Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 237

Chapter 237 – Escape



「What are you doing……! Why did you return!」


Eleanor yelled at me.


「It’s to take you out」

「Stupid! You heard me right! I am not connected. Even if I disappear in here, then over thereーー」


Eleanor yelled like a spoiled child.

My hand reached out and flicked her forehead with a finger.


「Ouch! What are you doing!」

「As I’ve thought, there isn’t a good sound like when you’re a sword」

「Haa? When I’m a sword……? You, don’t tell me you are always doing such a thing to me」

「Yeah, just like this」


This time, I flicked my finger around my thigh. I flicked my finger to the air where Eleanor is usually hanging.

Eleanor who saw that lost her words.

She was stunned and speechless.

She looked at me as if she saw something unbelievable.


「What is your relationship really……you two」

「I asked the other Eleanor before. I told her that the world is vast, and asked her if she would like to search for a way to return her into a human」


「She told me I didn’t need to」



Eleanor was surprised. Well, that can’t be helped. The Eleanor is obsessed with gaining a physical body for herself, so it was a natural reaction for her.


「She told me this……”In this long, long life that I had……it is the first time that a human could control my powers that much. The strength more than the heroes and conquerors up until now”」


「She also said this. “Being wielded by you with full force is pleasant, no, it could even be described as ecstasy.” That’s why she is fine being a sword, that’s why I don’t need to search for a way to turn her back into a human」

「……so what」


Eleanor frowned.


「You look like you’re saying you and her are different」


「I also think so」



Eleanor was dumbfounded.


「You and her are different. She is a “good woman”. She became a good woman. And compared to her, the you right now is a complete mess. You can’t even be compared to Selene of the past」

「W-Who in the world is Selene. No, I’m not that bad」


Of course Eleanor doesn’t know Selene, but it looks like she understood from the flow of our conversation that she was being looked down upon quite a lot.


「No, you’re a complete mess. What the heck was that earlier? Are you a kid who’s crying just because she tripped?」

「W-Who’s a kid! Take that back」

「I won’t take those words back. The you right now is a complete mess, a useless Demon Sword」



Eleanor stomped on the ground and looked frustrated.

She also hit me, but it looks like she has yet to recover from our battle from earlier. She only looks like a weak little girl punching me.


She even started crying. She glared at me with teary eyes.


「I hate you, I hate you the most……」

「I like you though」

「Stop lying!」

「I’m not lying. Although you’re a useless Demon sword right now, you and her are the same at the core. You’ll become a good woman someday. If it was a useless Demon Sword that is going to be a good woman, there’s no way I could let her go」

「You returned because of that? A man of your caliber should have noticed it as soon as you passed through it. That holeーーthe wall between dimensions is not something simple. If you were a second late earlier, you would’ve been crushed by the dimensional wall along with your soul」

「Ahh, it was really like that」

「What do you mean “it was really like that”……haa〜」


Eleanor who was glaring at me all the time let out a sigh.

She sighed as if she had enough of me.


「Whatever. It seems like talking to you is a waste of time」


She dropped her shoulders and roughly sat down.

I also sat down. I faced Eleanor inside the space where there is nothing.


After we stared at each other for a while, Eleanor was the first one to speak.


「You said that the other one is a good woman」


「Tell me about it more specifically」

「Let me see……」


I thought for a bit and told Eleanor everything.

About my first encounter with Demon Sword Eleanor, about I took Eleanor away from Marie, and started to keep Eleanor since I’m the only one she can’t dominate.

About how I felt a bit unsettled, so I used Eleanor to release all my frustration and Hikari was born. About how I defeated a Red Dragon, and about how I got caught in troubles between the five great kingdoms.


I told her all of my memories with her.


「Ahh, there was a time when I made you smaller」


「In a place called the lottery place, I told you earlier that you can turn into your human form right? When we visit that place, you would not be in a sword form but in your human form just like how you look right now. And after a certain battle, I used you with all that I have, and you got smaller after that. No, rather than getting smaller, it’s better to say that you became younger」

「Younger, you say? Even compared to me right now?」


Eleanor widened her eyes.

The Eleanor right now is young enough. Although her eyes do not look like a child at all, no matter how you look at her, you would only see a cute girl.


「Yeah. The way you speak was different too. You were like “I’m Eleanor deshu〜”」

「Deshu?! What the heck is that! What in the world did you do!」

「I just swung you while surpassing the limits and you became like that. I don’t know the theory behind it」

「Did you say……surpassing my limits?」


Eleanor was speechless.

Ah, the other Eleanor told me. She told me that I’m the first one who wielded her with her full power.

For Eleanor, that might really be a shocking thing.


「That……shall we do it?」


「You can wield me with my full power right?」


Eleanor stood up.

She grinned and reached her right hand to the side.


And there, EleanorーーDemon Sword Eleanor appeared.

I’ve seen that many times when we were fighting. Eleanor can create a Demon Sword Eleanor that looks exactly like her.


