miu-san is Kakeru-sama’s salve. Miu-san has a higher position」



Miu could not deny that.

Leaving herself aside, Miu is unable to deny it if their masters were mentioned.

She respects Kakeru. She reveres and loves him from the bottom of her heart.

No matter what kind of circumstances they are talking about, she is unable to talk bad about Kakeru.


And that, it caused a contradiction with her condescending personality.


Because of Miu’s personality, she would only condescend. But Colaria is different.

After receiving a specialized education from Rica and Delfina, she is able to act suitably to the situation.

She is able to use different means, thoughtful enough to create an excuse.


「……if you don’t mind, how about calling each other with our names? We’re both slaves after all」

「Y-Yes! If it is that」

「I’ll be in your care, Miu」

「Please take care of me as well. C-Colaria」


Even so, Miu was still stiff.

Colaria felt doubtful.


About what Delfina told her and about being taken to this place.


“What do I need to learn from Miu?” she thought.

She does not mean to deny the idea of Delfina who she owes a huge gratitude, but Colaria started to have doubts about coming here.



Miu’s job. It is very orthodox as a maid.

She cleans the mansion, washes the clothes, and prepares the meal.

Each of them were not unique nor special.


Because of that, Colaria became more and more doubtful.

Although it is amazing that she is doing all of those jobs on top of doing it (usually) just by herself, but since there were not many residents in this mansion, Colaria thought that she is able to do that much.


If so, then why?




While they were hanging the laundry, Miu suddenly stopped working and looked towards the mansion.


「What’s the matter, Miu?」

「It’s a visitor」


「I will go and welcome」


Miu left her work unfinished and returned to the mansion.

After she returned to the mansion, a knock was heard using the knocker in the front door.


Miu opened the heavy, thick door. A man with slit eyes wearing expensive attire was standing there.


「Good day to you. My name is Joseph Mickis. I have come to ask an audience from Yuuki-sama」


The man showed an amicable smile with a respectful demeanor.


「I have here a referral letter from Her Highness the Prime Minister Princess of the Aegina Kingdom」


He showed an envelope sealed with an extravagant seal.

If one were to mention Aegina Kingdom’s Prime Minister Princess, it is the ruler of the kingdom, a position concurrently held by the current first princess Selene.


Colaria knew that by staying on Rica’s side. She also knows that Selene is also one of Kakeru’s women.

And that visitor came with a referral letter written by that Selene. Colaria thought that he was not someone simple.

However, Kakeru is not around so she started thinking about what they should do.


「Understood. Please follow me」



Colaria was surprised. Miu did not mind her and invited the man inside the mansion without taking the envelope.

She guided the man to a drawing roomーーa different room from the one Delfina and Colaria were guided to.


And after saying “please wait for a while”, she left the room.


「Miu, is it alright inviting him in? Kakeru-sama is not around」

「If it is Master, then he have already returned earlier」


「Master returned with Rica-sama and Delfina-sama」

「No way, how did you know?」

「I can tell immediately who is inside the mansion. Hikari-sama have also returned and entered the bath together with Olivia-chan」


Colaria was surprised by Miu who said that while walking, as if it was natural.

She was shocked that Miu even grasps that information.


No, however, that might be the ideal for a maid.

It is natural for a maid that manages the mansion to be able to find out who is inside the mansion with or without the presence of her master.


Colaria somewhat understood what Delfina was talking about a little.


「But, is it alright letting him in just like that? After all, since Kakeru-sama is together with Her Majesty and Lanmari-sama, they are doing “that” right?」

「Un, but it’s a bit dangerous person, so」


「Probably Master’s enemy」



Colaria became even more shocked by Miu who declared that confidently.

That man who looks so amicable? On top of that, a person who even brought Selene’s referral letter is an enemy?


“How did you judge that?” Colaria was about to ask, but they arrived in front of Kakeru’s room.

Miu stood in front of that room and whispered without knocking.

She whispered very silently. Silent enough that Colaria beside her could only barely hear her voice.


「It is a visitor, Master. I guided him to a different drawing room from earlier」


After a while after Miu said that, Kakeru came out.


Kakeru immediately closed the door and asked Miu.


「That room?」


「I got it. Good job」


Kakeru praised Miu and started to walk in strides.

After seeing him off, Colaria asked Miu.


「Hey, what was that earlier? Didn’t both Miu and Kakeru-sama emphasize the different room?」

「There are two drawing rooms prepared for Master’s visitors. One is used by the enemy, and one for the others」

「They’re separated like that?」

「Please keep it a secret? The truth is, it is not good for other people other than Master to know」



「U-Un. I won’t」


Colaria nodded.

She understood the reason why. When she entered the drawing room earlier, she saw that both drawing rooms were made in the same way.

Both the room where the enemy would be led to and the room where the others would be led to is the same. It is a trick so that the visitors would not know.

If they find out the trick, it will lose its meaning.


While Colaria swore deeply that she would never tell a soul.

She looked at Miu eyes mixed with some admiration.



Miu’s job did not end.

After serving tea for Kakeru and the visitor, she finished hanging the laundry, and even took care of the garden.

On top of that, she also cleaned the building Kakeru’s private soldiers used, and even made meals for them.


Colaria had completely acknowledged Miu when they started to take care of the garden.

It was a job that a gardener should do, not a maid.

However, Miu took care of the garden in a very accustomed manner.

