Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 239

Chapter 239 – A Wonderful Adventure



Under the blue sky, Eleanor and I laid down on the ground close to each other.

Eleanor’s body is small, small that I would feel like I would break her if I hug her tightly.


That body of hers laid down on top of me, and would hit my me in the chest from time to time.


「How dare you」


「How dare you make me your woman」

「You were such a good woman after all」

「No thanks nor apologies huh」

「Leaving aside thanking you, do I also need to apologize?」

「Of course you do」


Eleanor looked up to me while our body stuck to each other.


「Don’t you think apologizing to a woman who is forced to wait for four hundred years, with only a moment of pleasure as her support, fair enough?」

「I see, in your perspective, you will need to wait for four hundred years huh」


When we came to this era, when Io saw Rodotos, she said that he was a character from four hundred years ago.


The pair ticket for a wonderful adventure.

I gained the rights to travel through space by winning the lottery, but that journey is about to end.


After it ended, Eleanor must continue to stay in this era.



「What’s the matter? You’re suddenly frowning. What are you thinking」

「I’ll do something to take you to my eraーーow!」


Eleanor pinched me.

It doesn’t hurt as much as I said, it was literally just a pinch.

Rather than that, I looked at Eleanor who suddenly did that.


「What are you doing」

「It’s punishment for your arrogance. You don’t need to think of that」


「What are you going to do if there were aftereffects if you take me to the future? If Hikari was not born because of that, how are you going to take responsibility?」



She pointed out something I couldn’t refute.

It’s the thing called time paradox. During time travel, actions taken in the past would consequently affect the future.


Honestly, I really don’t know what and how things would change up until now, but in the case when I take Eleanor with me, the Eleanor of “that” time will disappear, and there will be a possibility that Hikari would not be born.

And that is……a little too……


「I shall stay here. What, a mere four hundred years is not that long. It would quickly pass by as I played with five or six humans」

「Do it in moderation」

「I’ll try to do that」


My pillow talk with Eleanor was not romantic even for flattery. But, it was really very like Eleanor, so I didn’t hate going along with her.


「For starters, I’ll start playing with that woman 」

「That woman?」

「The woman who was the trigger when you first tore the dimensional wall. Her name was probablyーー」

「Are you talking about Tanya?」

「It’s that woman. Now that’s decided, I’ll offer that Tanya woman a contract. After the contract ends, her soul will be unable to enter the heavens, eternally bounded in the earth, but that can’t be helped」



“Hey hey, do it in moderation okay……”, but when I was about to say that, I somehow stopped myself.

Although she’s saying it in a very roundabout way, Eleanor is telling me that she would protect Tanya for me.


That’s why Tanya became a ghostーーor an evil spirit huh.


「Thank you」

「No need to thank me. I told you right? It’s just to kill time」

「I see」

「Also, Tanya might refuse you know? I am not omnipotent. I can only do things what a Demon Sword is able to. Tanya must suffer through the rest of her life」


……ahh, it was like that huh.


I remembered the fortune teller, Akansa’s words.


In Tanya’s fate, “Painful and agonizing, a suffering as if you were in eternal hell is waiting for you”.

And after overcoming it, she was told that there is “one part good and nine parts bad”.


I disagreed with her nine bads.

Since she will meet me in the future, since she will become my woman, it would definitely be ten good.


I thought that her suffering through hell is the several hundreds of years after she turns into a ghost, but it might be pointing at Eleanor.


「What? Aren’t you persuading me to do it in moderation, or be more thoughtful of her?」


Eleanor looked up to me curiously while our body was stuck to each other.


「Wasn’t she a woman you hold dear?」

「I’ll make it up to her later. No, not only that. I will make her so happy later on, that she would forget everything that happened with you」

「Can you do that?」

「Of course」


I answered instantly.

Tanya is my woman. No matter what, I’ll definitely make her happy.


While I was talking with Eleanor like that, with our bodies cuddling closely, I saw a shadow passing in the blue sky.

The shadow made a turn, then slowly landed.

It was Olivia in her dragon form.


「Finally here. I am also there」

「You can tell?」

「Yeah, I can tell it clearly. And, about Hikari too」


……did she get, connected?


Finding out that Hikari is riding on Olivia, Eleanor and I stood up and wore our clothes.

At almost the same time we fixed ourselves, Olivia landed.


Io, Tanya, and Hikari got off her back. After everyone got off, Olivia returned to her human form as well.


Hikari ran up to us while hugging the Demon Sword Eleanor.



「Sorry, Hikari, I did something like throwing you. Were you okay?」

「Is Otou-san okay?」

「Sorry for making you worry」

「……this man, he apologized twice in an instant」


Standing beside me, Eleanor muttered while rolling her eyes.


「What, what do you mean by that?」

「I was just strangely impressed」



Was there anything to be impressed for in our conversation earlier?

While feeling curious about it, I received the sword Eleanor from Hikari.


『It looks like you had fun last night』

「What, you can tell it too? Is it because it’s yourself?」

『Nope, it’s just that I saw a woman’s face. The women that you take in as yours would always make that face』

「What kind of face?」


「Okaa-san, do you feel happy right now?」


Hikari asked the Eleanor in her human form, the Eleanor in this era. I was told “that kind of face” by the sword Eleanor.