「This is?」

「It is I as a sword. I tried to return, but although it feels troublesome, it would seem that I cannot completely return to a sword until this body is annihilated」

「Is that so?」

「Use me」


「Even if there was no connection to the other side, if you are able to wield me with full force, you should be able to create one or two tears in space」

「That, the other Eleanor didn’t mention it at all」

「It would have been impossible for me who had been used to peace and had weakened power」


Eleanor showed another grin. Her smile was mixed with a feeling of superiority.


「I have reached the peak of my life. If you are able to fully wield my powers, slashing dimensions open is an easy thing」

「I see」


I nodded and took Demon Sword Eleanor in hand.

She really feels strong. I could tell clearly just by holding her hilt that her powers is at a different level.


「Do it」



I gripped her hilt tightly.

I looked straight forward. I stared at one point in the space where nothing exists.


I concentrated all my powers to my right arm and swung down the Demon Sword.  

It’s an attack with all that I have. After the edge of the Demon Sword passed through, the space was torn apart.


「I did it」


「Eleanor, what’s the matter?」


I peeked down at Eleanor who didn’t show any reactions.

She looked spaced out, but suddenly started to panic after she regained herself.


「I-It’s nothing!」

「Did it feel good being swung with full force?」

「ーー! That’s not true at all! In the first place, just the mere level of this pleasure……this pleasure……」


Her voice became smaller and smaller, and Eleanor started to fidget with a blushed face.

It was probably “that” good.


I wanted to push down Eleanor just like this right away, but that’s for later.


I looked at the tear in the space. I could see the other side.


「……it’s far」

「This is how it is if there is no connection」


Eleanor said after she regained her composure.


The tear in the space looked like a window, and the tear that connects to that other world also looks like a window.


When we used Tanya’s connection to open a tear in the space, the two windows were right next to each other.

But right now, they’re a distance apart.

It looks like the distance between the windows were a street apart.


It would’ve been great if it was just that.


「It’s heavy」


I reached out my hand through the space tear.

There is a gap between the two space tears. In the gap between them, I felt as if something was sticking around me.

It felt like water or maybe oil.

It feels like I’m moving my arm inside a space full of liquid.


Even more, it stings.

It’s not water nor oil, it feels as if my arm is within lava.


「This……it’s impossible. Even I cannot pass through」

「Yosh. Let’s go」

「Wait! Did you just hear me? I told you it’s impossible even if it’s meーーEii! Listen to me! Don’t give me a piggyback ride like a kid!」


I ignored Eleanor who yelled even more and gave her a piggyback ride.


「A-Are you really planning to go?」


「A-At least, wait for a little bit. I need to prepare my heart」

「Sorry, there’s no time for that」

「Why! If it’s this space tear, then you should create another one laterーー」

「It’s impossible」


「It’s impossible for my right arm」



Eleanor looked at my right arm.

It’s my right arm that was hanging from my shoulder.


「Y-Your armーー」

「You’re amazing, as expected of your peak. My right arm was taken away with only a single swing. This is a first for me.

And so, creating another space tear is impossible, we can only return now」

「……I got it」


Eleanor nodded. It looks like she resigned to it.


I entered the space tear with a step and leaped at once.

I kicked the ground and leaped through the space tear.

Although I could’ve leaped that distance easily if it was normal, the space itself got on my way.


It was a place as if lava had stuck onto me. My jump became slower and slower, and finally stopped after reaching half the distance.




I didn’t only stop. I could feel my body slowly getting burnt, and even more, it feels as if I’m being crushed.

This isn’t good, I need to hurry up and go to the other side.


And, at that instant. I felt hands on my back.

Two small hands. They’re Eleanor’s.

I could instantly tell that she’s about to do something in this timing without even looking back at her.


「Stop, just grab onto me, Eleanor!」

「But, if this continues, you will……but if I use my full strength and push youーー」

「Just shut up and grab onto me!」


I shouted at her once again. I used my left arm that I’m able to move and grabbed onto Eleanor tightly.


「I’ll break you in halves if you get away from me!」


Hearing my shout, Eleanor flinched.

It was only for an instant.


I could feel Eleanor’s presence behind me. I could feel the emotions she have changing swiftly.

Finally, she took off her hands from my back, stuck her body onto mine, and wrapped her arms around me.




It was a silent whisper that I would’ve been unable to hear if we weren’t so close to each other, but I heard her clearly.




I swam through the space that felt like lava. I desperately stroked and kicked with my feet.

I struggled to move forward for even just a bit.


The way Eleanor held onto me got stronger and stronger. She clung to me tightly.


The tear in the space gradually became smaller. The time limit is close.




I desperately swam and reached out my hand.

My finger somehow caught on the tear of the space, and I pulled myself and Eleanor at once.

After we passed through, the space tear quickly became smaller, and it finally disappeared as if there was nothing there in the first place. We only made it just in time.


I was able to return from that space together with Eleanor.








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