The beautiful garden that was comparable to those in a grand noble’s residence and even in those in the palace’s was being maintained by Miu.


Colaria was shocked that Miu even manages the building the private soldiers use.

As expected for private soldiers, it was built like a barracks.

She cleaned that place where two hundred people live in, even cooking their meals.

She did that almost by herself.


The work needed to be done increased with acceleration. Even Colaria who was just helping Miu was exhausted, but the person she is helping was doing her work with a composed expression.


The mansion and its annex. Miu did all the work for the both just by herself.


Colaria was shocked and terrified.

At the same time, she was convinced. She finally understood why Delfina placed her here.


She understood, but she did not feel she could do it.

Colaria did not believe that she could do the same thing as that super maid does.


After finishing the work in the annex, the sun had completely set.

Miu suddenly said after they returned to the mansion.


「Thanks for your hard work today, Colaria. I’ll lead you to your room okay?」

「Our work is finished huh」


“It is, right……?” Colaria cautiously said.


「Yes. Ah! There is still my most important job left」

「Eh? L-Let me watch」


Colaria insisted.

She was told “watch and learn from Miu” when she came here.

Hearing that there was Miu’s most important job left, she could not allow herself to rest.


「You’re going to watch? Colaria」

「Un! Let me watch!」



“Well, it’s fine”, Miu showed with her expression.

Colaria was curious about her most important job.

She followed behind Miu half excited and half nervous.

They walked inside the mansion and arrived at Miu’s room.

Miu entered the room and changed her clothes.

She undressed her maid clothes that were dirty from a day’s work and wore clean maid clothes.

After that, she sat on a chair and started to comb her fluffy tail.

She combed her tail, checking the condition of the fur.

She did it carefully and delicately.


「H-Hey. The most important job……it’s that?」

「Un. I’m combing it so that Master would MofuMofu」


「Master really loves MofuMofu after all」

「That’s the most important job?」

「It’s the most important job」


Miu said with a serious face. She did not seem like she is making a joke, nor saying a lie.

Her face shows that it is really the most important job.


Colaria felt troubled. She furrowed her brows pondering if she is really telling the truth.


「Ah! Master is calling」

「Eh? I didn’t hear anything though」

「My ears are a bit good」


Miu said and Colaria was convinced after thinking that she is a beastkin.


Miu increased her pace. She hurried, but became more careful.

She straightened her tail’s fur.


After finishing, she left the room with Colaria.

The place they arrived at was the living room. Kakeru was there by himself.


「Do you need something, Master」

「Yeah. It’s very important」


「Wait here for a while. I’ll be back soon」



Kakeru said and disappeared in an instant.

Colaria heard before that he used an item called Warp Feather.


「He disappeared……it’s not MofuMofu?」

「Seems like it」

「Eh? You’re not doing MofuMofu everyday? I mean, at this time」

「It is not everyday. Depending on Master’s mood, there are times when we won’t」

「D-Depending on his mood?」


Colaria was surprised.

It was that Miu who told her that it is the “most important job” so she believed that it was something they do everyday.

It was natural for her to be surprised after being told that it was actually not done everyday.


After a while, Kakeru returned.

Just like the time he suddenly disappeared, he suddenly appeared.

Unlike when he left, Kakeru was holding a puppet.

It was a life size puppet. A mannequin puppet that looks exactly like Miu.


Its body, its face, even the clothes it’s wearing is the same.

Only the gimmicks that allow it to move its joint shows that it is a puppet.


「I asked someone to make it earlier. It looks exactly like you right?」

「Yes, it does」

「I’ll give it to you」


「While I’m at it, I’ll give this to you too」


Although Kakeru said that, Colaria did not see him hand over something to Miu.

She was unable to understand what was happening.





「Can you use it?」

「Yes, is it……like this?」


Miu muttered seemingly careful.

Soon after, the puppet moved.

The puppet Kakeru was carrying started to move.

It was as if, it turned alive.


「It really moved, Master」

「It’s a skill called Puppet Master. I’ll give it to you」

「Is it alright? Giving it to someone like me」

「It’s fine. Of course, there’s a reason for it. For starters, make me some tea. Using the puppet. Can you do that?」

「I’ll try」


Miu nodded. Abiding by Kakeru’s order, the original Miu did not move, but the Miu Puppet moved instead.


It left the living room and headed to the kitchen. It looks like it is making tea as commanded.


「And then, Miu is here」


Kakeru invited and Miu approached.

After he grabbed her hand and pulled her into an embrace, he started to MofuMofu her.

He MofuMofu-d the fur that was groomed moments ago.


「With this, Miu could do her job even while being MofuMofu-d right?」




“It’s true”, Colaria thought.

Miu showed the happiest smile she had seen in this day.

Colaria understood instantly that MofuMofu was really the most important thing just from seeing her smile.


「That’s why Miu is the most suitable for that skill, right?」

「Thank you very much, Master!」

「Just tell Delfina if you became able to manipulate multiple dolls. I’ve told her about it. You can ask as many puppets as you want. And the same as always, no, even in the future, I’ll leave the mansion to Miu」


「The MofuMofu would be only for the original okay? Don’t trick me using a puppet」

「Of course, Master!」


The master and servant continued to MofuMofu while having a light chat.


The most important job. It is the job that the master wishes for and makes him happy.

And at the same time, performing all tasks given to the servant.


Colaria started to understand the real meaning for being brought to this mansion.






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