Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 243

Chapter 243 – Maid Training



Miu looked up to me with her usual lovely face and said.


「A visitor has arrived」

「Visitor? Which room?」


The reason why I’m asking that is because my mansion has two drawing rooms. The visitors would be led to one depending on their nature.

The criteria is simple. It’s whether it’s my enemy or not. Miu is the one who decides that.

Well, it’s not like I asked her if that’s the case, but it’s definitely is.


That’s why I asked her which room, but Miu’s answer was more direct.


「It’s Delfina-sama」

「I see」


Thinking that she would’ve guided Delfina to the drawing room for my allies, I jumped off the platform and headed to the mansion.

I left the training to Nana. Nana should do it well even if I don’t say anything to her.


I returned to the mansion and came to the drawing room for those who are not my enemy.

Inside was Delfinaーーand another young woman.

Delfina leaned her back to the sofa, while the woman stood behind her with a straight back and hands together.


I passed in front of Delfina and sat facing her with a table between us.


「How are you? Are you profiting recently?」

「It is all thanks to you. It looks like Malonei would be treated as a special administrative region soon」

「Is that so?」

「It is virtually a leased territory. I will make a country within a country. Though it will be too small to be called a country」

「A mini country huh. That reminds me of Monaco or Vatican」

「Although those are places I’ve never heard of, it must be exactly as Kakeru-sama thinks of」


Delfina smiled sweetly yet undauntingly.

She was already amazing when we met for the first time, but recently, she’s growing even more.

She might be building a kingdom from scratch using the power of money. That’s more amazing than an army and creating it using military power.


「You’re getting more and more amazing」

「No, it is still not enough. I need to muster more and more wealth. I need to muster more and more wealth, until Kakeru-sama would become desperate and do anything to earn money to buy me along with my amassed wealth. Until then, it is absolutely insufficient」

「How greedy」

「Do you dislike that?」

「No, I love it」


My promise with Delfina. About me buying her everything.

She is increasing her assets for that. She would raise her value higher and wishes me to buy her when it reaches its peak.


It’s a rather strange relationship even within my harem, but both Delfina and I continued that relationship because it is good.


「By the way, I was curious since earlier. The woman behind you, have I met her before?」


I said and looked at the woman.

It’s really like that, I think I’ve seen her before.

And the reason why I’m asking that is because I think I’ve seen her in a different place without Delfina.

If it was Delfina’s subordinate, I am familiar with most of them so I don’t need to ask, but that doesn’t seem like it so I became curious.


「Isn’t it in Her Majesty Queen Calamba’s place?」

「Now that you’ve mentioned it. I think I saw her in Rica’s place」

「Introduce yourself」


When Delfina said that, the woman took a step forward and bowed nervously.


「I-It is my pleasure to meet you. I am Colaria Lanmari Calamba」

「Lanmari? And Calamba?」


I furrowed my brows and tilted my head.

Lanmari is Delfina’s surname and Calamba, without needing to say it, Rica’s surname in the Calamba Kingdom.

The young woman in front of me named herself with those two surnames.


“What does this mean?”, I looked at Delfina.


「She is my child with Her Majesty the Queen」

「You two were in that kind of a relationship?」

「If so, then what would you do?」

「I’ll make love with you together on the same day. It is worth it petting women who are getting along really well with each other」

「Kakeru-sama is as usual」


Delfina showed a graceful smile then told me Colaria’s story.

She was a slave working in a merchant’s mansion but that merchant became bankrupt recently, so seeing her being disposed of as property, Rica and Delfina got interested in her at the same time.

And there, they decided not to compete for her, and since that was the case, they would educate her with the two of them doing half of each other’s work.


「You’re doing such an interesting thing」

「It’s the same with Kakeru-sama. Did you not raise Her Highness Selene as well?」

「I see」


I stared at Colaria.

Delfina and Rica value her enough to allow her to use their names and Delfina mentioned Selene as comparison.

That means, Colaria is also intelligent……they judged her as an intelligent woman.


「Leaving you aside, since Rica is involved means……you brought her to me to finish it up huh」


Rica gathered beauties in her harem.

Nominally, it is the Queen’s harem, but she made that harem to please me.


Honestly, I can make my harem myself, and I would seduce beauties that I like myself, but Rica looked very lively and beautiful as she did that, so I let her do it her way.


With that, I guessed that Colaria is probably like that as well.


「That will be in the future. She is still in the middle of her development」

「Then what did you bring her for?」

「For a while, can you allow her to work in Kakeru-sama’s mansion?」



Delfina silently nodded.


「If possible, it would be the best if she became the subordinate of Kakeru-sama’s maid……Miu」

「In short, let her train here huh」

「Yes. Thinking ahead, I would like her to see first hand how a true maid works」

「You’re awfully praising Miu」

「Does Kakeru-sama think the otherwise?」

「Nope? I thought that I’m the only one who knows how amazing Miu is」

「If Kakeru-sama really thinks so, then that would be one of the few mistakes Kakeru-sama made. Even after you bought two hundred slaves, the only maid in this mansion is still just that maid alone……nonetheless, the mansion was being maintained without problemsーーshe is doing the work needed to be done by tens of servants perfectly. If anyone sees that, they would easily notice how capable she is」

「I see, that’s really my mistake」


Although Delfina told me that, I didn’t feel bad about it.


「What do you think?」

「Alright. Instead, I have a condition」

「Please pray tell」

「Since I’ll be taking care of their “daughter”, the parent must give compensation, right?」


I said it jokingly and Delfina smiled sweetly and replied.


「”Rica’s” preparations are completed. If you take me to her, then I can guarantee that you will be well “compensated”」

「I see」


I feel like I’m doing a pro-wrestler’s acting.

They expected me to react like this, and I’ve also expected that they have prepared, so I asked for it.

Predetermined harmony, it’s something like pro-wrestling.




I raised my voice to call her. Miu immediately entered the drawing room.


「With Rica and Delfina’s referral, we will have her as a maid for a while. Miu should teach her」

「Her Majesty and Delfina-sama……I understood!」


Miu clenched her lovely fists in front of her chest and showed her fighting spirit.


「Well then, I’ll be going to Rica’s place with Delfina now. I’ll leave the rest to you」

「Yes, please take care」

「P-Please take care」


Seen off by Miu and Colaria, I used my Warp Feather, and warped to the palace where Rica is waiting with Delfina.



In the drawing room where Kakeru and Delfina disappeared, Colaria who was left behind was stunned.

They are, of course, her benefactors for saving her, but more than that, Rica is the absolute ruler of a kingdom, and Delfina is a great merchant whose wealth equals that of a kingdom.

And that man named Kakeru who would make them “compensate” with their bodies.

Although Colaria has heard the stories, she thought that he might really be a man that surpasses all of her imaginations.








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