Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 235

Chapter 235 – The Strongest vs the Strongest



「I finally found you, the man with the Demon Sword」



The Eleanor who stood in front of me seems very lively.

Although I’ve seen Eleanor’s appearance many times in the lottery place, this Eleanor in front of me has a completely different expression that one could say they are different people.


The Eleanor I know would normally make a cynical smile. She would show a sarcastic smile from time to time, and, well, she looks so doting when she’s interacting with Hikari.


Compared to that, the Eleanor in front of me has her long hair and black cloak waving in the air, looking so alive.

The corner of her lips was raised with an evil grin, her eyes were sharp, with an ominous glint.

Although her expression was filled with evil that would make ordinary villains turn their tails and run away, she also looks very alive.


「I didn’t think you would attack first」

「I finally got used to my body after all. Today, I shall take those two swords away」

「Sorry, but I won’t give them to you」

「If that is the case, then I shall grab them myself through force!」


Eleanor’s eyes suddenly widened. She waved her right hand to the side and the Undead Army appeared from behind her.





Hikari’s voice was innocent yet dauntless.

Soon after, the drake soldiers appeared from behind me.

Hikari’s one hundred dragons, not camouflaged with my aura.


「Hou, that is that Demon Sword’s ability. As I’ve thought, it resembles me a lot. I’m liking it even more」

『I’m Okaa-san’s daughter after all〜!』


Hikari answered happily as if she was praisedーーof course, that other Eleanor can’t hear her.


The Undead Army attacked and provoked by them, the drake soldiers marched forward and collided with them.


The next instant, Eleanor disappeared.

Her appearance turned into a haze and suddenly appeared in front of me.


I’ve expected it so I received her by swinging my sword.

Eleanor countered with a chop.


A metallic sound echoed throughout the field.

A shockwave was created, sending the undead and drakes fighting nearby flying.


「Impressive, how about this?」



Eleanor suddenly bent her knees and released a front kick.

I guarded instinctively, but I was still sent flying by an unimaginable strength coming from such a small body.


I was sent flying for 20 meters and fixed my posture in the air.


『She’s coming!』


Eleanor’s warning echoed inside my head.

I quickly used the Demon Sword swinging it in 360 degrees and defended by releasing all my aura.


Lightning fell from the sky.

It was not an ordinary lightning, but a dark lightning that seemed to possess all evil in this world.


The impact of the lightning passed throughout my body. It was a heavy blow that pierces through my core.



『Otou-san! There’s blood!』

「I’m alright」

『Can you still continue?』

「Of course」


It’s my turn now.

I gripped the Demon Swords and charged while I clad myself in aura.

First, I casually swung Hikari down.


「Hmph, with just thatーーmu!」


Eleanor seemed to be sneering but suddenly tried to evade, yet it was too late.

My attack with Hikari looms over Eleanor. Finding out she can’t dodge, Eleanor guarded with her arms.


My dark aura landed on Eleanor.

I raised my gear up a notch and used the two Demon Sword in a blade dance.

*Gagagagagaーー!*, everytime the Demon Swords cuts Eleanor, the aura explodes and deals additional damage.


「Puny tricks! Hmph!」


Eleanor pushed me back with an attack with a big swing, she then released her own aura, erasing the dark aura I placed on her.

This is the first time my technique was broken since I made it.


『After all, the powers she possesses has the same nature and has higher purity』

「It won’t work on her, huh」


Both sides clashed once again.

Shockwaves were created, ones that would change the surrounding terrain.

We clashed at full strength.


This is my first time, receiving such power.

Demon King Eleanor who easily exceeded Red Dragon Olivia’s powers.


And I have yet to see that Eleanor’s limits.

She would get stronger every time we clashed, and when I thought she reached her limit, she would attack with an even more powerful strike.


And that wasーー


「What’s funny」


Eleanor suddenly stopped attacking and took distance from me.



「You’re grinning. Are you making a fool out of me?」

「I was……grinning?」


I couldn’t help but stab Hikari to the ground and touch my face with my left hand.


『Un, Otou-san looks like he’s having so much fun』

『I even thought you would have the qualities of a battle junkie』


Hikari who said that innocently and happily, and Eleanor who rolled her eyes.

I see. I was grinning huh.

Well, of course.


「You look so alive after all」

「What did you say?」

「It’s because you look so alive. The you right now, I like it a lot」



『Wa〜, Otou-san and Okaa-san are so lovey-dovey〜』

『……he has never even told me something like that』


Hikari and Eleanor made the “weird heartwarming family scene” they created in that lottery place.

On the other hand, the Demon King Eleanor trembled in anger.


「Making……fun on me!」


The next instant, she charged straight at me.

I felt a shiver through my spine. I could feel powers I’ve never felt before.


I tightly held Eleanor.

I mustered all the powers I possess and swung Eleanor down.




We clashed. All sounds disappeared. The space distorted like a heat haze and both Eleanor and I were sent flying away.


I flipped mid-air and landed after fixing my posture. Eleanor harrumphed and stopped in the air.


My right hand feels numb. The hand that I’m using to hold Eleanor is trembling.