「Umu, just decent」

「Is it because you were with Otou-san?」

「I don’t mind recognizing that fact」

「I see〜. Ehehe〜」


「Hikari is also happy if Otou-san and Okaa-san is lovey-dovey」


Hikari said that and showed an angelic smile.

And although she looks a bit stiff, Eleanor stroked Hikari’s head.

That was, the family bonding I’m used to seeing in the lottery place.


At that instant, the Eleanor in her human form, and the Demon Sword Eleanor shone at the same time.

It was a bright light that swallowed the surroundings, it was a strong, blinding light.


「What? What’s happening」

「Oi, you, push me」


『Thrust me』


From outside and inside, the two Eleanors urged me the same thing.

Although I don’t know what’s happening, I thrusted Eleanor horizontally.


After the human Eleanor stroked the blade for a while, she tore her own palm open using the blade.



「Don’t worry, Hikari. I am only passing my powers to the other me」


「Starting now, I will need to kill time for several hundreds of years, and during that time, I do not need powers. It would be much better if my other self used it properly」

「……that’s why our side’s Eleanor was weaker than you huh」


I would sometimes feel strange about it.

The Eleanor in the previous era and the Eleanor of my era had a huge gap between their powers. It was not a small difference, but she only has about 60% to 70% of her powers.

Eleanor said that she was in her peak strength in this era, but I really wondered if the concept called “peak” or “limits” applies to Demon Swords.


And that answer to that is this.

The Eleanor of this era passed her powers to the Eleanor in the future era. And after that, she would meet me, with her powers weakened compared to now.


Eleanor passed her powers, and her body gradually turned transparent, disappearing.



「Don’t worry. I do not have the need for a body anymore. I would only turn back to my original Demon Sword form」 

「……I see」

「Rather, you should worry about yourself. From now on, I shall possess my full power. In other words, it will be the True Demon Sword Eleanor. Can you handle me?」


While disappearing, Eleanor smiled mischievously.


「That’s something you don’t have to worry about. I’m the only one who can handle you」

「Kuku, I’ll look forward to that」


Eleanor turned around while smiling.


「You, the girl over there」

「Eh? M-Me?」


Io looked surprised for being called out.


「That attack of yours was impressive. To think that a human would seize the powers of lightning and use it to turn into lightning itself. The only humans who were able to surpass me is you, and that guy」

「I-I was, i-it was only for an instant, so……」


Io panicked.

Even after becoming an S-Rank Adventurer, a Great Wizard, she was still humble.


「There is no doubt that you possess the possibilities. I shall open your path」

「My path?」


Io tilted her head, and Eleanor slowly reached her hand to her.


From the tip of her hands that was about to disappear, a weak magic power was released.

The next instant, a dark lightning shot through Io.




「Don’t worry. With the magic powers I currently possess, it is only a minor trick. But, with this, you should now know, right?」




I was convinced.

I remembered a certain law in this world.

If one possesses the aptitude for the magic, you could learn it as long as you receive the magic into your body and survive.


And for having an aptitude multiplied 777x, I learned a lot.

And, a dark lightning.

Io undoubtedly possesses the aptitude for it. That proves Eleanor’s actions.


「I shall grant you that magic. Use it as you wish」



After leaving those words, Eleanor’s appearance completely disappeared.

Her physical body disappeared, and instead, the Demon Sword Eleanor appeared, stabbed to the ground.


And, at the same time, my body lit at the same time as Io’s.


「T-This is?」

「It’s the same light when we came here!」


I thought that it was coming, but to think that it would be right now.





Hikari made a huge nod and returned to her Demon Sword form.

Me, Io, and Demon Sword Hikari.


The same group when we came to this era.


Eleanor powered up, and Io learned the dark lightning.

With that, our adventure ended, so as the light that shines on our bodies assert.





Tanya and Olivia who were left behind.


I first approached Tanya.

Tanya looked as if she would cry any time now.

I placed a hand on her cheek, and kissed her.


「Do you remember Akansa’s words?」


「Overcome it. There will be ten good ahead」

「I understood」


Tanya smiled while holding her tears.

The ghost Tanya showed just her upper body from inside Eleanor, and made a guts pose to cheer on her past self.


After that, I looked towards Olivia.

She looked calm.


「This shall be our final farewell in this life, Human」

「Well, you’re very frank about that」

「After all, time does not matter that much to us dragons」

「I see. See you in the next life」

「See you in the next life」


Olivia and I exchanged a kiss.

The next time we will meet is in her appearance when she reincarnated, the Chibi Dragon O-chan.

And that Hikari who gets along with O-chan parted with her friend by creating a wave on her blade.


The light became stronger and stronger. It enveloped me and Io.

We’re returning with exactly the same feeling just like when we came.


As our vision darkens, I heard a voice.


「Kakeru-san……it was an amazing adventure……thank you」


After Io said that, I felt a soft feeling on my lips.


And just like that, our journey far into the past ended.









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