The attack she released with anger was the strongest strike I received in this world.

So powerful that it distorts space itself.


「Really, you are, too good」

「Wha……! Don’t look down on me!」


She gritted her teeth again and charged with fury.

I met her using Hikariーーbut Eleanor suddenly faded and closed the distance between us.

And, she grabbed my neck from below.


「It’s the end」


An aura enveloped me. It’s Eleanor’s aura.

That aura tried to enter inside me, but


「Whatーー! Impossible! You cannot be dominated?!」

「That’s right. Yeah, your domination doesn’t work on me」

「Impossible, there is no way a human I cannot control exists in this world」

「There is, right here. Ha」


I released an aura arm and grabbed Eleanor.


「What are you doing?」

「This time, it’s my turn」


I released my aura and enveloped Eleanor.

I’m going to use that technique, the one that I created during, Xiphos’s incident.


After the aura enveloped Eleanor completely, what appeared was


「T-This is……whach did you chu?!」

「I told you it’s my turn. The same thing you did to me」

『Eiii! Do not use that technique!!』

『Okaa-san looks so cute〜』


The Eleanor inside me protested and Hikari said happily.

I also made Eleanor turn into a child before, so Hikari is probably remembering that time.




Eleanor swung down her arm and I blocked using Hikari.

Although she became smaller, the power she creates is completely the same.




And, the corrosion stopped.

The Demon King Eleanor who possesses her peak strength removed my corrosion using willpower.


She’s strong. This Eleanor is really strong.

She’s the strongest opponent I’ve ever met.


I exchanged blows with that Eleanor. We clashed many times with the strength that changes all the surrounding terrain.

Eleanor was strong, but I exceed her for having the mother and daughter Demon Swords.


We continued to clash and I gradually pushed Eleanor back.


Eventually, Eleanor sword and Eleanor arm clashed, and I could feel her weakening, so I swung upwards making her arm follow.



Although I hesitated beforeーーthis time, I swung Hikari without hesitation.




Eleanor raised her other arm to block but I cut her whole body along with that arm.


Eleanor’s right arm was sent flying and a jet black darkness rose as if it was blood spurting.


「Ku……! Uu……」


Eleanor took several steps back and staggered.




Together with that cry, Eleanor forcefully regenerated her arm.

Her body returned to normal in an instant. But her clothes were in a mess, sweat showed on her forehead.


In this instant, I completely exceeded Eleanor. The match is decided.

And it looks like Eleanor felt that as well.


「……kill me」


Eleanor dropped to the ground sitting and looked far up to the sky.

I sheathed Eleanor and Hikari.


「What?! Why won’t you kill me」

「When did I say I’m going to kill you?」

「I tried to kill you」

「I won’t kill you. I will never」

「Are you making fun of me!」



I shook my head and signaled.

The next instant, Hikari turned into a human from her Demon Sword form.

Eleanor took in a sharp breath. She had a face as if she could not believe what she saw.


「A Demon Sword……turned into a human?!」

「She’s my daughter」

「I’m Hikari! E〜to, nice to meet you, I think? Okaa-san」

「……daughter, Demon Sword, human……wait, what did you say?」

「I’m Hikari」

「Not that, it’s what you said after」

「Nice to meet you?」

「After that」


「Why are you calling me that?」

「Because Okaa-san is Hikari’s Okaa-san」

「Eii! That’s what I don’t understand」


Eleanor glared at me. “You explain”, was written on her face.


『Explain it properly』

「I guess so. Before that」


I approached Eleanor and reached out my hand.


「What is the meaning of this?」


I glanced at Hikari.


「You understand the reason I’m not killing you right? Let’s take our time and talk. It’s gonna be long」



Eleanor looked at me and Hikari, then she looked at Eleanor hanging in my waist.

Although there were doubts remaining in her expression, the anger and hate, and the will to fight has already disappeared.


「……I can stand on my own」


Even so, Eleanor was obstinate. She slapped away the hand I reached out.

Really, this girl is……no, this is the what Eleanor should be.


And, when I was convincing myself.



I heard a cracking sound between me and Eleanor.

A tear was created from nothing and I saw something dark inside.




That word appeared in my head and I felt a shiver through my spine.




I shouted and tried to at least let the two escapeーーbut it was too late.


The crackーーthe tear on the space quickly expanded and devoured all of us together.








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  1. ….What? Who dares interfere with mc when he’s gonna finally bed Eleanors human body and make his lovely daughter.


    • No, I think it is an aftereffect from their battle.
      Eleanor’s attacks could affect space itself as Kakeru explained.
      And Kakeru was able to take those attacks and counterattack equally.
      That means his attacks affected space, too.
      So they fought while continuously and repeatedly twisting and ripping apart the space.
      That probably built up quite the potential energy in space itself which is now released in a space distortion or so.


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  3. I always feel that reading this novel is funny because we don’t need to be so serious. And now for the first time for me, I feel this arc become sooo serious~ thats feel so good.


      • This arc talk about the true waifu Eleanor and the existence of the cutest daughter Hikari. I think it’s fine that this has become serious. Don’t touch at Hikari, Fate.


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